I know you're probably about ready to slaughter me. It's literally been a couple years since I've updated. But it's summer, and I've had no creative writing outlet, and I just miss these stories so much. But now I'm seeing things that I want to change, so here's what I'm going to do:

It may take some time, but I'm going to re-write both A Single Star and Struggling Love, but they'll be uploaded to my new account, hipstererin. They'll have identical plot lines, but hopefully a bit better writing, more detail, and loooooooooooonger chapters. I promise.

I'm so bad at this. So this time around, I'm focusing on one story at a time. I'm going to start with A Single Star, because I just absolutely love that story so much. I have so much planned for it, and I think you'll love it.

So again, my immense apologies at not updating in so long, but here we go again! Check out my new account (hipstererin) and that's where the re-written stories will be! I'm keeping up these, though, for anyone who comes across them and enjoys them for some reason, plus it gives me basis for my rewriting.

Thank you so much, I love you dearly.