Shakespeare's Lemonade

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/ Friendship

Summary: What if Edward had loved Rosalie and they found Emmett together? Now years later, they have moved to Forks and Emmett meets Bella at school. Will love blossom, will they be torn apart, or will they just be friends? AU OOC

Pairings: Bella/Emmett, Edward/Rosalie, others are the same.

A/N: Alternate universe and somewhat out of character. POV switches between Bella and Emmett.

Disclaimer: Well, there you have it…


Here it was, another year of high school. How many had I lived through now? I won't even count. Lucky Edward (or "Dad" as I am obliged to call him in public). He gets to be an adult and I have to go to school with Alice and Jasper. School! I'm 90 freaking years old! I didn't like it the first time around. Of course, we only went to eighth grade back then depending on social status and such. Rosalie ("Mom") tells me to stop complaining. Really, she wants me to give up my one strong point. Well, that and the fact that I'm a vampire.

So, anyway, we were back in Forks after 60 years or so Carlisle loved it here because we could be more "involved in the community," as he put it. Whatever, it just meant we had to go to school more.

These were my thoughts at the beginning of the year, but now halfway through, I think my opinions have changed. There was a new student at Forks High School that January. Alice, Jasper, and I were all set to ignore Isabella "call me Bella" Swan. As it was, though, that became impossible.

Chapter One "New In Town"


It was my first day at Forks High School. The kids were really nice, which surprised me, but I attributed it to culture variations and the novelty of a new student in a small town. Nothing of consequence really happened until lunchtime. That's when I first saw them. They didn't do anything to attract attention, yet everyone in the cafeteria watched as they entered. They were an odd mix, the three of them. There was the handsome blonde, the adorable pixie-girl, and then… there was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. He was well over six feet tall, extremely muscular, with dark curly hair. But it was his face that struck me. His eyes looked as though they never ceased smiling. Indeed, he was smiling. The three of them sat at a table in the corner of the room. No one would look them in the eye. I wondered at that as I asked my new friend, Jessica,

"Who are they?" She took a furtive glance in the direction I indicated.

"Oh," she said, more quietly than she had previously spoken, "those are the Cullens." Everyone at the table was silent, and I continued to wonder. Then Jessica continued, "Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale were adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen… they're together, which is a little weird, and Emmett is their cousin… well they're all adopted, but you know." I nodded as I continued to stare at the one called Emmett. Suddenly, he looked up and met my eyes with his black ones. For a second, I was trapped in his gaze, and then I looked away, embarrassed. "Don't waste your time there," Jessica advised, "he doesn't date… I guess none of the girls here are good enough for him. His parents are really strict too, I guess." I nodded.

"Not to worry," I said, taking a quick look at him again. He was still staring at me.


Jasper informed me that the new girl was fascinated by the Cullens. Alice frowned slightly.

"What is it?" I asked. She shook her head.

"I can't be sure. Something involving Isabella Swan, though."

"Weird," I shrugged and looked over at her table. Isabella was staring right at me. Now, we were used to people staring at us, but usually they found Jasper or Alice more freakish. I was the most normal of all of us. Yet, she stared intently at me. I realized that this was not your typical morbid curiosity. There was something different about this girl. Very shortly, after I met her gaze, she looked away, and as her face turned red, I remembered myself. I couldn't afford to be interested in anyway in this girl, for the simple fact that blood ran in her veins. Tough. It kind of sucked that we could never have friends. Well, actually we had to move a few times because I was… too friendly. It didn't help that I never found being a vampire that shocking, and being a vegetarian was easy enough… for me. Of course, not being a vegetarian was easy too.

"Emmett, stop staring!" Alice hissed at me. The Swan girl looked at me again, just as the bell rang. The three of us quickly departed for class, and I put the intriguing human out of my head for the moment.


Trying to redirect my attention to school was difficult after that strange encounter with the black-eyed boy. He didn't even seem the slightest bit uncomfortable staring at me, or having me stare at him. I shook my head and ducked into Biology class. The teacher directed me to the only empty seat. I started when I saw who my lad partner was: Emmett Cullen! I would have thought he was older than me, but… whatever. I took my seat, aware of his eyes on me the whole time, and his crooked grin. My face stayed red throughout class and I wondered why this Emmett had such an effect on me. I didn't know him. I mean, yeah, he was cute—no, he was… gorgeous, but I had never reacted to a cute guy before, even if he had been civil, which most guys in Phoenix weren't (to me anyway).

The Biology lecture seemed to last forever. Not that the teacher was boring, I just couldn't focus. Finally, the bell rang. Oh, crap I had PE! Not a good time to be unfocused! I hurriedly gathered up my books and promptly tripped over the edge of the desk. Books and pencils went flying across the floor. I heard muffled giggles, as I waved goodbye to my dignity.

"Here, let me help." I looked up to find Emmett Cullen on his knees, gathering my things and handing them to me.

"Th-thanks," I stuttered.

"No problem," He grinned and took my hand, helping me to my feet. "Emmett Cullen," he shook the hand he already held.

"Uh, Bella… Swan." Why'd I have to be so nervous?

"See you tomorrow, Bella," Emmett said, letting go of my hand and exiting the room.

PE was a mess.


Ok, so maybe I didn't have to put her out of my head. I observed three things in Biology: Bella Swan was very cute, this would be fun, and she smelled very good.

Maybe cute isn't a good word. Physically speaking she was more than that. Much better looking than any of the girls I had chanced to meet in my lifetime. But more than that, she was interesting. Her expressions told a story I could not yet comprehend.

Being in Biology with Bella would be the most fun I had ever had. If you can't understand why then there's no use in me explaining it.

As for the smell, well, it's not as creepy as all that. I went hunting over the weekend and I controlled myself quite well. Wait—that was last weekend! We were building up Jasper's resistance. So, maybe things were a little more dangerous than I was willing to admit at that time.

That afternoon, I didn't realize how much I was thinking about Bella until Edward started glaring at me.

"Why are you so obsessed with this new human?" He asked. Rosalie looked up from the magazine she was reading.

"What 'obsessed'?" I replied. "She's interesting."

"Remember what happened last time someone was interesting?" Rosalie said.

"To which time are you referring?" I snapped back.

"You know perfectly well!"

"Stop!" Edward held up his hands. "You both misunderstand one another."

"No, I understand," I said, dropping my books to the floor and trudging out the door.


I got home and rushed to my room. I closed the door and leaned against it breathless. Why was I breathless? This couldn't be happening. I had never had such a ridiculous infatuation before. What was it about Emmett Cullen that drew me? Could it be his big black eyes, his unearthly beauty, or the way he held my hand? I was dreaming. He would never like me. He was probably just nice to everyone. Yet, I couldn't help wishing it wasn't that way. I couldn't believe myself. I didn't even know him!

I tried to shake off these feelings as I went back downstairs to fix dinner. Charlie came home shortly and I put on my most convincing smile.

"How was work?" I asked. I looked at me suspiciously.

"What's going on?" He said. Crap!

"Oh, nothing, why?"

"Hmm, no reason. What's for dinner?" Oh, good, he let it go. Charlie was far too perceptive for my taste.

After dinner, I cleaned up and headed for my room, claiming homework. What I really wanted was to be alone with my thoughts. I threw a CD into the stereo and flopped on my bed. I was surprised to hear the deep sigh escaping my lips.

I was pathetic.


I stayed out for a long time. Who was she to say what I should and shouldn't do? Well, Rosalie was the closest thing I had to a mother, but she wasn't really. On the other hand, Edward really was my father in every important aspect save one. And what was biology to a vampire?

This was another concern. I was a vampire. I was dangerous. I knew from experience. Yet, I was in this beautiful denial. I knew my mother was right. She usually was.

That particular night I climbed the mountain, out of the clouds and into the sunshine. As I reached the summit, the sun was about to set. I smiled at the bright spots that speckled the trees around me. Suddenly, not knowing why, I wished Bella were here. I wanted her to see me at my best. Undoubtedly, she had already observed my attraction, but that was nothing.

I climbed to the top of an evergreen and gazed out at the panorama before me. I looked in the direction of the town and spotted the Swan house. I could just see the black and white police cruiser and the old red pick-up truck. I looked up and to the right and saw a light on in a bedroom: probably hers. Even from this distance, if I listened I could hear the sound of a baseball game on TV and rock music playing upstairs. She liked Linkin Park, huh?

I sat there and listened for a long time. At one point, Bella came to the window. She was too far away and I couldn't see her beautiful eyes, but I thought I almost heard her sigh, as she stared out in my direction.

But she couldn't have known I was there and that sigh was definitely not for me.


I had trouble falling asleep that night, and my dreams were filled with black eyes and charming smiles. Then they turned dark and I saw things I didn't understand, but there was a lot of blood. What was I afraid of? Why did I wake in a cold sweat, panting?

It was 6:30 and I couldn't sleep anymore. I decided I might as well get up and make myself presentable. Maybe I might actually care what I wore today.

I took a hot shower and while it was quite relaxing, I couldn't get the dreams out of my head. Afterwards, I tried doing my hair, but it fell out of whatever confinement I tried to inflict upon it. So I just brushed it and braided it to one side. It was a change at least.

Back in my room, I searched my closet. I didn't have enough clothes. Well, I did, but when one has lived in phoenix, ones warm dressings are few. I finally found a combination of layering that actually looked kind of cool and threw that on with some slightly tighter jeans than I usually wore. Mom bought me these for Christmas and I never wore them. I looked in the mirror and balked. I actually looked good.

Shoes were a nightmare, however, so I just wore my rain boots. It would rain today, no doubt.

Thus for the first time in my life I put together a halfway decent "outfit." I really was pitiful. I was doing this for one reason and I knew my goal would not be accomplished.

If Emmett didn't like any of the other girls, why would he like me? They were all prettier than I was on my best day.

I was shocked when tears began to fall down my face. I had never wanted to be noticed before, but now… it was as if the world would end if Emmett didn't notice me. I needed him to like me. I didn't know why, but I was sure, I would be disappointed.