Now. Time to see that life isn't as easy as she thinks.

Chapter Two-Viridian

Susan left the gates of the town behind her, heart soaring. She was free. Free at last!
Not that she'd exactly been trapped, but the point remained. She could do anything!

…apart, she concluded after about three attempts, win a battle. Oceania consistently lost against even wild pidgey. It was quite embarrassing.

She cursed in a most unlady like fashion, deciding to get out the pokedex and check her prized pokemon's level.

"Level 1. Known moves, Pound."

"…Oh." said Susan lamely. "Alright, Oceania, let's find a Rattatta or something."
"Myuuuu! What did I do?"

About five minutes later, they won their first battle. A rattatta isn't much to boast about, but it's better than nothing.

After ten more minutes, and judicious use of healing potions, Oceania had attained level three, and was judged ready to attack a greater target-a pidgey.

"Alright, use Pound!"
"Oh, that's a change!" giggled the Mew, as she loop-the-looped in the air, before slamming her tail into the pidgey.
The little bird pokemon squawked in anger, and flitted into the air, before dive bombing her. Another pound slammed into its head, and it spiralled dizzily into the ground, where a third strike finally knocked it out.

"Yeah!" cheered Susan. "I knew you could do it!"

She ran forward to hug the feline pokemon.

* * *

Dozens of Rattatas, several Pidgeys, and the occasional Hoothoot, Zigzagoon, Sentret and Bidoof later, she arrived at the entrance to Viridian City.
She stared, open mouthed. Sure, she'd been here before, but her mother had always had them fly there on her Tropius. Never through the great gateway…

It was an immense archway, golden white in colour, the top all but hidden in the clouds. It was said to be a monument to the dedication of trainers in their journey-having been raised by the Gym leader's-an Ex-champion and one of the stars of the famous cartoon Pokemon Master-very own pokemon.

"Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod." she said very quickly as she nervously entered the city, her head snapping back and forth as she looked wildly around. She wasn't cut out for this! She was Thirteen, with a pokemon way rarer than she had any right to, alone in the big city! She was… really, really hungry. Where was the pokemon centre in this place?

"It's that way." said Oceania brightly, pointing with her tail down one of the main paths.
Is she reading my thoughts? thought Susan. "Are you-"
"Yes." said Oceania, giggling outwardly.

Susan groaned. It was going to be a long journey…

* * *

"Hey, look, Lenny." whispered a man sitting in the corner of the pokemon centre. "Trainer at four a clock. She's hot too."
"Four a clock? Shouldn't we have gone home at three, Rye?" replied another man sleepily, from behind a newspaper that he was holding upside down.
"No, you idiot. Going up to reception to get pokemon checked out! One, two, three, FOUR o clock!" he hissed, pointing directly ahead, then moving slightly to the right on each number until he was aiming his partner's gaze straight at Susan as she handed over her pokeball.

"This is Oceania." said Susan helpfully as the nurse smiled, opening the pokeball.
"You have… a Mew? A shiny Mew?" she said quietly, in shock.

Somehow, the entire room heard her.

There was a brief silence. And then chaos.
"Little girl, I'll trade you a prime Rhydon for that little thing!"
"Rhydons are dull, a discerning girl like you wants another psychic! Tell me, how about an Alakazam!?"
"I'll give you a bike for her!"

The nurse winced. "Um. Sorry. You wanted a room as well, didn't you?"
Susan nodded, and the nurse opened a small door in the counter, pulling her through before the crowd got any worse. "Second room on the right is free. We'll get your pokemon to you right away. We'll send some food in a couple of minutes."
"Thank you." said Susan, blushing slightly at the efficiency and friendliness of the service, as she left to go to her room.

The grumbles and mumbles from the disappointed-though, to be honest, unsurprised-crowd covered up the delight by the two in the corner.

"…shiny. Mew." said the first, Rye.
"We have to get it. What would the boss say otherwise?" said Lenny.
"I know. I think I have a plan." said Rye, lost in thought.
"A plan, Rye? Great-Mew help us all."

* * *

"Hello, nurse." said a man, dressed in a large grey suit and a top hat, wearing dark sunglasses. "I have come to retrieve a rare pokemon I had my daughter leave her some while earlier."

The nurse stared at him, scrutinising his face. She then smiled, handing him a pokeball. "Good luck, I hope you and your Kabutops have a nice journey.

"Kabutops, you idiot, I SAID we should have marked him!" hissed Rye as they snuck into the room.
"A Mew is way better than some fossil! They even have communities of those old pokemon now, I heard it on the news!" hissed back Lennie, as they quickly crawled across the floor.

"Looking for something?" said the nurse, standing over her, tapping her foot and crossing her arms.

"It's the crossin' of the' arms!" said Lennie in horror. Rye stared at him.
"Lay off the discworld." he said, before turning his best innocent smile on the nurse. "Ohno, it's just we get quite bored of walking on all fours all the time." he said.
"Right." she said, not believing them. "The Mew?"
"Nope, just a nice friendly crawl." lied Rye.
"I can't take the interrogation anymore!" bawled Lennie. "We did it! We hid the saltshaker at breakfast!"

Everyone stared at him.
"Oh. Wrong confession." he said. "We're after the mew!"

Rye slapped his forehead in disbelief.
"Out." said the nurse.
"You can't make us-" started Rye, before the Nurse called over an irritated looking Charmeleon.

They scarpered.

* * *

Knock, knock.
Came the sound at the door.
"Come in," called Susan. The door opened, and a blue creature with very fine fur dashed in and bowled her over with a hug. The nurse smiled at the door.
"She's fine." said the nurse as the trainer and Mew giggled.
"No-one tried anything, did they?" asked Susan, a little paranoid.
"No. Well, except Lennie and Rye." she laughed.

"Oh, a couple of idiots who hang around the centre. Claim to be part of Team Rocket, but it can't be true. All the members with that level of incompetence were fired years ago. No. They don't even have pokemon. You and Oceania are perfectly safe.

* * *

"Sir, boss! Sir! We have news!" said an excited Rye, running into an office that officially didn't exist.
"That would be a miracle." hissed the man hiding in the darkness.
"A Mew. There's a girl with a blue furred Mew in the pokemon centre." said Lennie, the words spilling out.
"A Mew?" he asked, leaning forwards, eyes widening. "Are you sure? Absolutely sure?"
"Y…yes." stammered Lennie. "We saw the nurse take it!"
"There could be a promotion for you two if it is." he said, reaching for a phone. "You might even get pokemon. Now scram."
They left the room as he began speaking on the phone.
"Girl, pokemon centre. Has a shiny Mew, blue furred. Capture them. Now."

* * *