"And I just can't look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside"

- The Killers

Mr. Brightside

It had been two weeks now that Schuyler had arrived back in New York from Corcovado. The Duchesne classrooms were poorly heated and seemed less inviting today, the lighting coming from the windows was dull and gray, making the atmosphere even more gloomily. Even though some Blue Bloods experienced many losses in Brazil school was still in session. It was safe to say that everything in Schuyler's life was a mess right now. She thought back to what had happened almost two weeks ago.

The moment Charles had been informed of Lawrence's death, the rise of Leviathan, and the murder of several wardens, he had been magically lifted from his depressed state and he rushed to take charge of things. Michael, Pure of Heart, was back in the game as the reinstated Regis of the Blue Bloods. His first issue then was to get Mimi and Schuyler back on a plane to New York.

It had shocked Schuyler how protective he sounded when he had barked orders at her through the phone to - "get on the god damn plane now!" He wouldn't even let her get on the same plane with Oliver, Charles had already called his own private jet to bring them back. Normally Schuyler would've rejected his command seeing as how she didn't want to deal with Mimi on the ride back. But she was too tired to argue and apparently so was Mimi because the entire plane ride back she never so much as looked at Schuyler.

Charles had called for a Committee meeting that included everyone. Junior members, new members, Wardens, Conduits. They were all suppose to meet in midtown Manhattan in the secret Force Tower headquarters. It was one in the morning when everyone had arrived, even the four other survivors - Kingsley, Forsyth, Bliss, and Oliver were there. The room was buzzing with worry and fear, many Blue Bloods had already started spreading false lies as to why they were there. But the ironic thing was that none of the survivors spoke a word. They were all seated in the front row quietly waiting for Charles to arrive. They looked like they could use a good shower but they just stared off into space - not really thinking, or at least trying not to. Jack was not there yet and Schuyler held on to Oliver's hand the entire night.

Finally, when Charles came through the elevator doors with Jack right behind him everyone went silent. You would've defiantly been able to hear a pin drop at that point.

Jack ran over to where Mimi was seated - five chairs to Schuyler's left - and Mimi met him half way. Schuyler willed herself not to stare as they eloped themselves in a tender hug, then Jack pulled back he stared intently into her eyes, as if he was having a conversation her. Many people in the room looked away at sight of their affection(probably giving them privacy). Then the siblings stepped a side and Jack threw a quick glance at Schuyler - his eyes zeroed in on Oliver's hand intertwined with hers.

Jack's face was unfathomable.

Then finally someone in the crowd spoke.

"Where's Lawrence? Wasn't he suppose to call the meeting?"

From his position standing in the front of the room Charles stared at Schuyler.

"Schuyler, why don't you tell them." He suggested.

Without missing a beat or looking back she said, "he was murdered in Corcovado."

The room was buzzing again. People gasped, others denied the last statement, some burst out in tears.

"He was not the only one. The conclave members are all gone too." Elaborated Charles.

Everyone went wild after hearing that one.

"By whose hand?"

"That's not possible."

"What were they doing in Brazil?"

"What's Corcovado?"

Those were many of the questions directed to him and Charles answered back patiently.

"Corcovado is a place where we draw our energy from," Charles continued, "Lucifer's brother Leviathan is kept there as a prisoner. Everything that Lawrence had been saying was right, the Silver Bloods are back and one of the Blue Blood families was helping them get back into power. We know now that they were from the Brazilian Committee in South America. They ambushed the Wardens during a dinner and killed them all with the help of Nan Cutler. The only ones who survived the attack were Madeline, Kingsley Martin, and Forsyth Llewellyn."

Charles had been walking back and forth in the front of the room as he recalled everything, occasionally staring off into different directions while seeming nonchalant.

Now he turned and stared directly at Mimi who had Jack's arm around her waist.

"Is Nan still alive?" He asked her.

"No… she's finished." Her face was cold.

Everyone in the room stared at her now.

Charles's eyebrow puckered, "How'd you manage that?"

In response she had pulled something off the side of her ruined dress, it looked like a pin. Then suddenly a bright light shone and in the blink of an eye the pin was transformed into a mighty sword. The sword was illuminated by a blue light and it looked deadly sharp.

People around Mimi were awed by it. It was Light - Destroyer, the very same sword that Azrael had used to kill so many. The very same sword that Silver Bloods feared and ran from in the last war.

Charles smiled and examined the sword very closely, or as closely as he could with Mimi still gripping onto it.

Schuyler started to feel nervous. Should she tell Charles about the sword her mother had given to her? No. Not here or now.

"Atta girl," then he returned to address everyone else, "but as you all can tell those three aren't the only ones who came out of Brazil alive. Girls why don't you tell this one." He motioned to Schuyler and Bliss.

Eyes followed them and Schuyler felt the hairs in the back of her neck rise at Jack's gaze.

"Lawrence and I heard about the slaughtering of the Conclave. So we headed to Corcovado to see if it was still secure." Schuyler started.

"Long story short, Lawrence killed a Blue Blood by accident and then he was murdered at the hand of Leviathan." Interrupted Oliver against Charles orders.

"He's back." Finished Bliss.

Those were the first words Bliss had uttered all night.

If the people were panicking before it was no where near to how they acted now. The crowd was going hysterical.

"Everyone please calm down," spoke Charles in a serene manner, "I have already taken certain matters into my hands to ensure our protection. I have contacted other Blue Blood Committees around the world and told them the news. In a month New York will be filled with every Blue Blood from every continent. We are strongest when we are together and united. From now on Committee meetings will teach the young how to defend themselves in case of an attack. No one should be out by ten o'clock or later without being accompanied by another Blue Blood. Conduits without a family to serve must take orders from me and no one else. This last one applies to everyone… no one travels anywhere out of the state or country or city unless you have my permission."

Everyone was silent as the took in the new rules.

"Trust no one. This isn't a game anymore. The second Great War has already begun."

Then meeting was called to a close but something else was to happen that night between Jack and Schuyler.

Mr. Medina's Literature class was suppose to be an elective, but try telling that to the Ivy League bound pricks who took it way too seriously. Today was the beginning of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet section of the class. Schuyler couldn't help but thank god it was only a semester long course. The Lit. class was for anyone who wanted to get ahead in English and it was offered to Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. And this was one of the classes apart from Art and Science that she shared with Jack and Mimi and Oliver. Could life get any better?

Art, Lit., and Science were the classes that Schuyler hated the most. She could often be found staring at the clock every five minutes just waiting for it to be over. But when things didn't go her way and time seemed to be mocking her she could be found glaring at the clock. And of course, Mr. Medina would notice her lack of attention and ask her a question to something she had absolutely no clue about. To say the least…Schuyler despised Mr. Medina.

Things were made especially hard when she got back from Brazil. Everything changed! Oliver and her were now openly dating and the news wasn't a surprise to many Red Bloods - they had anticipated it - but the Blue Bloods, the Blue Bloods had been nothing short of repulsed. When Schuyler had gotten back to New York she was on a mission, a mission to end everything that had gone on with Jack and her. It had gone on far too long. During those two weeks she tried so hard to forget that night when she had called things off. The look on Jack's face and the hurt she had caused him was too much for her to bear. Schuyler went to bed crying that night, she could not believe that she had actually hurt Abbadon, was that even possible? She had lied to him(to save his life) and if he ever found out, all hell would break lose.

Schuyler ignored him as much as she could but that didn't really work because she saw him at school and at home. Unlike a month ago, Jack couldn't have been more obvious about his feelings for Schuyler. In the hallways at school he would wave and smile at her(even when he was with his popular Lacrosse buddies), during Thursday night dinner at the Forces he would avoid conversation with anyone and stare directly at her(even though Mimi was right next to him), he tried talking to Schuyler on so may occasions but she always managed to escape him. Everything he did he executed with the same face he had since that night. The you-just-ran-over-my-puppy-look. He couldn't have picked a better way to make her feel more guilty.

It all made Schuyler feel even more horrible than before. She just wanted to yell at him to stop, to say that this was how its suppose to be, to tell him how this would save his life, but she restrained herself. On the brightside her school life was getting better. People saw how much attention Jack Force was giving her and then suddenly people started treating her nicer. Especially the guys. Mimi had been platonic about everything. She acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, as if her twin wasn't pinning for another girl. She went on making desisons for the bonding ceremony. Mimi probably didn't care or tried not to care about Jack's actions. In her head, Jack would be all hers in a short while.

The past two weeks Schuyler had focused fully on Oliver and nothing else. It was finally time that Schuyler gave him the attention he deserved. At first, everything had been kind of awkward and strange because they had been friends for so long. But soon they could found holding hands and doing some serious PDA. Every time she kissed Oliver she couldn't help but wonder how stupid she must've been not to realize how in love she was with her best friend.

The only other person she'd ever felt this way with was Jack. Jack was her first love and it was a very different kind of love. So of course she wouldn't realize when cupid stroked again but in a totally different way. In a secret little chamber in her heart, that was devoted to Jack only, she knew she was in trouble. She loved both of them…but who did she love more? And would it really matter? She couldn't have Jack and she couldn't have Oliver. For now Schuyler just lived in the moment - she was done with thinking ahead.



"Do you have any idea what he's talking about?" Whispered a concerned Oliver, leaning in his chair to look at Schuyler but motioning to Mr. Medina. Oliver had noticed her zoning out and wanted to make sure she started paying attention, or Medina would embarrass her again with questions.

This is why Schuyler loved sitting all the way in the back during classes. She could observe with being observed. Mr. Medina had his back to the class as he scribbled something on the board. Everyone was intently paying attention, or at least looking like it. Schuyler made sure not to glance at the two blondes sitting three seats ahead to her right.

"Nope. You'll have to clue me in on it later." Schuyler whispered back with a smile. Flirting was her and Oliver's new thing now.

"Starbucks after school?"

"Sounds good." She responded while reaching out from her desk to lay her hand on Oliver's thigh.

Oliver jumped in his seat with surprise and turned tense quickly. Schuyler started rubbing his upper thigh up and down and resisted the urge to laugh at his reaction. Oliver wouldn't even look at her now, instead he looked straight at Mr. Medina and gave him fake attention. Every now and then Schuyler tried to sneak in a little more affection and intensity whenever she could in their relationship. Something that Oliver was still a tiny bit shy about but Schuyler loved teasing him, and getting to here certain moans from him whenever they made out was exciting. It was fun to see that different side of Oliver because he was usually so well composed.

A couple more minutes of that and she started massaging her way to his inner thigh. Schuyler's hand was now next to the one thing that every guy was sensitive about.

"What are you doing?" Oliver quietly hissed at her.

Schuyler silently slipped through his defenses and read his mind, she was delighted to find that she was driving him crazy. HA!

"Mister Perry is there a problem?" Asked Mr. Medina turning away from his previous work on the board.

Schuyler heard the - "Hell Yeah!" - answer that Oliver said in his head.

But a loud he said, "May I use the restroom?"

Mr. Medina gave him a nod to leave the room. If Oliver though he could get away that easily he had something else coming. When he rose from his seat Schuyler yanked her hand away and just as he left the room and shut the door Jack Force turned around in his seat and glared at her.

The glare sent shivers down her spine and suddenly a long repressed memory of that night entered her mind.

* * *

Jack had her pinned up with her back against the wall and her legs around his waist. The lights from the New York City nightlife shone through the Perry Street apartment but they didn't need the light. They could see each other perfectly clear in the dark and Schuyler hated that. Everything would be a lot easier if she couldn't see him.

Jack continued to kiss her senseless, not allowing her to talk or to think. His tongue darting in and out of her mouth in a way that made her knees feel weak. His hands were cupping her face and hers were on his hips. Then his lips shifted to her neck and he started kissing and biting down on her pulse point.

She hadn't known then that Jack had been trying his very best to give her a remarkable hickey. The hickey would show up later. He had suspected something was up when he saw Schuyler with Oliver earlier but he hadn't said a word. Instead he choose not to care. The rules had been thrown out the window. That night he could care less if Mimi found him with Schuyler, he had been so scared, the love of his life almost died in the hands of the Morningstar's brother! He continued biting down, marking her as his only.

"Jack?" Schuyler breathed once his lips were off hers.

Jack gave an urgent, "yes," and started kissing her jaw line. Schuyler closed her eyes at the sensation. It had been too damn long!

"We need to --"

"I was so scared," he said while kissing her closed eye lid, "I didn't want to lose you," and he kissed her cheek, "Sky…I think I'm in love with you. That doesn't even cover it! Its more than love…I..I..."

Schuyler shut her eyes as hard as she could.

She tried to pretend that he wasn't there and that he didn't just say what he did.

Jack chuckled, "Sky look at me," and he kissed her ear lope.

Instead she kept her eyes shut and twisted herself away from his grasp. She walked all the way to the door without speaking a word and then finally turned around to stare at him. He was glaring at her suspiciously, as if he knew what was coming.

"Schuyler, I…"

Other words were to be exchanged that night.

* * *

That was the same exact look he was giving her now. Jack had gotten bolder with his pursue for her, people were surely going to start talking sooner or later.

"Um Mr. Medina I feel kinda light headed, can I leave the room for a minute?" She asked.

He nodded at Schuyler and as she left the room she saw 'Mimi followers' roll their eyes at her.

She walked aimlessly around the hallways at first just remembering the look in Jack's eyes. Who knew they could be so expressive? That same look seem to haunt her for two weeks now. And no matter how much she ignored him or how much time she spent with Oliver she could never seem to forget him. She would surely die a happy death if his sea green eyes with flecks of gold was the last thing she saw.

Just then, an arm reached out and pulled her into the guys restrooms.

"What the hell --"

And then lips moved on top of hers. She didn't need to look to know it was Oliver, she already knew how his kisses were. They were always short, sweet, and simple but they had a way of making her feel happier and more relaxed than before. Schuyler slowly slipped her arms around his neck and he put his on her waist. She wanted so badly to deepen the kiss so she slid her tongue in his mouth, Oliver froze and hesitated before following suit.

A few more minutes of that and they stopped, Oliver was breathing heavily but Schuyler's breathing was normal. Red Bloods often lost their breath more easily than Blue Bloods did. Schuyler found Oliver amusing every time they had to stop because of him but she didn't mind. She let her forehead rest on his and smiled as she heard his heart beat start lowering.

"That was amazing," he said once he regained himself.

She laughed and then looked around, "so this is what the guy bathrooms look like, it's a lot nicer than I thought it'd be."

He chuckled, "don't try and change the subject. It's not nice to give people hand jobs while they're trying to learn about the effect Shakespeare's sexuality had on certain sonnets."

"So that's what Medina was going on about."

He smiled, "maybe you should go back first that way they wont think we were together this entire time."

Schuyler snorted, "cause that would be horrible!"

"You know what I mean."

Just as she was opening the door to exit she heard him say: "and as much as I love your hands try to behave yourself."

Schuyler smirked while walking out and that's when she saw him. Jack Force was standing stiffly by the water fountain and he looked like he was going to take a sip, but his arms were gripping the sides of the fountain unnaturally. Instead of drinking from it, he looked like he was about to pull the whole thing from the wall and throw it out the window. And Schuyler knew very well that he probably could if he wanted to.

Now aware of his proximity Schuyler shut her mind to him, like she had been doing the past two weeks. Lawrence had once said that it was hard to keep Abbadon out but she had been practicing. She was almost as strong as her mother ever was and she could tell Jack couldn't read her mind no matter how hard he tried. That trilled her but she could tell it infuriated him. On Thursday night dinners at the Forces she could feel his mind trying to push her barriers but to no avail.

"I heard." He said.

His voice sounded surprisingly calm but that just made it all the more scary. Damn vampires and their super hearing! She had already hurt him enough…he didn't need to hear what went on in the guys bathroom.

"That's none of your business." Schuyler stated and sped right passed him.

In a matter of seconds he reappeared right in front of her and it shocked the hell out of Schuyler. It had been a while since they were that close and she could smell all of what was the authentic scent of Jack Force. She was trapped. She took one good look in his stunning green eyes and knew it.

"He's not right for you and you know that. Look at what happened to your mother when she with a human."

Schuyler looked away, "shut up!" She snapped.

Deep down she knew he was right.

"It wont last - I'll make sure of it!" She didn't need to look into his eyes to tell that his threat was serious.

And with that he left.

"And I just can't look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside"

- The Killers

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