Summery: After an accident, Bella finds that no one can see her – that she is totally invisible to everyone. Well, not everyone ... Edward is the only person who can still see her as clearly as ever … even after he abandoned her. – Set in New Moon! B/E.

I continued to run, weaving in and out of the trees, even though I was unable to see his blur-like figure sprinting through the forest. If I stopped running, if I gave up for one slight moment, then my entire reason for existing would be obliterated. In fact, I would quite happily lie down on the dirty forest floor and wait for death's cold arms to wrap me in their embrace. As death, compared to this wreckage I called life, had to be much more peaceful. My feet continued to thud against the hard forest floor; the beat seemed to calm me in an odd way.

It will be as if I never existed.

Never existed …

Never …

'No,' I grunted.

I continued to run, hoping that the pain in my legs would overpower the pain in my heart. It felt like someone had lit it alight and stomped on it to put out the fire, scolding my fragile heart. I knew that I wouldn't survive without him; he had become my soul purpose for continuing to live. Without him, without his love, I would surely crumble underneath the emptiness that was beginning to spread throughout my numb body.

I leant against a tree trunk and took a deep breath. Oxygen was becoming limited. He had been my oxygen supply, kept me breathing through the days and nights, and now he had gone, now that he didn't exist as he put it, my lungs were failing almost immediately.

I remembered why I had been running. I realised that every moment I spent here against this tree, catching my breath, he was able to run further and further out of my life. I had to keep chasing him. Even though I knew it was pointless, I had to try – I wouldn't be able to live my life with the haunting words 'what if.' I would always remember how I had given up when it could have all turned out so much differently if I continued running. Knowing that there was a slight chance I could catch him up, even as ridiculous as it seemed, I could not stop running. Chance was always powerful.

I pushed myself off the tree trunk, tripped over my feet and ended up face first in the mud. I felt the dirty taste of mud in my mouth and spat it out, choking back the urge to vomit. I pushed myself back up, rubbing the dirt off my hands and onto my jeans. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, pulling a face that could not even describe the sickly feeling that was bubbling in my stomach, before beginning to run again.

I knew he would be long gone by now. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he had already left Forks whilst I continued to run around a huge forest looking for him. However, being the stubborn girl I was, I continued to run through the forest as fast as my human legs would take me.

Eventually, as I was just a fragile human, my legs gave in and collapsed from under me. Falling to the ground once again, I curled up and didn't bother to push myself up like before. I found that I could no longer feel anything. I felt numb. I was now just an empty shell, possessing no soul. I slowly closed my eyes, a few diamonds falling from my eyes, and took deep breaths, trying not to deprive my body of oxygen.

When I opened my eyes again, the sky was dark and the stars twinkled brightly. I wondered why no one had come looking for me, although I didn't ponder on this thought as I pushed myself into a sitting position. My eyes felt heavier than usual, there was an emptiness swirling around my stomach, and my heart felt like it was no longer beating. I suddenly thought of Charlie and how panicked he probably was. I pushed myself to my feet, steadying myself on the huge tree behind me, before shakily walking to the north.

It all seemed so unreal. Some stupid nightmare that I would surely wake up from, wrapped up in Edward's cold arms, and laugh about later. However, the pain was too real, too firm as it clawed a hole in my chest, to just be a dream. The pain of my loss was dragging me roughly back into reality. I guess the universe wasn't going to let me have it that easy.

My head perked up suddenly. I heard the grunting engines of cars speed down the winding roads. The sound was distant, though it gave me hope. I continued to walk forward, picking up my pace slightly, as I tried to banish the heart-wrenching thoughts out of my head. I had to concentrate on finding the road – if I could find the road, I would be able to find out where I was and get a ride back to my house. I didn't even know if I was still in Forks. The green forests looked the same, the swarm of trees never ended.

I started walking again, the urgency gone. I knew that I would never catch up, I would never find him. He was gone forever

The trees began to thin out, the volume of speeding cars increased. Dosed with hope, my pace sped up once again. There was a slight slope leading up the road. I sighed, trying to estimate how many times I would fall on my butt before I reached the top. I could almost hear Emmett teasing me in my head. The thought of Emmett had me wincing in pain. I sighed and marched towards the slope, reminding myself that nothing could hurt as much as the pain in my heart.

Thankfully, I had only slipped three times. It seemed like a lot to regular people, though it was an achievement to me.

There was a chill in the air now. The coldness sniped at me, pinching my skin, and made me shiver fiercely. The winds was picking up, blowing forcefully through my hair. I wrapped my jacket closer to my body, trying to trap the warmth.

It was dark. And cold. There was a sharp pinching sensation around the torn pieces of my heart. The only thought registering to my mind was getting back home to Charlie. I had never expected that, as I started to cross the road, a car would swerve around the corner.

The last thing I remembered before I drowned in the darkness was the high pitched screams – that I barely recognized as my own – and the numb feeling that spread through my entire body.

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