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Okay so in this chapter we meet Alex's sister Anatazia, but everyone calls her Anna.

Chapter 4:

The sister is not what she seems

Alex POV

I walked out of P.E. slightly annoyed. Wait scratch that. EXTREMELY annoyed. 'Why is it soo hard for him to take a hint! When I say I don't want to go to the football game with him I mean NO!' I huffed. Then I remembered Alice's vision and brightened. "That's right I wonder when she'll get here?" It had been a few weeks since Alice had had that particular vision of seeing my sister in Forks. Though I did not know who the boy in Alice's vision was. "I wonder if they'll mind that she's a-" I stopped as I saw Emmett and the others rounding the corner to meet up with me.

"Hey guys! Whats-" I was cut off.

"That she's a what Alex?" Uh oh. I looked at Alice who looked slightly guilty.

"I don't know what you're talking about?" I said not even convincing myself.

Jasper gave me a look. I sighed.

"Fine but we can't talk here. Come on, you can come over to my house, Frank is gone for the weekend." Once we got to my house I let them in and they followed me to the living room. "Okay what do you want to know?"

Edward spoke up. "Who is that girl in Alice's vision? And why was she with Jacob?" Okay so at least now I know the boys name.

"The girl was my year older sister Anatazia. And before I go on who is Jacob?"

It was Rosalie who spoke up. "He's a Werewolf, he lives in La Push."

That made more sense now. "Well I guess you'll just have to wait and find out what my sister is."

Silence reigned for a few moments then..

Edward sighed. "Fine but we will find out. She's not a mermaid?"

I shook my head. "Different father. So I'm guessing you and the wolves don't get along all that well?"

They all exchanged looks. Alice spoke up. "We all have a natural aversion to each other. It's more like we can't stand their smell than anything else. And the same goes for them." I nodded.

"Alright. Well that makes more sense out of the vision at least." I turned back to Alice. "Do you know when she'll be here?"

"Tonight, maybe early tomorrow." she replied.

"Thanks Alice." I smiled at my new sister.

"So what is your sister like?" Emmett asked.

"Well how do I put this. Okay she's always been like one of the guys. She'd rather be out hiking then at the mall shopping. And she'd rather be hunting then doing anything else."

"What do you mean by hunting?" Jasper asked curious.

"Well she's, man this is hard to explain. She was created by a council of elders in the underground to be kind of like the perfect fighting machine. It's hard to explain unless you've seen her in action." They nodded content with the explanation.

In La Push Anatazia's POV

"Oh come on Paul! Is that the best you got?" I laughed at his expression. It was so easy to get him mad. Then I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Anna! Long time no see!" I turned facing my other childhood friend.

"Hey Jake!" I said running over to hug him. "You grew." He chuckled.

"Well it kind of comes with the territory of being a Werewolf."

'And being the rightful Alpha but I can't say that out loud.' "Ya your right. So how have you guys been?"

We sat talking for a while. I learned several things that made me think. Jared had imprinted on Kim, Quil had imprinted on little Claire -which I thought was cute since he acted like the older protective brother for her. Sam had imprinted on Emily causing a rift between the pack and Leah-who I learned was the second girl to become a Werewolf- and Paul had imprinted on Jake's older sister Rachael. Also that the Cullens were Vampires which had caused them all to start phasing in the first place.

"So what's been up with you Anna?" I sighed at the question.

"My mother died about a month ago. My sister moved here to be with Frank. She goes to Forks High School, but I'll be going to High school on the rez." I smiled as they all cheered at that little bit of information.

"I'm sorry about your mom Anna." Sam said interrupting the celebration of me going back to school on the rez.

I shrugged. "Well ya'll know my history so you know she wasn't really my mom but she was like a mother to me. Thanks Sam."

"Speaking of your sister, I think I saw her with the Cullens the other day." Embry spoke up.

I nodded. "Ya I knew Carlisle a while ago, he's a nice guy. Once you get past the smell." I said making them laugh. "Well I'm gonna go see if I can find my little sis. I'll see you guys later!" I walked for all of about five minutes when I heard someone running behind me.

"Anna! Wait up!" I stopped and smiled as I saw Jake running up to me. "I'll come with you. I need to make my patrol tonight anyway." I smiled looking into his soft brown eyes.

Suddenly I felt a tug towards him. 'Oh wow. Did he just?'

I could tell he was thinking the same thing so we continued walking while I contemplated the fact that my best friend had just imprinted on me.

We soon came upon a house in the woods and I heard voices coming from inside. "Is this the Cullens house?" He nodded. I smiled and ran up to the front door. Not bothering to knock I walked right in, and spotting Carlisle ran over and hugged him. "Hey Doc! Long time no see!" I pulled away as I heard Jake walk in and smiled at the confused good doctor. "Carlisle. It's me Anna. I didn't think I changed that much."

He seemed to remember something and looked at me. "It's nice to see you again Anna. And yes you have changed since last I saw you." he said smiling.

I looked around and spotted another familiar face. "ALICE!" I ran over and hugged my old friend. "How's life?" she laughed at the inside joke.

It seemed like I was being stared at and looked over at Jake. "Jacob Black! Why didn't you tell me Alice was here?" I said fake glaring at him.

He shrugged, holding back a laugh. "You never asked?"

I laughed at his expression. I turned back to Alice. "When did you become a Cullen? Last time I saw you was in the Mental Ward. Though if you ask me those guards were more mental than a lot of the 'patients' there."

After they all explained their stories I checked my watch. "Yikes! I better hurry, I want to surprise my little sister." I looked at Alice. "Unless she already knows I'm here?"

"She doesn't know the exact time of your arrival though Anna." I smiled at the pixie and waved. "It was nice meeting ya'll. Bye Doc!" I grabbed Jake and ran towards Franks house.

Back with the Cullens Normal POV...

"Is it just me or is that girl strange?" Edward asked looking at his family.

Carlisle looked at Edward. "She is a little strange but she is a member of the underground council after all." they all looked at him. "Well Alex said earlier she was created by them, she is also the last member of that council. So it's granted that she'll be a little stranger than normal. Though she can't remember much of her past."

Alice smiled. "And Jake seems to have imprinted on his old friend as well." she laughed dancing out of the room leaving her family confused.

Emmett laughed. "This should be interesting."

With Anna and Jake in Anna's POV

Running through the forest made me remember my childhood with Jake, I smiled and started running faster. "Come on Jake! I want to see my sister!" I laughed as he caught up with me.

We came to a halt in front of Franks house. I smiled and nodded to Jake. We walked up to the front door and I knocked.

A few moments later we heard footsteps. "I'm coming!" I heard Alex's voice come from inside. "What?" she said opening the door, but upon seeing me she halted and smiled. "ANNA!"

"Hey Alex how ya been?" I said as she hugged me with her death grip. "Alex...need...air..." she let go and I laughed.

Her gaze went from me to Jake and back again. She looked at me with the 'who-is-the-hot-guy-standing-next-to-you-and-is-he-dating-you?' look. I nodded. "Alex this is Jacob Black one of my old friends from the rez. Jake this is my 'sister'" I used air quotes. "Alex Rosaria."

After we caught up I looked at my watch again. "Man, we spent a lot of time catching up with Carlisle and Alice. I'll see ya tomorrow Alex. I've got to get my stuff together to go to school on Monday."

"Where are you going to school?" she asked. I smiled.

"Quilleute High. It's on the rez. I can't go to Forks High School Alex, I have to stay with the Pack." she nodded and hugged me.

"It was nice seeing you again. Come back on Monday Frank will be here." I nodded. "It was nice meeting you Jacob!" she called to him.

"Same here, and my friends call me Jake." he said over his shoulder and smiled. With that we started to head back in the now fading daylight.

"So Jake do you mind if I come patrolling with you? I haven't really stretched my legs in a while." He grinned and nodded.

"Sure. Come on I'll show you the patrol route." he left me standing while he went into the trees to phase. When he came back out, I was now staring at a 6 foot tall wolf with russet colored fur, and Jake's brown eyes. I smiled.

"It really does suit you Jake. But unlike you, I learned how to phase with my clothes on." I said phasing into my Blood Wolf form. My black fur wasn't as long as my hair and I had a earring in one ear that symbolized the fact that I was once the Alpha of my old pack. A streak of red fur cut my face in half in a jagged line from my forehead to my nose. I also had red fur streaked here and there on my back and legs as well. Shaking off the feeling of the phase I looked over at Jake who looked restless. I rolled my eyes at him. Alright lets go then. If your so eager to go lets go.

He smiled. Alright just keep up and don't get lost.

I barked a laugh. I think it's you who needs to keep up with me. With that we started to patrol the borders of La Push.

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