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Italics is various things. It can be things being read if it's kept seperate, or if it's in speech marks its telepathy. If it's within the text but not in speech marks, it's thoughts. It should be clear by the context.

Mary, Thy Name is Sue

Pallet town, 2003. Three years after the release of a particularly famous cartoon.

Home of many people, ranging from the famous Professor Oak to the many children hoping to one day emulate that show and become pokemon masters.

Just one among many was Mary-Susan Jones. Admittedly, she had a slight advantage over the other children of the town, having a family member placed very close to the Professor.

She'd taken the pokemon league test for the third time just days before, hoping to be one of the three in the class to be allowed to leave on her journey. The results were due in.

Mary-Susan was thirteen, pale skinned and shockingly beautiful, well developed, with long, raven hair, eyes that shimmered like sapphires, and-
Yeah, let's stop there.
She normally wore a black skirt down past her knees, and a pink t-shirt.

At this moment in time, her mother was at work, and Mary-Susan was walking up and down the corridor, desperately impatient for the results to come back.

She wanted to go on her journey.

Of course, this was a little premature. It was seven AM, and the post didn't come until eight..

She sighed, getting up and going to her room.

It was pretty normal for a teenage girl's room. Pokemon posters, pictures of famous trainers, not to mention a couple of co-ordinators. A map of the Pokemon Archipelago, as of the discovery of Sinnoh. A small bag lay on her bed, pink and black. She'd packed, unpacked and repacked the bag six times since she'd performed the test, taking everything she could need on the short hops between towns. She'd need to pick up more supplies for the longer trips, like a tent for one, but that was another matter.

She thought she'd done pretty well.

She walked down the stairs, a different, smaller bag on her side. This was the one she used everyday, containing a key to the door, some spare change and a mobile phone. She only needed that until she got her pokegear-hopefully today.

She headed for the lab. She was going to do what she always did when she was bored. Go help out at the lab, Oak always appreciated the help.

"Hey, Mary!" cried out a voice.
Mary-Susan groaned.

"What do you want, Lily?" she asked.

Lily was an older girl, fourteen. She had long, shimmering brown hair that seemed to glow in the sunlight, dark, almost chocolate skin, an even better figure than Mary-Susan and-
She wore a black t-shirt and black shorts.

The two of them hated each other. Always had. Probably always would. Rivals in everything, always trying to look nicer than the other.
They liked the same things, the same types, the same pokemon, the same music. The previous year they'd both had the same crush.

Some people joked that the two were twins separated at birth. But never to either of their faces. Not after the first time…

"My name is Liliana." replied the other girl. "As you know."
"And YOU know that my name is Susan." replied Mary-Susan.
"Not according to the school register." said Lily smugly.
"Go away, Lily, I'm going to help out at Oaks while my letter comes." said Susan.

"Oh, you haven't had yours yet?" said Lily, innocently.
She knew full well, she lived next to the post office and knew the times.
"I got mine this morning." she said. "Want to see my starter? She was shipped over here especially." she asked with an unpleasant smile.
"Arrogant bitch…" muttered Susan.
"Ugly whore." replied Lily.
"Dumb Suckup."
"Pokemon fucker."

And there it was, what always happened when the two met. It devolved into a shouting match, normally using these exact insults.

Many, many rude lines later, the two stormed off in opposite directions.

It was a couple of silent, fuming minutes later that Susan reached the pokemon lab.
She put on a smile, trying not to think about Lily.

She went in.
"Hi, Susan." said one of the aides, scurrying around with something strange in her arms.
Susan smiled back and greeted her, before moving further in, searching for the Professor.

She found him quickly enough.
"Morning Susan." said the professor. "Looking for your mother? She's in one of the side labs, working with some young pokemon."

"Er, no." said Susan. "Just wondering if you need any help with anything."
Oak smiled.
"Waiting for the results of your test?"
"Yeah…" admitted Susan.
"Well, if you could take these down to the post office, that would help." said Oak. He picked up a small pile of paperwork, giving it to her.

She went to leave.
"Wait." said Oak, rummaging for a pen and holding a finger up for her to stay.
He wrote on another piece of paper, then folded it up and added it to the sheaf of paper.
"Now you can go." he said with a smile.

She left the lab, headed for the other side of the small town where the post office was.
It didn't take that long to get there.
When she arrived, the postmaster greeted her."
"Susan, how are you?" he said. "Is that for Professor Oak?"
"I'm fine." she said. "And yes."

He took them from her. Something on the top piece of paper caught his eye-his name-and he opened it, and read it.
"Wait here a second." he said.

He came back with an envelope, addressed to her.
Her eyes went wide.
There was only one thing it could be.
"Thank you!" she gabbled, overflowing with gratitude.
"Thank the professor, he wrote the note asking me." said the postmaster.

She went outside, and immediately tore the envelope open.

Dear Mary-Susan Jones,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as one of the students from the Pallet Town training class to obtain their training license this year.
Please report to Professor Oak, and he will be able to give you a starter pokemon should you so desire, a set of pokeballs, and a Pokegear.
Congratulations, may your journey be a fulfilling one.

International Pokemon League
Signed by the League Champion, Ash Ketchum

Susan was ecstatic. She leapt up, punching the air, and ran to the lab.

* * *

"Professor! Professor! I passed! I passed!" shouted Susan, running through the lab.
"I knew you would." said Oak. "Congratulations."

The sentiment was echoed by many of the scientists around, all fond of Susan, whether from her times helping out or from the affection and praise given her by her mother when Susan wasn't around.

"Why don't you come with me?" he asked.
She nodded brightly, and he led her into another room. There he gave her a pokegear, pink and black, like her normal outfit, as well as a Pokedex attachment.
"What about my starter?" she asked.

"Well… if you don't mind, I have something a little unorthodox planned for you." he said.

Susan blinked.
"Ok." she said, slowly.

Oak led her into a side room. Though really, it wasn't a room, but a large courtyard with a glass roof. Grass, and even trees, were within it, some pokemon gathered around.
Also in the artificial forest habitat was Susan's mother.
"She made it." smiled Oak to her.

Susan's mother turned.
"She made it?" she gasped.
She ran forwards and embraced her daughter.
"Good luck." she said, her eyes getting teary. "Have you packed enough clothes and food and things?"
"Yes, mum." said Susan, hugging her back.

"I forgot to, on my journey. I had to hide naked underwater while I washed my clothes." said her mother.

"Louise, her pokemon?" interjected Oak.
"Of course." said Susan's mother, Louise.

She went to the corner, picking up a pure-red Cherish ball from it, and opening it in front of Susan.
Inside was a blue furred pokemon, a feline face, a long tail, bulbous at the end. It was floating.

Susan gasped.

"She's been waiting for you to graduate for about a year." said Oak. "This is my thanks for all the help you've given us, the very rarest pokemon I could get my hands on. An old trainer I know sent her to me for research, but…"
"Professor… thank you. Does she have a name?"
"No, that's your job."

"Hmm…" said Susan, staring at the famous, oddly coloured pokemon. "Oceania. Do you like it?"
"I love it! It's nice to meet you at last!"

Susan started at the feminine, playful voice in her head.

"H… hello?" she said.

"They already get on." smiled Louise.

* * *

"Hey! Mary! Got a pokemon yet?" asked Lily, just outside the town.
Susan groaned. Not her.
"I bet mine are better. Any one of them." boasted Lily.
"How many do you have?" asked Susan, thrown off balance.

"Fine then. One on one." said Susan, irritated.

Lily smiled.
"You first."
Susan smiled, opening her cherish ball.
At the sight of the strangely coloured legend that was Oceania, her cool expression failed.

"No way." she said.
"Yes way." said Susan.
"Fine." said Lily, choosing one of her pokeballs, and opening it.

Out of it came a Totodile, raring to go.
"End this quick." said Lily. "Bite."

Before either Susan or Oceania could respond, the Totodile had fastened it's teeth onto the Mew, unleashing powerful energies through them.

Oceania fainted.
"What?" said Susan, surprised.
"Experience matters more than species." said Lily smugly. "See you around."

"…damn her." muttered Susan.

* * *

I hope you like it.