I always wondered what it would be like to be a superhero, saving the day from evil doers. I always wondered how the mutants felt, being different. I never thought I would become one of them. Ever. It just never popped in my mind, but ever since that day by Fermi Lab, my life has become completely different.

My name is Selina Sanford, and this is the story of how I came to be an X-men.

In fifth grade my family moved to a little in Chicagoland, Illinois know as Batavia. Batavia was a nice town, but there was a scientific facility within it. Fermi Lab. Fermi Lab worked on a lot of physics related issues. They have this circular tube called a particle accelerator. Protons are collided in it too. The place has a lot of dangerous stuff.

My parent warned me to stay away from certain area. They told me to only stay on the bike train and not go off of it or near the accelerator. So I rode my bike there a lot, always following their instruction. No problems. Perfectly safe.

Till I was sixteen, of course. Yup, you gotta rebel sometime. I was curios, what can I say?

So, I set my bike down on the hot summer day. The cicadas were buzzing and birds were chirping. I was thirsty. After I drank half of my water, I decided it was about time I found out why it was so dangerous.

I walked up to the accelerator. It was just a steel tube, so I climbed over it to see what was on the other side. I just saw tree and more prarie grass. I didn't think about radiation poisoning or cancer or even radio active waste that could cause mutation. I didn't consider any of that. I don't think I cared. What an idiot I was.

So with the breeze blowing my blonde hair and my blue eyes locked on the nice scenery beyond the tubes, I didn't watch where I stepped. And I fell. Guess what I fell into? This is gonna sound really cleché but it's true.

Yeah, I fell into a small but surprisingly deep puddle of radio active waste. Like, how did it get there, you may ask? Maybe the accelerator had a leek. I don't know. Maybe radiation effected the water. Not sure, but I didn't notice any glowing. It just looked like water reflecting the blue sky to me. I blacked out.

I didn't wake up until night fall. Surprise, surprise, I felt different, like something had changed. My mind what swimming to figure out what. I noticed something light blue, though.

Okay, so my hands were glowing. Don't all people's hands glow? I guess not. But mine were. And it freaked the heck out of me. My first thought was, I'm dreaming, right? I probably got a concussion or something. Then I closed my eyes and wished it would go away. I was hallucinating and I just needed to clear my head enough to get myself home. The glow was gone. I got on my bike and rode home. I faced my parent and gave them the best explanation I could.

I went to bed and slept, dreaming of the normal life of mine that would soon come to an end.