Morning light, beautiful yet burns the eyes of many.

Pills, small capsules of humankind's ingenuity to create a sense of well-being.

A uniform keeps our identity hidden from other uniforms which hide the shell of human souls.

Haruhi gave the world a blank stare. In truth, she felt terrible, and worst of all, she had to use her uncomfortably wet and filthy uniform from the previous night. She grimaced at the mirror while noticing that some greenery was also left from the night before.

She had not spoken to her father yet, but it didn't matter much because he was passed out on the couch with a toothy grin. Years of experience with the old man knew that it was fake, and as she was maturing, the grin was becoming wider. His liver won't take much more sake now. It was his personal suicide anyways.

Little by little, her feet trudged to school, her mind somewhere else. Anywhere else other than her fleeting chest pain and bulging headache that didn't subside even with pain medication. Her feet moved for her, her arms swung low by her side for her, creating the image that she actually was there, except for her eyes that were blank.

A group of young men were following her, dressed in the same soulless uniform. Their countenances though showed fear with an aura of worry twined at the side. The unit nodded to two gentlemen with orange locks; this was their specialty after all. One ran infront of her while the other trailed behind for a sneak attack. The former surprised her eyes while the latter covered her mouth and both of the dragged her to a black van, fighting to keep her in their grasp.

"Do I even want to know what is going on?" she asked them both grouchily. Rich Bastards.

They sighed, "You look terrible."

"Your hair," Karou scoffed while pulling out a comb.

"Your uniform?" Hikaru questioned while tossing a new set to Haruhi.

"Your skin," they handed her a bunch of Oxy pads and foundation.

Maybe rich bastards aren't so bad after all.

"Take your time. Kyoya already made up an excuse for you to be tardy." They left the car and gave her a wondrous thing.


The maiden of the host club felt better, but her chest was sore. She slipped into first period entirely unnoticed except for the two red heads in the back. The twins were in all of her classes. Before the host club they were only in a few, but since she "joined" their schedules were mysteriously changed.

A note was slipped onto her desk, Better now? She nodded yes to the twins.

She remained mute through out the day. The twins were worried. Not a single teacher asked her a question and none were received from her. She normally answered some questions to help the class out. Was it spite or the pallid expression on her face? Even the with the foundation they gave her she still looked…

Gangly, tiresome, daydreaming, ill. Not the Haruhi they knew.

Haruhi's eyes sparkled like teenage vampire's skin even in study. Her hair had luster that even their mother could not formulate or purchase. Her gait held energy with every step.

Glazed eyes, dirty hair, sluggish appearance.

A test of cognition perhaps? One that she has never failed?

They appeared before her with jest, "Oh Haruhi, which one is which?" A game for all ages!

Haruhi looked like she was going to answer, yet she had a coughing spasm. Doubled over, she could not control what was happening to her as everyone in the class was watching.

She lost. Game Over.

New Game. Help Haruhi-sama

They didn't know how to handle the situation; Hikaru wanted her to go to the nurse. Karou knew that would reveal her identity. Karou wanted her to go to a hospital; Hikaru rebuked that she had no health insurance. By the time they had run out of options and finished arguing, all of them were in the music room with Haruhi in a state of semi-consciousness.

"We need Kyoya," Karou grunted.

An aura of hatred and greed dispersed into the room when the teenager opened the door. "Are you kidding me?"

"No…" they whimpered while hiding behind the couch.

Kyoya surveyed the area and frowned, "this is why you don't have pets," he chastised. "Get her some water and contact the rest of the club. Lockdown is in effect."

Dizzy, fuzzy, lightheaded, pain, pressure

I can't breathe

Lights changing. Laying down, pain pressure

I can't speak

Muttering, bell tones, fuzzy, darkness

I'm scared

People rush up. My head propped up. Liquid poured down my throat.

Why are they coming?

Another man comes and pulls the rest away. He brings out something sharp. Prick. Darkness.

Brightness. Fuzzy. Paralyzed.

I can't get up.

Squirm. Pressure halts her movements. Her glasses are put back on. Whispering murmurs.


"You're going home. You're sick. You need to get better."

"Get well soon kay?" "I'll take care of your clients." "We'll take care of you."

Of me? Fists clench. The car stops and gravity is leaving again. Flying. A door creaks. Soft tapping on the floor. Land on a soft surface. Warmth encircling.

The lights go out and someone kisses my forehead.


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I'M FINISHED WHOOOOO! (Next fic will be about Pokemon I think... kinda dark about a Lopunny that can not free herself from her trainer and how he and her were both lead into insanity.)