Hi I'm Spencer Carlin. I'm a Junior in highschool. I'm moving to Forks' Washington because my mom and dad got a divorce because my mom cheated on my dad.....I went with my dad because he doesn't care that I'm gay and my mom on the other hand wouldn't look me in the eye or give me a hug goodbye let's leave it at that for now. I had two brothers (Clay and Glen) Clay was killed by a drive-by shooter when we were walking home from school which now leaves me with Glen, he is a jerk and hates that I'm gay as well but I don't care it's my life. Anyway I'm now going to go to Froks High.

"Spencer are you done looking at the house?" my dad called to me from the car.
"Oh...Sorry dad...I like the house it's pretty."
The house was painted white on the outside with blue trim, the room I wanted was a pretty good size it wasn't much smaller than the master, the master wasn't huge but it was a good size for my dad. The house itself wasn't that big either but it was the perfect size for me and my dad.
"I'm glad you like it now help me with our stuff."

We didn't have much to unload just our clothes and personal stuff and my desk, dresser, and bed. My dad doesn't have any other furniture yet 'cuz my mom kept everything else. But since we didn't have much it only took us a couple of hours to unload and unpack. Then it took my dad about three hours to put my bed, desk, and dresser back together.
"OK Spencer your stuff is built but now you have to arrange it the way you want it."
"Ok...I'll do that after dinner 'cuz I just started dinner unless you want to add your spices and stuff then I'll do it now."
"Go do it now so you can relax after dinner plus I'm a pro at spices."
"OK dad."

I went upstairs and in my room I have four windows two of which were on the same wall and I put my desk under one and my dresser under the other. Moving my dresser and desk took me about twenty minutes but my bed took my about ten minutes 'cuz it was already pretty close to where I wanted it.

"Dinner is ready!" my dad yelled up the stairs.
"K I'm coming!" I yelled back. As I came down the stairs the house phone rang and my dad answered it.
"Hi is Spencer there?"
"Uh ya but we are about to eat dinner. Can I take a message?"
"Yeah it's Ashley thanks ."

My dad hung up the phone and started to tell me who it was but I already knew...quite honestly I heard the whole conversation 'cuz our house phone is really loud.
"Ya thanks dad but the house phone is pretty loud I already heard her."
"Oh...ok well let's eat then."
As I got my dinner I wondered why Ashley didn't call my cell phone.
"I hope you like Forks High." My dad said after a few minutes of silence.
"Ya me too. Quite honestly I like it here besides the cold and it's small."
"Ya but small town can be a good thing sometimes."
"I already miss all my old friends though.......that's the hardest part."
"Ya but I promise you can go visit over breaks or they can come here."

After that conversation we went silent for the rest of dinner. It took us about twenty minutes to finish dinner. Then I went to my room to call Ashley. When I got to my cell I realized that Ash did try to call. As the phone rang I realized that talking to her now would be the first time since Clay died which was four months ago.
"Hi Ash... It's Spencer."
"Hey Spence how are you?"

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