Trio Divided

"Come on, Bones," Kirk smiled "you gotta love the Macs. They are sleek, sexy, and the chicks on the coffee deck go crazy for them."

"Yes, but 99.9% of the medical charts in the galaxy are kept on PCs that run under Windows 2525." Bones huffed.

"It is illogical to use any operating system other than Linux." Spock announced.

"Byte me, Spock." Bones hissed.

"I don't see how that would help solve the problem, Doctor."

"Linux is as impossible to understand as your anatomy!"

"I do not think that is the case, there are just as many out there who fully understand Vulcan anatomy as there are who can run Linux."

"Linux is as unnatural as green blood."

"Boys, boys, let's just agree to disagree." Kirk chuckled.

"Never." Spock and Bones replied in unison.