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Me: Don't hurt yourself Bunny. Deep breaths. Bella doesn't exist in this fic. I wouldn't have written it if it did. Anyway, so what will happen? Will something be stirred in Edward? Or will Amber be killed before anything can happen between them? and what do I mean by Killed? and who exactly is Amber Rosaria?

Chapter 1:

The new girl

Amber's pov

Okay so you know how everyone says 'bad things happen to good people'? Nothing could be more true about my life. I've never met my real dad, my mom died a few weeks ago. But who am I to complain? My mom's 2nd ex is letting me stay with him until I turn '20'. So I'm officially a transfer to Forks High School. I am soooo excited to be the new girl...again. In case you didn't get that, it was heavy sarcasm.

I walked out of the airplane terminal and saw Frank my mom's last husband that she divorced. I sighed. "Hey Frank."

"Hey kiddo! It's good to see you. The circumstances though could be better. I'm sorry to hear about Zelda." I always liked Frank. He was nice and really cared about me.

"You're the first to say that. Yah I agree the circumstances could be better. But it's good to see you Frank." I said setting down my bags and hugging him.

"Let's get these to the car. The rest of your stuff just arrived yesterday, so you can go ahead and get it set up in your room." he said having his driver put my bags in the trunk.

Did I mention that Frank was rich? Well he is. Now don't get me wrong I love the guy anyway, but him being rich is just a plus.

Anyway, as we drove down the road towards his huge house/cabin, I saw the High School. "Do I have to go to High School here? Can't I just be home schooled? I really don't want to be the new girl again." I sighed.

"Oh come on Alex. It'll be fun. So what I want you to do is go inside and change and then get your motorcycle and head off to school. You need to grab you schedule." he said as the car turned into the driveway. I got out and nodded.

"Well, at least I'll be able to show off my bike." I said to him as I went inside to change.

About ten minutes later I walked into the garage and took the cover off of my baby. "All hand built. By a gymnast no less." I giggled to myself as I hopped on the bike, put my lether jacket on, zipped it up and put my helmet on. "See ya Frank!" I yelled out as I sped off towards the High School, and my future.

Edward's POV

"Hey did you hear there's a new kid coming here? Frank's kid." The senseless chatter wouldn't cease, and if that wasn't bad enough, their thoughts were worse.

Emmett and Jasper walked up to me. "So I guess you heard about the new kid. Eh Ed?" Emmett said with a big grin on his face.

"Yeah. Heard about it is a good term." I said grinning back.

We were outside waiting for the bell to signal that school had started when we heard the sound of a motorcycle coming down the road from where Frank lived.

"This must be the new kid. And he's got one sweet ride!" Emmett boomed. We all turned our attention to the motorcycle coming straight for a group of kids. At the last second, the kid on the bike lifted the front tire, and turned the bike into a parking space, leaving tire tracks on the road. "That was cool!" Emmett yelled, speaking all of our thoughts out loud.

The kid got off of the bike. But before he could take off his helmet, Jessica came up to him. I grimaced at what she was thinking. 'Idiot.' I shook my head.

"Hey. You're new here right?" that was the stupidest thing she could ever ask him.

The new kid nodded his head.

"Mind if I show you around?" There was way more in that sentence. and I hoped the new guy got the hint.

He seemed to get what she really meant and shook his head. "Thanks but I think I'll be able to find my way around by myself." the voice was muffled, and even with vampiric hearing I couldn't tell if it really was a guy.

Jessica got this look on her face like she had just smelled something really awful. There was something in her thoughts that made me double take.

:this guy sounds like a girl:

Could the new kid really be a girl? I shook my head. Can't be. Carlisle said that from what he had heard around town, the new kid came from a big city. Girls in big cities didn't like things like motorcycles...right?

Jessica stalked off at being blown off. I noticed that now Alice was standing in front of the new kid.

"Hey. I'm Alice." she said holding out her hand.

"Alex." the kid said shaking her outstretched hand. He released Alice's hand and went to take off his helmet. Boy was everyone surprised when the kid did that.

The 'new guy' was in fact a 'new girl'. She had long amber colored hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. and what was weird about her face was that there were tattoos on either side by her eyes. Almost like a phoenixes wings.

"Well, guess that answers that question." Jasper said chuckling at Emmett's shocked expression.

Back to Amber's pov

Everyone was staring at me as I got off of my bike. I shook my head, rolled my eyes under my helmet and got off of my bike. I was about to take my helmet off when a girl came up to me. Not again. This always happens to me. What? do I really look and act like a boy? I turned to face her as she started talking.

"Hey. You're new here right?" That was a stupid question.

I nodded.

"Mind if I show you around?" There was way more in that sentence then she was saying and I didn't like where it was going.

I shook my head. "Thanks but I think I'll be able to find my way around by myself." My voice was muffled and I was thankful as she scoffed and stalked away from me. But what really annoyed me is what she was thinking as she stalked off.

:this guy sounds like a girl:

I rolled my eyes and noticed another girl in front of me. She looked kind of like a pixie and had short black spiky hair and a cheerful aura.

"Hey. I'm Alice." she said holding out her hand.

"Alex." I said using my favorite nickname. It was part of my middle name but I liked it anyway. I shook her outstretched hand.

I retracted my hand and took my helmet off. The gasps around me were really starting to tick me off.

"Hey Alex, I wanna introduce you to my 'family'." I didn't understand why she used the air quotes.

"Sure." I said putting my helmet away and taking off my jacket and putting it in the trunk of my bike. I grabbed my shoulder bag and followed her over to a group of kids.

"Alex. This is Emmett," The big guy smiled.


"Jasper," The blond boy that looked like he was in pain smiled a little.

"Good to meet you."

"Rosalie," The blond model of a girl smiled at me.


"and Edward." the last boy looked at me. He had bronze hair and topaz eyes.

"Welcome to Forks Alex."

The rest of them had kind of orangeish yellow eyes. Weird. I nodded to them all.

"You guys can call me Alex. But my full name is Amber Alexandria Rosaria. Either Amber or Alex will work." I smiled at what they were thinking.

;Dude any girl who can ride a motorcycle like that is okay in my book!; I'm gonna have fun getting to know Emmett.

\She seems calm enough around us.\ Jasper's thoughts confused me a little.

|She's almost as pretty as me| I smiled at Rosalie's thoughts.

~I hope we can get to know her better. I would love another shopping buddy!~ Alice was a riot and I'd only known her about five minutes.

I tried to listen for Edward's thoughts but, where he was standing, I was getting nothing. Hmmmm even weirder.

Just then the school bell rang.

"So what's your first period Alex?" Alice asked me as we walked the halls.

"Room 103 English with Bradford." I said looking at her.

"Your first period is with Emmett. He'll take you there." Emmett seemed all to eager to take me to my first period.

"See ya around." I said over my shoulder as Emmett steered me to my first period.

Edwards pov

Time skip to lunch.

"What do you mean you can't read her thoughts?" Alice asked confused as we walked to our table.

"I mean wherever she is standing, I don't get anything. It's frustrating me." I whispered as we sat down.

Emmett and Alex joined us a few minutes later. "Hey guys!" he boomed as he sat down.

"Do you guys know how bad Emmett is in English class?" Alex said as she sat down.

We all smiled.

"He threw a paper wad at the teacher. Then got detention for it." She said with a grin.

"And then Alex followed my lead with something else." they shared a look.

"I have a air horn in my backpack. Don't ask me why I just do."

"She snuck up behind the teacher while we were working on a homework assignment and pressed down on the button. Bradford jumped about twenty feet."

"But I was back in my chair by the time he could regain his sight from being scared so bad. So he couldn't pin it on me."

"And because of that I no longer have detention." Emmett said folding his arms behind his head.

"Why?" I asked a little weary.

"Because he hit his head on the chalkbord and forgot that he even gave me detention." he said high fiving Alex.

Alice, Jasper, Rosalie were all laughing with them. I just stared at Alex.

Who is she?