I woke up thinking that what happened last night was a dream. Odd enough, what I woke up to wasn't the sun. Above my bed there was a glowing ball of light like nothing I've ever seen. It was majorly weird. It just floated there, shining. It kind of scared me. I still though I was dreaming, so I went back to sleep and woke up to the actual sun.

So strange things kept happening. The whole day was weird. I couldn't listen to my radio because it was fuzzy. The light flickered a lot. My hand started to glow and my dad almost noticed it. I figured out that what happened to me was real. I was developing soon strange superpower. What ever was in that water had changed me, mutated me. It wasn't natural.

The next few days went by and I had to make up excuses why I couldn't go to the movies with my friends or why I didn't want to have a bon fire. It was just too much. These powers were driving me crazy.

So I gave up. I confessed to my parents. At first I had chickened out, but now I was going to try. It went something like this:

"Mom? Dad? I have something to confess. I wasn't completely honest about what happened the day I took my bike ride."

They just stared at me, waiting. My mom looked a bit worried, my dad's expression stayed the way it was.

"Um…," I stalled. I wasn't sure how to explain it to them, so I just blurted it all out. "I tried to climb over the accelerator and I kinda fell in some puddle of radio active waste, I think. And now weird things keep happening and I can kind of make my hand glow and stuff."

My dad breathed a sigh of relief, like he thought I had been raped or worse. My mom looked really worried now. So my mom went on about radiation causing cancer and that I should go see a doctor and also that I should listen and not disobey. My dad said he was going to surf the internet and find a solution to my problems.

The next day we got a call from some place called "Xavier's School for Mutants," which apparently had a summer school program. Then, a day later, we got a visit for Xavier himself. He was a bald guy in an electric wheel-chair and he wheeled himself into our kitchen, fallowed by a girl that looked about my age.

He shook hands with my parents and I just nodded. The other girl pulled up a chair and sat down. "I am Professor Xavier, head professor of the school, and this is Katherine Pryde." He gestured to the brunette girl next to him. She nodded.

"But you can call me Kitty."

"She has progressed greatly in the past year and a half, which is how long's she's been a student of mine. She can tell you just how great the school is and what the students learn."

So she did, and it sounded great. I agreed to go there for the rest of the summer and they explained how I could stay there for the next school year too if I'd like. It sounded awesome so I immediately packed up my stuff, said my goodbyes and got in the helicopter. Goodbye Batavia, Illinois. Hello Xavier's School for Mutants!

I felt like a freak already.