Full Summary: Edward is the Crown Prince of Italy and Bella is an American tourist and soon they fall in love. Unfortunately Edward is forced to have an arranged marriage with another woman he doesn't love. But, is Bella keeping an important secret from everyone? AH/a bit OOC. Inspired by I Want To Know Your Plans by Say Anything.

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"Oh, Bella! It's so beautiful here!" my best friend Alice gasped. Alice can only be described as a pixie with short black hair. We were touring Volterra, Italy.

"I know Alice, I know!" I was laughing as she pulled me through the streets. Thankfully, unlike I usually would, I didn't trip or stumble. All Alice wanted to do was get to the hotel we were staying at to see her boyfriend Jasper, a very tall blond that could calm anyone down, no matter what. He also happened to be my brother. We were also meeting our best friend Rosalie and my other brother Emmett who had recently gotten engaged, though they (along with Jasper) were only 19.

Finally Alice decided to let us stop and catch our breath. But instead of running the rest of the way, she hailed a cab. The entire ride, Alice babbled on and on about being so excited to see Jasper. Suddenly her voice became a screech as the cab slowed down.

"Umm, excuse me but why exactly are you stopping?" Alice all but screamed, trying to calm down.

"It's the Royals, miss. I must stop." The poor cabbie sounded terrified by little Alice.

"I'm sorry, sir. She is just being very impatient today," I apologized before whispering to Alice, "Don't be so mean. You know he can't move."

"I know. I just want to see Jasper! It feels like it's been months since I've seen him," she sighed. Along with her, I sighed internally, only wishing I could find a love anything similar to hers and Jazz's or Rose and Em's.

"Look, Alice, it's the Crown Prince. What's his name again?" I said, trying to think when suddenly I remembered. Edward. Prince Edward.

"Bella, don't just sit here! We'll be right back sir!" Alice gripped my wrist yanking me from the car. Upon my 'departure' I heard the man laughing.

Alice squeezed us through the crowds of people, some tourists others natives, before getting us to the front. "To get better pictures" she'd told me.

After several long minutes of standing, we finally saw the horses coming around the corner. The entire royal family consisted of three people. The King, Carlisle Cullen, the Queen, Esme Cullen, and the Prince, Edward Cullen. Though they didn't move fast, I didn't get a very good look at them because people decided to shove us back. But what I did see of Edward, I could only assume, was breathtaking. He had almost bronze colored hair that was very unkempt. He had a shining smile though it didn't reach his eyes. He obviously didn't like something very much. He was also kind of tall, though not as tall as Jasper with his muscles evident, but not obvious unlike Emmett.

As soon as they were an inch past us, Alice started yanking me through the crowd toward our cab which was, thankfully, still sitting on the curb.

"Thank you so much," I said to the cabbie as I got in the back seat.

"It was no problem," he replied, and now that he could, headed to our hotel.

"Can you believe I'll see Jasper in about five minutes?!" Alice shrieked.

"No, Alice. I can't." Now that I had provided the only reply she would need for the next fifteen minutes, I could relax on the way to the hotel. As my mind wandered, I looked out the window at my scenery. Trees were lined up on the sidewalks, but not like back home in Forks, Washington where they were anywhere that was possible with moss all the way up the trunks. These trees were purposely placed and there was no moss anywhere. The buildings were ancient, though none crumbled because of perfect restorations. People who clearly didn't know each other walked up and would make conversation about anything. How I would love to live here.

Before I knew it, I felt the cab jerk to a stop as we arrived at our hotel.

"Oh, Bella! I can't believe I'm going to see- JASPER!" Alice screamed when she saw Jasper walking out of the hotel and towards her. She ran up to him, and they each held each other in a passionate embrace. Though they weren't kissing, I felt as if I were interrupting a private moment, so I looked away, trying to focus on something else.

And, luckily, it didn't take long to find something else, because Emmett started through the crowd and toward us, with Rosalie at his side.

"Bella!" he boomed while pulling me into a bone crushing hug. Me and Emmett had always been the two closest siblings, though we all got along.

"Hi Emmett," I laughed as he set me back on the floor. Then Rosalie smiled and gave me a hug too.

"Emmett!" Alice suddenly yelled.

"Alice!" Emmett yelled back and they gave each other large hugs. They were always close too, for some reason, though Alice wasn't related.

"Hi, Bella," Jasper finally said, giving me a hug as well.

"Hi," I replied, grinning. "I know you haven't been here for very long, but isn't it gorgeous?" Me and Jasper had always seen fairly eye to eye on almost everything, so we had nice conversations about things like (in this case) European landscapes.

"So beautiful," he said quietly. "But I actually didn't pay much attention to it. I was too excited to see Alice," he admitted. He and Alice were nearly inseparable, and we all knew it was only a matter of time before he popped the question. Though they were young, we all knew that they would end up together anyway. My mother had been a stickler about young marriage, but when she saw them together for the first time, she changed her mind for this situation.

I laughed quietly. "It's okay. She was excited to see you too. I think she scared our poor cab driver half to death, though. It was actually pretty funny."

"I can only imagine."

After Jasper and I's conversation, we decided to go up to our rooms. After much arguing and insisting on my part, and grumbling about my stubbornness from Alice and Rosalie, we decided to get three rooms: one for Alice and Jasper, one for Rosalie and Emmett, and one for me. Everyone thought it wasn't fair, but I thought that since we were in Italy, they would want to be with their boyfriends/girlfriends as much as possible, considering Rosalie and Alice would be dragging me to every designer boutique they saw, which was a frightening thought. Luckily, our rooms were all near each other.

Once I had my bags in my room, I decided to look at the room itself. The walls were an almost mint green, with small circular mirrors every few yards. It was like this throughout the whole suite, though the bedroom was a separate room all together. The front room had a long leather black couch with several pillows that matched the walls placed in front of a plasma screen TV. There was also a pair of double doors with long white curtains that opened out onto a balcony. The bedroom contained a king size bed with a black and mint green comforter with black and green pillows as well. There was a night stand on either side of the bed with a lamp on each, and a phone on one. There was another TV in there, too, that was larger than the one in the front room. The bathroom was marble, with a Jucuzzi tub and a separate shower stall with glass walls and doors. I had thought that this suite was much too large, but the boys had insisted that since I was going to have my own room, that it would be the same size as theirs. I, of course, had complained that they shouldn't waste our 'endless supply of money' as Emmett so elegantly stated it, on me, but they wouldn't budge on it, so I had to agree.

Before long I heard a knock on my door. When I opened it, I saw Alice and Rosalie, Rosalie holding a dress bag and Alice holding her bag of hair things and makeup.

"May I ask why you've brought all these to my room?" I asked hesitantly.

"Well, we're going to dinner in and hour, and seeing as I knew you didn't bring any dresses or makeup, I decided to help you out," Alice said with a smile on her face.

"And why can't I wear this to the restaurant?" I asked as I looked at my outfit. I was wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans, my favorite to be honest, and a tank top that looked like it had a big bow on it.

"Don't get me wrong, it's a nice outfit-for once- but this is a five star restaurant, so you have to dress very nice. Don't worry, you won't need much," Rosalie informed me. And with that, they shoved me into the bathroom to change, then they attacked me with makeup brushes and hair things.

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