Duty Calls

Fandom: Fire Emblem

Pairings/Characters: Edward/Leonardo

Prompt: Edward and Leonardo are in a marriage of convenience

Warnings: implied yaoi

Blue eyes narrowed on brown as a light snicker echoed in the bedchamber. Huffing, Leonardo awkwardly maneuvered himself so that it was possible to backpedal away from the other boy and consequently, his wandering hands.

"Tell me again," the blonde began in a disgruntled tone, "Just why we are participating in this madness?"

Laughing heartily, his companion and long-time friend leaned forward to capture his lips, ignoring the resulting glare in favor of grinning and tugging playfully at the other boy's outfit. "Well, we're partners, and since you're the pretty one…"

"Edward," Leonardo said flatly. "Bite your tongue before I remove it with your own blade."

"Eheheh…sorry, Leo," the brunette muttered, sheepishly retracting his hand. Sheesh, what an Ice Prince! "But you've gotta admit, we did become some of Daein's best warriors under the Maiden of Dawn, and we helped save the world alongside the Greil Mercenaries for Yune's sake!"

The unimpressed look that he garnered from the blond made the other boy only want to try harder. "Uh…anyway, Micaiah felt like it'd be a good example to show the people that being different isn't a bad thing. So she's using our relationship as a sort of….example of what a good partnership is."

Throughout the whole explanation the blonde's eyes had never wavered from his lover's, making Edward increasingly nervous from the focused intensity.

Silence reigned in the large bedchamber before blue eyes pierced brown in a stern glare that demanded truth. "So why am I in a dress?"

"Heheheh…well, the virgin bride gets defiled at the end of the night!"

Quiet: Hn. I just realized that this was my first Fire Emblem fic sans crossover. Go figure. Done for No True Pair.