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Glancing up into the mirror of the car, sniffling as I adjusted my now smeared makeup I sighed. Charlie had to have been worried sick about me by this point-he had already left me three messages saying to call him as soon as I could to make sure I had arrived at the Cullen's place alright. When I walked up the stairs, puffy eyed and a nose that would put Rudolf's to shame he'd panic.

I just couldn't believe they were gone…really actually not here anymore. I tried wrapping my mind around it all day long but it couldn't be processed.

Why had no one contacted me? Was Emmett mad that I hadn't contacted him about something as big as my little secret? When you compared the two they pretty much evened the playing field.

At least his dad knew where I was. He could have told him, they could have tracked us down after all of this happened. Maybe, Emmett didn't think we were really friends anymore, friends enough to do something like this anyways.

Where we?

Maybe he's forgotten about me already.

I slammed my red fists against the steering wheel "Damnit I'm tired of waiting!" I wailed out pounding the wheel like a punching bag, the tears flowing out like a river yet again.

I just wanted to know. Wanted every unanswered question to have its rightful answer. Just so I could get on with life without wondering, not knowing what could have been…what would have been if none of this had happened?

If I hadn't gotten Cancer, Emmett's house would have burned down anyways, and they would have been forced to move.

At least I could have wrote, or phoned…we would have had contact and I'm sure Renee and wherever Emmett is now would be willing to allow us to visit each other every once and a while.

But what If I hadn't developed the cancer and Emmett's house hadn't burned down? What if we were both still living in Forks, as next door neighbors merrily…?

"I picked you some flowers to use Bella, they're only dandy lions but we can pretend their Freesias!" Alice bubbled with laughter.

"What's a Freesia?" I muttered, confused as I grabbed the dead dandy lions out of her hand, only a green stem and droopy top-all yellow freshly plucked from them.

Alice shrugged "I don't know, but mom keeps them in the house, she says they smell beautiful and Emmett loves them."

I nodded "As long as my husband loves them…do you think these will do?" I asked, pretending to panic as I looked in the mirror, fixing my messy pony tail that in my mind had been created into a perfectly large curly bun on top of my head for the special occasion.

"Bella" Alice sighed "He's not your husband yet…he's only your vee-yance."

I adjusted the small sparkly Cinderella dress I wore over my long sleeved purple shirt and jeans and smiled. "Oh Alice thanks for being my Brides slave. I couldn't have done this without you! I look so beautiful"

She smiled "I know I know, I work miracles on my Barbie's all the time."

"Ehm!" we heard a loud annoyed cough from down stairs "Can I come up now?"

"No!" Alice sneered at Jasper "You're the priest you stay down there! Send Charlie up, and tell everyone to take their seats!"

Jasper nodded, walking down the hallway. In the distance we could vaguely hear him calling out commands to all of our guests.

"So many people are here" I mumbled, thinking about how Carlisle and Esme, even Renee had all come to witness the special event.

"you'll be fine Bella, look here comes your daddy."

I smiled over at dad who grinned cheekily at his over imaginative daughter who was dreaming of when she would one day be living this, in the real dress and real glass slippers, her hair all perfect and her bouquet abundant.

"Hey Bells…Alice, I think they're waiting for you to begin" he winked at the overly small girl fixing my messy hair.

She squealed with delight and hugged me "in just a few short moments, we'll be sisters!"

My whole frame shook as she moved me back and forth with excitement "cant…breathe…Alice!"

"Sorry" she giggled, then practically sang "See you downstairs."

My breath came out in a labored pant as I continued thinking about the emotional memory, what was to come next-the happiest day of my childhood memory, a day I promised myself I would remember forever since the moment he handed me the pink sparkly ring that read "Barbie" on it from the bubble gum machine.

"I don't think I can do this" I moaned to my dad who bent down so he was my height and grinned toothily.

"Come on sweetheart, everyone's waiting to see the beautiful bride."

I blushed, a reflex I had obtained from no one other than Charlie himself. "You think I look beautiful?"

"Sure Bells, you're gorgeous, the prettiest bride in town, heck you'd put most real brides-I mean…older brides to shame."

Charlie had been calling me a 'fake bride' all week since Emmett and I announced our Engagement last Sunday. He realized how it angered me and tried to catch himself before he made me more upset.

It had been the longest engagement in history, most people don't even take one or two days to do it, but Emmett and I wanted it just perfect and decided to let Alice take full control.

The wedding march began playing and I straightened up, taking a deep breath "This is the best day of my entire six years on earth dad" I stated proudly and he smiled, laughing lightly.

"Mine too Bells."

We walked down the stairs and as promised, there was Renee, Carlisle and Esme all grinning wildly and flashing pictures and cameras my way.

I gave them all toothy grins then directed my dad to sit with them.

Standing, in the middle of the living room, which had magically turned into a cathedral was Emmy, my Emmy who was going to be my husband in just a little while.

Next to him was Alice and Edward, and then Jasper my three soon to be brothers and sister.

"Who gives this girl away?" Jasper asked.

Charlie raised his hand, blushing when the camera turned his way.

"Bella do you take Emmett to be your waffle husband, even when he's sick in gross or when he doesn't have money to buy you bubble gum?"

I nodded "I do"

"wow, that's commitment" Jasper noted, receiving a sharp nudge from Alice.

"Emmett, do you take Bella to be your waffle wife, even when she cooks green beans or forgets to cook at all?"

Emmett looked down at his tummy, then back at me with a booming smile "lets hope she doesn't forget…but uh…I do."

"Put the rings on each other."

He handed me a large purple gemmed ring that was rounded with a plastic silver lining, I returned his gift with a purple gemmed one of my own, square with gold.

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Cullen, you can kiss the bride…on the lips."

We both glanced at each other "EWWW!"

"You have too" Alice pushed "Otherwise you're not really married."

"I dare you Emmett" Jasper challenged, as our parents giggled.

We both shrugged, scrunching our faces up as we moved close together slowly until our lips barely touched.

I giggled at his face when I opened my eyes and he grinned "that wasn't so bad" he decided, and then planted his lips firmly on mine once more for a quick second.

"Hey! What was that for!?" I asked.

"Because you're my wife and I can kiss you whenever I want now!"

"Okay go on your honeymoon now" Alice urged "you only have ten minutes until I want to play Barbies with Bella up in our room, so go now!"

Emmett and I walked up to his and Alice's small room and shut the door glancing at each other and the clock none of us could read.

"can you help me out of this?" I asked, turning around so he could unzip it. I felt his hands release the zipper and then fall onto the bed with a large thump.

"So…now what? Ten minutes is a long time…"

He shrugged "what do married people do?" I asked.

"my parents like to lay on each other and kiss"

I pursed my lips "that's gross"

He chuckled "yeah I know. Wanna play a game?"

I smiled "sure…husband"

I smiled at the memory. We were so innocent, such very good open friends. That was the first and last time I kissed Emmett Cullen, or any boy for that matter.

The tears were no longer in my eyes and I figured it was time to face Charlie and tell him what exactly had happened-hopefully without the water works, but that was just too much to ask.

I walked into the hotel building and up to our suite level, hoping maybe he decided to go get some food without my presence needed, I just wanted to be alone.

No such luck however, he was in the suite watching television when I walked in. instantly, he jumped up nervous as to what had happened to me all d ay.

"Bella, why didn't you answer your phone? You had me worrying you know"

I sighed "I know dad…sorry."

He sniffed, looking over my stiff body "I thought you'd be in a little bit of a better mood, didn't you see Emmett today? Or did he not turn out to be the guy you left behind?"

I shook my head "oh no, he's the same as the day I left…I'm sure of it. He has to be" the last part came out in a mumble, more to myself than anyone. "…its just that, they, the Cullen's…aren't in town anymore. They moved, some kind of accident. Carlisle and Esme…" I took a deep breath, shutting my eyes and shaking my head. I couldn't make myself say the words. I felt Charlie's arms wrap around me as I began sucking on my top lip, my eye brows furrowing.

"Bella, I am so sorry…I never…this wasn't-oh Bella honey shh its going to be okay." he soothed, brushing a hand through my hair.

"I-I think I'm just going to head to bed…you can get something without me, I just need time to think…sorry."

He nodded, reassuring me and promised to be home in less than thirty minutes. I curled up on my bed, into a fetal position and sobbed like a baby.

Not for the selfish reasons that threatened to flood my head: he obviously didn't care enough to mention this to me. Now I'll never see him again. This perfect weekend is ruined. I miss my best friend.

But for Emmett, and his poor family. Little Alice, she was so young and Edward. What did Jasper do? Where were they and were they possibly together? I tried desperately to stop the deadly tears sliding down my stinging face, staining the pillow case under me with my mascara and eyeliner-so carefully arranged earlier this morning.

I slammed one of the pillows onto the ground with a loud huff "I was so stupid to think this would work!" I belted out in-between sobs.

I didn't know why I was so upset, I hadn't seen him in forever, maybe it would have been really awkward if he had been around, maybe he was trying to avoid me.

I decided that I had better avoid all these 'maybe' questions before I just about died. Who cares anyways? It's stupid to think like this, it would help everyone if I just…forgot.

Charlie Swan

I sat in the police cruiser for twenty minutes thinking of how I was going to make this happen. Obviously Bella couldn't just forget about this… "best friend who happens to be a boy" guy and needed to at least know where he is.

"Hello? Yes, this is Chief Swan…I used to work around here…yeah, yes! Hello how are you doing?" I said brightening red as the staff began remembering me.

"I was calling regarding the Cullen's old place, yeah Dr. Cullen….oh I see. Yes I realize it was long ago, but do you have any files on hand?"

…okay so sneaking behind your daughters back isn't so bad if you have a good reason right?

"Yeah, I know how it started and all I just wanted to know if you-yes, I understand this is classified information-please, just hear me out. Do you know where the kids went after the incident?…its very important.

Chicago…mhmm…oh okay…alright, thank you Claudia. Yes, talk to you soon, bye-bye." I hung up the phone and took a deep sigh, dialing the number that she had given me to contact this Emmett McCarthy kid the entire family had grown to know and love.

I would make sure Bella found whatever she was looking for-whether it was a conversation or to develop a friendship again…she needed this, she needed a friend again. She hadn't been able to socialize with many people in Phoenix since she was almost always in the hospital or doctors office-a friend would be good for her, help her extract from her shell.

"Chicago's children's care facilities, how can I help you?" a woman's voice answered, she sounded older, but naturally loving-nothing was artificial about that voice.

"Hello ma'am, I was wondering if I could speak to a child of the name of Emmett McCarthy?"

"and with whom am I speaking with?"

My voice came out in a heavy sigh. "….just tell him its Chief Swan…he'll know."

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