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May 2, 2000 - part two

Charlie thought Bill was having a fit or something when stood up abruptly knocking his chair over and letting out that scream during the middle of the memorial service. Then he heard Kingsley say, "Madame Pomphrey, I believe Mr. Weasley could use your help."

"Are you sick?" Charlie asked rising next to Bill.

"Huh?" Bill asked looking dazed as he turned to face Charlie. Charlie looked past Bill to see that Audrey and Percy were kneeling in front a Fleur who seemed to be breathing rather hard. George was standing behind them with a wide-eyed Molly in his arms.

"Is Aunt Fleur having the baby now?" Molly asked.

"Fleur's in labor?" Charlie asked Bill.

"Huh?" Bill said still dazed.

Percy stood up, slapped Bill on the back of the head then knelt down again.

"Hey! What the bloody hell?" Bill barked coming out of his daze.

"Bill, Fleur needs your help, now." Audrey said.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." Bill said embarrassed as he sat back down next to Fleur taking her hand in his.

"What's going on?" Ron asked as he and Hermione joined the group.

"Uncle Bill funny." Molly informed him.

"Fleur is in labor and Bill is freaking out." George said with a smirk on his face.

"There won't be time to move her to St. Mungos. Percy and Bill can you help us get her to the hospital wing as fast as possible." Madame Pomphrey said.

"Ron, 'ou did a wonderful job wiz 'our speech." Fleur said breathlessly as Percy and Bill helped her to stand.

"Thanks." Ron said as he watched Bill and Percy help Fleur as Audrey, Madame Pomphrey and the Delacor's follow.

At Fleur insistence, the rest of the family stayed for the remainder of the memorial service. But as soon as Kingsley made his closing remarks, they, along with Harry, Andromeda and Teddy, headed to the hospital wing, while the rest of the attendees made their way to the celebration feast in the Great Hall.

"Any news?" their mother asked.

"None yet." Percy said. "How did the rest of the service go?"

"Fairly anticlimactic after you all left." Ron adjusted his sleeping niece in his arms.

"Other then when the kids raided the stage." George added.

"The kids what?" Percy asked.

"When Harry took the podium, Teddy called out for him and bolted for the stage before I could grab him." Andromeda explained.

"Then Molly saw that Teddy could go up there. She used Teddy's distraction to sneak up there on her own. I swear Percy, one minute she was sitting peacefully at my feet coloring, and the next I heard 'Uppy, Uncle Ron!' And she was standing in front of him with her hands out." George explained.

"Kingsley motioned for us to stay put, so Harry gave his speech with Teddy in his arms and Molly sitting contentedly on Ron's lap." Their mother added.

"The funniest part was when Teddy then Molly fell asleep during Harry's speech." George laughed.

"That wasn't funny." Harry declared eyeing the little boy who was still asleep, his head on Harry's shoulder. "I was nervous enough already without having to worry about not dropping Teddy."

"It was very sweet." Hermione mused running a hand through her sleeping niece's hair.

"So how much longer do you think it will be?" Charlie asked.

"Her contractions were coming along fairly quickly. Audrey said her hand was quite sore from all the squeezing Fleur did during your speech." Percy said.

"Why didn't she head to the hospital sooner?" Ron asked as he settled in a chair, readjusting Molly to a more comfortable position.

"Fleur wanted to hear your speech, so Audrey asked her father to make sure you gave yours fairly early in the service." Percy said.

"She did?" Ron asked.

"Of course she did." Percy said. "We were all very proud to see you up there. You did a beautiful job."

"Didn't he?" Hermione said kissing his cheek. Ron could feel his ears turning red as the rest of his family echoed their sentiments.

"Fred would have been very honored." George added somberly.

Ron nodded in return.

An hour later the family was still seated outside the hospital wing waiting. Molly and Teddy had awoken from their naps, and they were all nibbling on some of the food Kreacher and Winky had brought to them from the feast. Everyone had gotten a good laughed as both Molly and Teddy had hugged the elves after they delivered the food. Hermione was proud that they were teaching the next generation to treat the elves with such love and respect.

Percy watched as his mother, sister and elder brother took turns pacing outside the door. Bill nearly smacked Ginny in the face with the door when he burst out of the hospital wing.

"It's a girl! Fleur said for you all to come in now!" Bill exclaimed. His mother then Mrs. Delacor rushed over to hug him before entering the hospital wing.

Percy retrieved his daughter then joined his family around Fleur's hospital bed.

"'er name iz Victoire in 'onor of today. It means victory." Fleur said. "Victoire Gabrielle Weasley, zis is 'our family."

Percy lifted his daughter higher in his arms so she could better see the baby, then wrapped his arm around Audrey's waist. Watching Bill and Fleur with their daughter, Percy couldn't help but be misty eyed as he remembered his own little girl's birth with only Penny and her parents present.

"It's fitting somehow." George said, his arms wrapped around Angelina's waist holding her in front of him as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"How?" Charlie asked.

"This place and this date, where and when so many died, where we lost Fred. Here in this place we got a new special gift. Not a replacement, but a new hope." George said. "She is our victory."

The End

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