"So you think you can get any girl you want?" One of Edward's friends questioned.

"Hey Edward!" A girl said passing by.

"Need I say more?" Edward smirked, gesturing to the girl.

His gang of friends looked at him amazed. Emmett smirked, getting an idea.

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?"

"A bet?" Edward raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

"Why not, my car for you making a girl fall for you." Emmett voiced.

"Ohh!" The others expressed in the back, starting to get excited at the idea as well.

"You're on!" Edward smirked, knowing his chances of winning where pretty good.

Emmett continued, holding a hand up.

"But, we pick the girl."

"If you think that will help." Edward said fully confident.

They all looked around the school parking lot for potential candidates.

"What about her?" one questioned, pointing to a short girl with brown hair.

Edward smirked looking at the girl, whom waved in his direction.

"Been there, down that."

Emmett rolled his eyes annoyed, and then smiled noticing someone in the background.

"No, he needs a real challenge. Her!" he said, pointing to the girl at the far end of the parking lot.

Edward looked over, confused, unable to see whom Emmett was talking about.

"Who?" He asked, following Emmett's direction.

His eyes widen in shock as he saw the girl.

"Bella swan, are you insane!"

The guys laughed in the back.

"Oh, man."

"Yeah, good luck!"

"Hey, if you don't think you can do it." Emmett joined, rubbing it in.

Edward clenched his teeth, watching as Bella stumbled, dropping her books. He rolled his eyes.

"That car better be worth it." He warned as he headed over.

As soon as Edward was out of hearing range, Emmett and the gang busted out laughing.

Edward was just a couple of feet away from Bella. Watching as she continued picking up her stuff.

"Ahmm." Edward cleared his throat, trying to get her attention.

It didn't work.

He looked back at his friends, who were now laughing at him, getting annoyed.

"Excuse me?"



Still nothing.

Is this girl deaf or something? He thought.

"Hey!" He shouted, losing patience.

He was stunned to see her look up, finally noticing him. Edward looked embarrassed as some students passed by looking at him weirdly, for his sudden outburst.

He gave them an assuring smile then looked back at Bella who was now standing with her books at hand as she took off what looked to be an I-pod. He rolled his eyes.

Well at least she isn't deaf. He thought.

"What?" she asked, somewhat annoyed.

Edward continued, trying to ignore her sudden attitude.

"Hi, sorry to bug you. I'm Edward Cullen." He said extending his hand.

Bella just looked at it disgusted and confused.

"You're Bella Swan, right?" Edward asked, not getting a response.

She shook her head yes. He sighed, taking his hand away.

This is going nowhere. He thought.

Bella started getting irritated, seeing Edward's friends laughing in the distance.

"Did you want something?"

Edward was a little surprised by her annoyance; most girls thought it was a privilege to be able to talk to him.

"Hey Edward!" A flirtatious girl said, passing by.

He turned in her direction, winking.


Bella rolled her eyes at this, leaving.

Once the girl was out of view, Edward turned back to Bella who was no longer there. He sighed, seeing she was walking away. He Jogged over to her.

"Hey, wait up!"

She stopped suddenly, turning to Edward.

"Look, whatever game you're playing, with your friends…" she said pointing in their direction.

Edward followed where her finger was pointing than back to her.

"…I don't want any part of it, so, do us both a favor and leave me alone."

With that, Bella walked away, leaving a dumbfounded Edward.

This is going to be harder than I thought. He thought.

Later at lunch, Edward studied Bella. He wanted to find out all he could on this mysterious girl. He noticed she was not one for talking, as she just gave a few greetings to some of her classmates before heading to a table by herself, reading a book. He shook his head at that.

Who reads a book at lunch? He thought.

Wondering, if he should press his luck or not, he headed over.

Feeling someones presence, Bella looked up from her book. She rolled her eyes as she saw who it was.

"Hey, what's up?" Edward greeted.

Her eyes went back to her book.

"I thought I told you I didn't want to be in your game, can't you find someone else?" She said annoyed.

If only it were that easy. He thought.

"I'm not playing a game Bella." Edward stated.

She cringed as her name escaped his lips. She searched his eyes trying to read him.

What the hell is she doing? He thought.

Unable to get a good reading on him, she sighed frustrated.

"What is it then?"

"What?" Edward said, taken off guard.

"Obliviously you want something, so, to save us time why don't you get it over with so I can say no and you can go back to your so called, I'm Mr. Popular act and everyone loves me, bullshit."

Edward opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was so shocked by her outburst.

She's dissing me? He thought.

It took all of Edward's strength not to cuss her out. He remained on task.

"I, Bella, I just wanted to be your friend."

She looked at him confused than busted out laughing. He weakly grinned.

Did it work, am I breaking the surface? He thought.

Bella abruptly, stopped laughing, looking at him harshly.

Nope. He thought.

"You must think I'm really stupid." She snapped.

"What, no, what do you mean?" Edward asked feeling trapped.

"You want to be friends with me?" Bella questioned.

"Sure why not?" He asked, giving one of his best smiles.

"The great Edward Cullen, Mr. Popular, the boy who's been in the same classes with me for two years and never even bothered talking to me till today, wants to be friends." She challenged.

Damn, this girl is too smart, more than that, she is right. I am screwed; I might as well meet defeat. He thought.

"Okay, fine, your right. I haven't really talked to you, but I want to change that."

Is he for real? Bella thought.

"So, you just woke up today with a conscious?"

Edward shrugged not really sure how to answer.

"So, how about it?" he asked, silently hoping she would agree.

Bella thought for a moment than went back to her book.

"I don't do friends." She stated.

Edward sighed at a lost.

Well, that's it, I lost. He thought.

His friends would surely rub this in his face.

"Apparently." He said under his breath, annoyed.

He got up, heading over to his doom.

Bella watched his face as he left. A disappointed look was shown. She wasn't sure what for, but she knew it was real.

She saw his friends laughing as he headed back. She knew it was game, but that look on his face, she didn't know why but it got to her. She closed her eyes sighing.

Damn it Bella! She thought.

She couldn't believe what she was going to do. She quietly got up and started to walk across the crowded cafeteria.

Just as Edward was about to admit defeat, Bella came over.

"Okay, fine…" Edward started but was shortly interrupted by Bella.


All of Edward's friends including himself, turned to face the usually mute girl in shock. Bella gasped in surprise at all the attention her little voice caused.

She took a deep breath and worked up the courage to speak.

"Can I talk to you?" She asked, looking in Edward direction.

"Yeah, umm, excuse us." Edward said, suddenly hopeful.

All his friends watched, shocked as Edward and Bella walked to the other side of the lunch room.

"What's up?" Edward asked, somewhat anxious, knowing people were watching them and it wasn't necessary a good thing for his rep.

Bella let out a stressed out sigh, this was a big step she was taking.

"Okay, so, I never do this but I thought about it and I will try to be friends with you."

"Really?" Edward smiled, excitedly.

Bella continued on with her speech, trying not to let Edward's excitement get to her.

"I'm not promising to be a good friend, but I'll try." She confessed.

Edward snickered at the low confidence she had in just being a friend.

This girl definitely has issues, how hard is it to be a friend anyways? But a friend to this girl, that will be a challenge. He winched at the thought.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow than?" Edward asked.

"Okay." Bella said, giving a weak smile.

Edward returned the smile, before going back to his group.

Bella watched as Edward friends expressions turned from shock to frustration for one and laughter for the rest.

She couldn't believe she was helping him. She wanted to kick herself thinking of the ego she was giving him, added to the one he already had.