Ben Tennyson instantly sprung up in bed; the amount of light pouring through his blinds and a quietness of the house made him take a quick glance at his alarm clock.

"Six forty-five!" he shouted before making a desperate attempt to get dressed and out the door to school in less than fifteen minutes before the first bell rang.

Rounding the corner Ben raised his left wrist and dialed out the exact alien he needed. Big chill took flight and in a hurry; although it was not the best choice, it was enough to get Ben all the way to school with a few moments to spare before the bell rang.

Huffing and gasping for air, Ben flopped down in his chair next to Julie in science class. Normally, just seeing him, Julie would smile with a slight giggle and make a witty comment, but today she sat staring at the white-board - low eyes and a deep sigh told him that something were wrong.

"Hey, Julie…" Ben managed just as the bell rang; not even that brought her from her thoughts while the teacher began a monologue about protons and neutrons.

"Does anybody know the ion balance of normal table salt?" the teacher asked. Sure he knew the answer, Ben - without hesitation - raised his hand. The teacher glared around the room before dropping his hands to his sides "Come on, does anybody know?" again Ben raised his hand, this time stretching it as far as he could. Still nothing. "Guys, look. I know you've all got a lot going on, but you could at least humor the senile old square teacher…"

"Mr. Barson!" Ben stood with hand still raised; to his surprise, the teacher paid him no attention as he continued glaring around the room. To everyone's surprise, Julie instantly jumped up and ran out of the room - her hands covering her face to hide the tears in her eyes yet deep sobbing huffs mad it clear her current state.

"Julie; wait!" Ben darted after her; in the hallway, he glanced around to find she disappeared without a trace.


"Kevin; Gwen, wait up" Ben shouted darting from the school building to Kevin and Gwen standing by the Camaro - Gwen in Kevin's arms with her face buried in his chest; Kevin leaning his head close to hers while staring towards the sky. Opting to give them some alone time, Ben opened the passenger door and climbed in; turning back, he noticed the door remained closed as though it were never opened; Kevin and Gwen still standing in each others grasp.

"This is weird…" Ben muttered scratching his head.

The entire day so far had being weird. Everyone acted as though he weren't there at all, even when he did something that would catch attention, nobody gave notion of presence. Even Cash…the one that would notice Ben gave nothing more than a quick glance past him.

The car ride was awkwardly silent as Kevin kept his eyes firmly planted on the road. Gwen kept her focus out the window. Soon enough, Gwen climbed out and up the steps to her home; Kevin slowly pulled away - a sniffle was his only reaction.

"Kevin? What's going on?" Ben asked as Kevin pulled into a vacant garage and turned off the engine. Content with the fact he was alone, Kevin ran his hand through his hair before slamming fisted hands against the steering wheel followed by a tormented howling growl of agony - not that of physical but rather emotional. For as long as Ben knew him, Kevin was never the type of guy that would break out emotionally; and seeing the raven haired teen sobbing like a little boy that just lost his puppy Ben's heart sank.


Ben sighed stepping into the living room of his home; out of reflex, he didn't bother to watch how he closed the door as it slammed forcing him draw his shoulders up. Normally someone would make a comment about him slamming doors but nothing came.

"Mom? Dad? Anybody home?" Silence. Checking the kitchen, a small office, even his parents room he noted they were nowhere to be found. Walking to the open door of his room, Ben slowly peered in an smiled seeing his parents looking around.

"Hey guys, your one and only son is home…" he stood with arms stretched out for a hug yet his folks remained unphased. "Ah-hem…I'm home from school…" still nothing. "Okay! Fine! Jokes over! Just tell me what I did already…" his words stopped abruptly as his mom burst out in tears - his father taking her within his arms.

[ to be continued ]