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Chapter Thirty Four – Acceptance

I wasn't going to lie, I was nervous. No I was more than nervous. I was scared. Jacob could tell and he took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze for encouragement. If I was this scared I wondered how Sarah was feeling about the whole thing. I had asked her earlier that morning she said she was okay and she looked content enough for me to believe her. But when I think back to the last council meeting and how that went, I supposed it couldn't get any worse, she was pretty much disowned by her grandfather. I'm guessing Sarah came to the same conclusion. But no matter what they say, Sarah knows that she will never be alone, she had me and Jacob, Caleb and Seth and not one of us would ever give up on her or cast her aside.

But she is different now, Sarah is more Quileute than Vampire. I wondered how they'd react to this news and as Jacob had said she is technically the Alpha.

Jacob and I were making our way to his old make shift garage turned Council meeting place we walked hand in hand and in silence, both of us allowing the other alone with our thoughts about what this meeting could mean for the future of our children and for the future of the tribe. Sarah and Seth were out hunting and would be joining us shortly. They wanted us to explain the situation before they see her.

My stomach knotted as the house was now in plain sight, I saw others entering the old garage. The council was gathering. I stopped moving and Jacob turned to face me, "Bella, it's going to be okay," he said, he pulled me into him and I buried my face into his chest, he ran his fingers through my hair to sooth me, I took in a few deep breaths and pulled back and looked up at my husband. Jacob just smiled at me, "It's going to be fine," he promised.

"You can't know that," I said

"No, but I feel it," he replied confidently

"But what about your father, Jake?" I asked, "What if he still doesn't come around? I don't want you and him to keep fighting. He hasn't got long left, and when he is gone you'll regret it, you need to make peace with him,"

"Bella, you and our children are what's most important to me. If my father can't see how special you all are than that's his problem, the regret will be his, not mine. I can't say I haven't tried," he said, he was right though, Billy was being so stubborn about this. Maybe now that Sarah was part wolf he would accept her again.

"It's not just your father though," I pointed out

"Look, Bella, most of them didn't care what Sarah was and they still loved her, the others only said no because she was a vampire and they weren't letting their personal feelings about her rule their decision. But they've got nothing to fear anymore, Sarah's one of us,"

I took another deep breath, "Okay, let's get this over with," I took his hand again and we headed inside, most of the council were already here. Both elders and the pack, the only ones missing now were Seth, Sarah, Caleb, Billy and Leah.

"Where's Caleb?" I asked Embry once I noticed he was missing,

"He told me he was coming with Seth and Sarah in a while, said there's some sort of surprise," Embry gave Jake and I a questioning glance, "What's going on? Why did you pull this meeting together?"

"All in good time my friend," Jacob replied and patted his shoulder

Leah wheeled Billy in just then and positioned him at the head of the table, he eyed me and Jacob suspiciously and then looked around, it was obvious he noticed the absence of Seth and our children immediately. "Let's call this to order shall we?" he said, if I didn't know any better I would have expected him to pull out a gavel and slam it down on the table, "So, Jacob, care to explain why you've called us all here. Again." We didn't miss the disdain dripping from his voice

"In the last 24 hours a lot has happened," Jacob began, "I've called you all here because you all need to know something about Sarah,"

"Oh god! What has she done?" Leah cried, "I knew it! I knew letting her stay was a bad idea! Whether Seth imprinted on her or not, she shouldn't have been allowed to stay! I mean look at what her presence here has done. The numbers in the pack have tripled and none of us wanted this for our children!" She knew she hit a sore spot for most of the elders. I noticed Embry rolling his eyes. He didn't think life as a wolf was that bad, he'd been at it longer than all the others. He enjoyed it. Also we'd talked about how Leah was a sucker for the dramatics in the past and this was one of those times, everyone else thought the same, but this time she had managed to say the right thing.

"Did you ever stop to think how it is that Seth managed to imprint on a vampire?" Jacob asked, that had managed to get everyone's attention and it was something that had confused the entire council. But now we knew the reason why, Sarah was a Quileute and not even the change to a Vampire could hide that fact for long.

"Where are they anyway?" Paul asked

"They'll be here soon," was all Jacob offered

"She needs her dad to fight her battles for her?" he snorted, "What kind of leech is she anyway?"

I saw Jacob clench his fists and saw his muscles tense, "Be quiet, Paul," he said, "You have no idea what you're talking about," his voice was even, as if he was trying to keep himself from shouting

"Jacob," Rachel placed a hand on his shoulder, urging her brother to get along with her husband. She hated the fact that they were both so hot headed and quick to jump down each others throats. It had always been hard for Paul and Jacob to bond. It got easier over the years but it was when things like this occured their age-old rivalry flared back up. "Please," She shook her head slowly but Jacob's eyes were fixed on his brother-in-laws.

"Easy, Jacob," Billy warned, his father could also see that Jake was on the edge of snapping,

"You need to make sure that your husband can hold his tongue about his niece," Jacob growled

"Jacob, did you have a point that you wanted to make?" Billy asked in a bored tone

"Yes," Jacob's eyes snapped to Billy's and I could only describe the look on his face as pure disappointment. "The point I'm here to make today is about Sarah, she's different,"

"We know she's different, Jake," Quil smiled, "She's tame, one of the good guys," his comment caused a few irritated looks

"No, that's not what I meant." Jacob sighed,

I rose from my chair, "Sarah got sick," I said, Jacob's eyes flickered to mine grateful for my help, he squeezed my hand lightly

"What do you mean she got sick?" Embry looked concerned, "Vampire's can't get sick can they?"

I shook my head, I didn't want to go into the whole Italy ordeal so I decided to dish out the shortened version, "She blacked out and things were getting strange, so we decided to call Carlisle Cullen, he's the only one we could think of that could help us, he ran some tests and he discovered that Sarah was going through some changes," They had perfect timing I sensed the three of them coming, Seth, Sarah and Caleb. The pack turned their heads to the door, they sensed them too. The Elders looked at each other, all of them confused. But Billy kept his eyes trained on us.

"What kind of Changes?" he asked

Embry grinned and ran to the garage doors and pulled both of them open to reveal three giant wolves, the russet wolf who was Caleb, the sandy colored wolf who was Seth and in between them the white wolf, Sarah. Everyone stared at the white wolf, their expressions were a mixture of awe and confusion. "That's Sarah?" Emily smiled, I nodded answering her question and she walked towards her and stroked the white fur. "Sarah, you're beautiful," she said.

It occurred to me that none of the other wolves realized that Sarah had made the change yet, surely they would have been connected to her consciousness if they were wolf at the same time, but Sam's eldest son Micah answered that for me, "Huh, so this is why Caleb ordered us not to phase until he says so," I nodded Caleb pulled his lips back over his teeth in a wolfy grin

I smiled at the three of them, "Go change," I told them, "Then come back," They bounded off, and everyone was silent in their absence reeling from what they just saw. They weren't long, when they returned Seth and Caleb were wearing cut offs and Sarah was in denim shorts and a white tank top.

"How is this possible?" Billy finally asked

"Sarah changed," Jacob shrugged, "She had non of her original human blood left in her system and it triggered her wolf gene to activate, at first it made her sick because the vampire and the wolf gene were fighting each other, but Carlisle saved her, he took away some of her venom to let the wolf gene win over inside her and it mutated with the vampire gene. Now she's a hybrid, part wolf, part vampire,"

"She doesn't smell nasty anymore," Leah's son, Jonah cried

Embry looked at us wide eyed, "She has a heartbeat," he gasped

I nodded with a huge grin, "The thing about the wolf gene," I said, "Is that she's also part human again,"

"Just hold your horses one damn minute!" Billy bellowed over everyone's whispers, "So she's different. She's still part vampire did you all miss that? How do we know she's still not dangerous, and what about the tribe? She could still cause more to make the transformation,"

Trust Billy to rain on the parade I rolled my eyes, "In all honesty, we don't know whether she'll cause anymore Quileute's to change, but Carlisle ran a lot of tests on her. She's doesn't even have blood lust anymore, she still needs blood for sustenance, but she can only hunt in her wolf form." I explained

"Carlisle said she's probably 65 percent Quileute and 45 percent vampire, her wolf instincts win out in her every time," Jacob added

"So she's just going to forget her vampire side and act completely on her wolf side?" Leah asked incredulously, "So when a vamp strolls into town and the pack need to take it out, she's going to join in and kill her own kind or half kind?" Leah sneered

"The treaty will stay in tact," Sarah assured her, "Any vampires that enter our lands we will take out providing their eyes are red. Our first priority is to protect the people" She said, "But any vampires with golden eyes that pass through are off-limits. It means they don't hunt humans and I will talk to them and explain the rules of our treaty,"

"So what side of the treaty lines will you stand?" Paul asked, Jacob glared at him

"I don't see why I would need to choose since I am the only unbiased party," She said, I was so proud of her.

"So all of a sudden you think you're in charge," Billy said to her with raised eyebrows

Jacob grinned, this is what he was waiting for, "Well, technically, she is. Sarah is the alpha," he said. That grabbed everyone's attention.

"What?" Billy managed to choke out

"Sarah is part of the pack now, she can make the change into a wolf and she is my oldest child," Jacob explained, "She has the strongest lineage,"

"She's the rightful alpha so I let her take my place," Caleb shrugged

"Making Caleb my rightful second in command," Sarah added and grinned at her brother

"This is fantastic," Sam smiled and walked over to Sarah he wrapped his arms around her and it made my heart swell, "What has happened to you is nothing short of a miracle,"

Jared nodded his agreement, "I'm pleased for you, kid," he winked at her

Soon everyone besides Leah and Billy we're rushing over to Sarah hugging her, telling her how wonderful it is that this has happened to her. I put my fingers to my damp cheeks. I was just so overwhelmed and so happy at that moment I had begun to cry. I grinned at my husband who was also smiling brightly until his eyes fell on his father who didn't look impressed. I never expected any less from Leah, she was permanently bitter about everything, but Billy. I couldn't understand why this wouldn't make him happy.

"Dad, I thought this would be a good thing for the tribe," Jacob sounded upset

Billy found a slight smile, "I'm contemplating this, it just seems too good to be true,"

"You mean, you're not angry?" I asked, Billy shook his head,

"Why would I be angry? I'm not happy about it, and it's not exactly the best situation," he said, "But it's a lot better than the way it was," his face looked sullen then, "I am sorry for the way I have behaved to you though, son. I understand that Sarah's… condition is no fault of her own and I still love my granddaughter, but I had to do what I thought was best for the tribe."

"I know, but Dad, she wouldn't hurt anyone," Jacob argued

"We couldn't have known, but I suppose now that she doesn't have a blood lust, she's safe to be around," he sighed

"Thanks," Jacob muttered and rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around me planting a kiss on my forehead. We watched on as everyone surrounded Sarah, asking her questions about what she can do, what it's like to be a hybrid. And Sarah happily answered all their questions and they seemed to ease around her even more, not seeming to care anymore that she still had a vampire side.

Leah and Billy were no longer in the room, Jacob had noticed too and he sighed, "It's not going to be easy, you know how hard it is for your father to admit he's wrong. It's going to take time but you guys will work it out," I rubbed his arm gently.

"Speaking of father's," Jacob said, "Charlie should know Sarah's back from her… travels," he grinned "We all know he misses her and Sarah misses him too, now she no longer has the blood lust and she doesn't look too different he'll be able to see her again, no questions asked," I smiled, Charlie had missed Sarah lots, he called asking about her all the time. I should also call Renee. "Maybe we should invite him for dinner tomorrow," Jacob suggested

I turned back to watch Sarah surrounded by the people who love her, who will always love her. Seth kept hold of her hand and Sarah was smiling. I don't think I'd ever seen her so happy before. I looked over to Caleb, he was smiling too. Both of my children were happy, my husband and I were happy and that's all a mother asks for. I was so lucky.

"I love you, Bella." Jacob whispered into my ear

I smiled, "I love you too, Jacob Black,"