Smoldering ruins surrounded the Japanese people. The putrid scent of smoke lingered in the air. Some buildings around them continued to burn, but no one bothered to put out the flames. At this point, it wouldn't really matter.

Amongst the ruins were many people, one such being the Yagami family. Sachiko Yagami clutched her crying daughter, Sayu Yagami, to her chest, resisting the urge to weep herself. Soichiro Yagami sat on a nearby bench, his eyes shut tight, looking as if he wasn't choosing to acknowledge what had happened. The slight trembling in his body was the only sign that he knew what had happened. Light Yagami, the eldest child of the Yagami clan, stood next to his father. Tears streamed down from his eyes.

"Those damn Britannians..." Light Yagami muttered, his fists shaking with anger.

'Those monsters! How could they have done this?'

The Japanese Army hadn't stood a chance against Britannian Knightmare Frames. Those vile Britannias ...they always fought dirty! If they hadn't used Knightmares, it would have been a fair fight. Japan may have even won. As it had been, the Japanese were massacred!

This wasn't right, Light thought. Something like this shouldn't have happened. Those damn demons had no right to do this to Japan! They had no right to do this to any country! They would all pay for what they'd done!

"Mother, Father, Sayu...I swear to you all, I will annihilate Britannia!" Light declared, righteous fury shining in his eyes.

2017 a.t.b. (Seven Years Later),

Inside a lavish and elegant room, a middle-aged Britannian nobleman sat on a comfortable looking chair, calmly filing his nails. An empty chair sat opposite to him, and a table with a chessboard upon it stood between the nobleman and the chair. Four guards, each armed, were placed around him, watching the entrance to the room like a hawk. The nobleman took no notice of what his bodyguards were doing continuing to file his nails.

The door at the opening of the room opened abruptly, a young man with Asian features stepped inside. The protectors tensed for a moment, but soon relaxed. Apparently, they were expecting the young man. The nobleman looked up from his fingers and grinned once he saw his guest.

"Ah, Light Yagami. About time you arrived. I was hoping I wouldn't have to wait much longer. Please, have a seat." The older man said, gesturing toward the vacant, plush chair. The man in question nodded briskly and sat down.

"I must say, even if you are an Eleven, it is an honor to see you here today. You're quite the talk of my friends. Apparently, you're a chess playing genius, and have yet to be beaten. I also understand you've nearly robbed some of my friends blind, those fools gambling away large sums of money when they fought you. Bravo, I must say. It isn't everyday that a simple Eleven accomplishes such an amazing feat." The older man went on. Light showed little response to the man's recount of his deeds, but a thin smile graced his face. The young Japanese man opened his mouth to say,

"Thank you, Mister Khell. You honor me by speaking so highly of myself. But, if you do not mind, may we skip the pleasantries? We both know why I'm really here." Yagami daringly said, his thin smirk still upon his face. Khell gave a smirk of his own and laughed.

"Cutting to the chase, I love that kind of quality. Very well, if you so wish. I seek to prove my friends wrong, that you can be beaten. Thus, I have called you here today for a game of chess. Shall we play?" Khell asked, waving to the already set up board. Light nodded.

"Of course. However, I will not engage in a match with you unless I am paid. You understand, of course. I have a family to support after all." Light said.

"Yes, yes, you will get paid. Should you win, certainly, you will get your money. The regular amount will suffice, I presume?" Khell asked. Light gave another nod.

"Good. The board is already set up. Now, let's begin." Khell gave the first move, and waited for Light to make his. Inwardly, Khell was laughing his head off. This Eleven would easily fall to him; Khell was a master at chess! No one had defeated him yet, and surely no monkey could ever overcome a nobleman of his caliber. It was entirely unthinkable. Besides, this would be an easy victory, Khell could tell.

The game progressed, and eventually the younger man moved his King, to Khell's surprise. Now, just what was that Eleven doing, making a move that risky? It seemed this would be an easier triumph after all, Khell thought.

"Quite the reckless move, Yagami. Just what are you trying to achieve?" Khell sneered. Light's thin smile from before bloomed into a full-faced grin after hearing his question.

"Why, Mister Khell, if the King wishes to win the war, he needs to lead his soldiers into battle." Yagami answered, his grin still attached to his face. Khell started to feel a sense of foreboding, but quickly brushed it off.

"We shall see, Yagami. The battle is not yet over, and I have the advantage."

"For now," Light simply said. The feeling of dread returned to Khell…

"Thank you for the match, Mister Khell. I enjoyed it very much." Light said, closing the door behind the distraught and shocked nobleman. Light walked down the hallway, stowing away the envelope of money he had just obtained. A quiet chuckle escaped his lips.

All had gone as he had planned. Light had been victorious against Mr. Khell, and thus he gained the cash he needed for his family. These days, gaining money for them was all that mattered to Light. Getting good grades had become secondary, though he usually made good grades without even trying. The young Japanese reached an elevator and stepped inside, pressing the button for the main floor.

Most of those nobles were usually arrogant little brats, he reflected, as the elevator went down. Light took pride in every one he defeated, and he counted each chess match won against those infuriating nobles as a battle won against the Britannian Empire. It did little to actually free Japan and the rest of the world from its tyrannical control, but it had to do (for now).

The elevator doors opened in front of Light, breaking him from his thoughts. He stepped out and strode through the main lobby of the hotel.

As Light walked outside, he heard the mutterings of others. Light Yagami looked up at a giant screen on top of a nearby building to see the image of a Britannian skyscraper, smoke pouring out near the top of it. Another terrorist attack no doubt, he thought. The soon image vanished and was replaced with the Britannian Flag. An announcer's voice came from the screen then, saying,

"We apologize for the delay. Princess Guinevere and Prince Clovis, Viceroy and Sub-Viceroy of Area Eleven, will now address the nation."

Light narrowed his eyes. Great, another message from the pompous heirs of Britannia. How he hated these monsters that ruled his Homeland with an iron fist. The royal family of Britannia should die for the crimes it committed against the Japanese, the Emperor himself being publicly executed and his body paraded around the streets!

But this could never happen. Not yet, at any rate. For now, he'd just have to deal with it. However, it still took all of Light's willpower not to spew curses at the screen.

Then the flag disappeared, bringing the young idealist back to reality. The faces of Clovis and Guinevere replaced the former image upon the screen. They spoke, with Clovis beginning.

"To all my loyal Imperial subjects, including the many cooperative Elevens who choose to serve the Empire of Britannia,"

"We're Japanese, not Elevens!" Light thought, rage coursing through him. It was degrading, being called a number. As if being stripped of their rights and nation weren't enough, they couldn't even be called by their rightful names!

Clovis subsequently continued, "Do you not see my pain? My heart was ripped from my chest only to be torn apart, the remnants filled with rage and sorrow! However, as co-ruler of Area Eleven, I will not tolerate terrorism of any kind! The battle we fight is a righteous one, a virtuous battle, to protect the well being of one and all."

The camera turned to Guinevere, who spoke as well. Her speech was short and to the point.

"As my brother said, we shall not tolerate terrorism of any kind in Area Eleven! If any of the terrorists are listening, I have a warning for you; surrender yourselves to Britannia, or die. Now, please join us in a moment of silence for the departed."

Guinevere bowed her head, Clovis following her actions.

"A moment of silence please."

Light snorted and continued his way towards his parked motorcycle. He put the key in the ignition and drove off.

As he traveled along a highway, a large transportation truck honked its horn behind Light. Before he could swerve to get out of the way, the truck went down a nearby ramp, crashing into a building. He stopped his motorcycle and peered down below to see if the driver was all right.

Around Yagami, a crowd was forming, making comments about what had happened. When Light saw no one make a move to help them, the Japanese rolled his eyes.

"Moronic Britannians. Unless it directly benefits them, they never take any action."

Light then leapt over the rail that separated him and the truck below, gently landing on the ground. It was partly his fault this accident had occurred (and he did not want to get thrown in jail), so it'd be best to go check and see if the occupants were unharmed.

Light ran over to the driver's door, but stopped short when he saw it was blocked by a piece of metal. He started to go over to the passenger's side, but saw a railing on the side of the truck. Thinking that he might have a better chance there, Light climbed it to the top of it.

"Hello over there! Are you all right?" Light shouted, hoping to get an answer. With any luck, the driver hadn't been killed in the crash. That wouldn't end up well for him, if the driver did turn out to be dead. Light opened his mouth to shout again, a voice interrupted him.

"My, this is interesting. It seems I have found another—"

The voice was cut off, and did not continue. Light looked around, perplexed. Where had that come from? Had it come from the driver of this truck, or one of its passengers? Perhaps, but the voice had sounded like it had spoken directly into his mind…

Suddenly the truck came back to life and back up, causing Light to be flung into the open storage container attached to the vehicle.

"Stop, I'm in here!" Light cried as the truck sped away from the building it crashed into. No reply came from the driver.

Well, wasn't this just great!? How exactly was he going to get the driver's attention, when he couldn't be heard? Light gave a heated snarl. Who knew how long he'd be stuck in this truck until the driver finally stopped?!

"You would think they would stick a ladder inside," Yagami muttered. The Japanese youth began to try and think of a way to get the driver's attention. His eyes drifted and stopped on the odd looking object the truck was transporting. Just what, exactly, was that that?

"Stop the vehicle! Surrender now and you'll get to defend yourselves in court! Stop now!" came a voice outside of the truck. Light froze in his tracks after hearing it. A horrified realization came to him. He must be in a terrorist vehicle!

A burst of machine-gun fire then came out of what he presumed to be an aircraft of some kind, nearly missing the truck. The voice came again, demanding that the vehicle stop or be destroyed.

Light gave a grimace, seeing that his current options weren't good at all. He could risk jumping out of the car, but he could end up killing himself. Perhaps he could wait until the vehicle was (hopefully) stopped, and try to explain things to—no, that would never work. The Brits would kill him even if he weren't a terrorist.

The door to the front of the truck abruptly opened, and Light hastily hid himself behind the strange device near him. A young woman with red like hair walked by, asking something to the person driving. Light didn't get a good look at her, but she did look oddly familiar. Perhaps…no, whoever she was, that didn't matter right now. What did was finding a way to escape this unfortunate incident alive.

The youthful woman climbed into an old model of a knightmare, a red Glasgow if Light wasn't mistaken. The back door opened, and just as Britannian helicopters were about to fire upon the truck, the Knightmare's Slash Harkens destroyed two of the copters. It jumped out and the back door closed behind it.

That was intriguing, Light reflected. How had they gotten a hold of an actual Frame?

At that moment the car made a sharp turn to the left, causing Light to hit the wall. Rubbing his bruised shoulder, Light muttered a curse in Japanese. This was no time for distracting questions like that; he could think about those things later, once he escaped alive.

Remembering he still had his cell phone on him, Light checked to see if it would work. To his disappointment, there was no reception. Damn. Just when he needed it…

Yagami gave a sigh and sat down. With nothing else to do, he may as well wait for the truck to stop. Perhaps, with a bit of luck, he could escape whenever the car reached its destination.

That came sooner than expected, as the truck gave a jolt (as if it had hit something), and came to a halt. Light jumped to his feet straight away, hoping the end of this ill-fated ordeal was near.

All of a sudden, the side door of the truck began to open. Light felt a brief surge of panic (Did the driver know he was in here? Was someone waiting outside to kill him?), but he composed himself swiftly and went to hide behind the strange device. It was at that moment he noticed a Britannian soldier jumping toward, aiming a roundhouse kick at his face. Light managed to bring up his arms in defense, but the blow still struck and knocked him off his feet.

"Wait, I'm not one—!" Light struggled to say, but was cut off as the Britannian soldier grabbed his neck.

"That's enough mindless murder! I will not let you use that poison gas to kill more innocent civilians!" the soldier snarled at him. Light's eyes narrowed at his captor. Just what was he talking about, poison gas? Was that what was in the strange container?

Ignoring that line of thought for the moment, Light came back to his senses and managed to kick the soldier off of him. He looked for a weapon of some kind, but found none. The soldier started to came at him again, causing Light to desperately shout,

"Wait, I'm not a terrorist! I wasn't brought here by my choice!"

Obviously, Yagami did not expect this to work at all. He doubted the soldier would ever believe him, and he had only said it in a frantic (if futile) attempt to save his life. In fact, Light had been expecting a rather brutal and painful death at the hand of this Britannian soldier.

So it was to his surprise, of course, that the soldier did not tackle him again or worse, murder him. Instead, the man came to a stop.

"What did you mean by you weren't here by choice?" the soldier asked, after silently staring at Light for a few seconds. Light gave a quiet sigh of relief. A Britannian not grabbing his gun was a good thing; he may just be able to convince the soldier that he wasn't a radical.

"I was checking to see if the driver was fine after this vehicle crashed earlier, when I accidentally fell into the open storage container as the truck started to drive away. Since then, I've been stuck along for the ride." Light explained, watching the soldier's reaction. It would be a miracle if the soldier believed him. In fact, he was surprised that he hadn't already been executed. Didn't most Britannians shoot and ask questions later?

Unexpectedly, the device that held the poison gas started to light up. Before Yagami could react, the Britannian soldier proceeded to tackle him to the ground. It then started to open up. It revealed not poison gas, but a tied and bound woman with flowing green hair.

"What the hell? What was a woman doing in that container that supposedly held poison gas?"

The green-haired woman opened her eyes and looked Light for a second, before she closed her eyes and fell to the cold floor. After the soldier got off him, Light walked to the mystifying woman and started to unbind her. Light thought of asking the other man just what exactly was going on, but thought better of it. Best not to press his luck.

To Light's surprise, the soldier came over and knelt beside him, and started to help release the unknown girl.

"I had no idea a woman was in there. They only told us it held only poison gas." He commented, untying the woman's arms.

However, before they could complete their task, a bright light was shone upon them. Light glanced behind him to locate its source, to see an entire squadron of Britannian troops (and what he presumed to be their leader) surrounding them.

The presumed leader stepped forward, and aimed a pistol at Light's forehead.

"You stinking monkey! You've got a lot of guts, committing these acts of terror against our Empire. You should have known you couldn't get away with stealing from Princess Guinevere."

The Britannian prepared to fire, but the soldier previously helping Yagami came over and stood between him and the man's intended target.

"Sir, I was told this was poison gas! What's this woman doing here? Besides, this man told me he wasn't here on purpose. He just tagged along by accident. There's no reason to kill him!"

The brave soldier's superior looked outraged at his subordinate's questioning of his orders. Giving a shout of rage, the older man threw off the soldier's helmet and struck him on the cheek, causing said soldier to fall. Upon inspecting his face, Light saw his savior (if one could call the foolish soldier that) was actually Japanese.

So, he wasn't a Britannian. That explained much.

Still, Yagami needed to find a way to get out of this dangerous situation, and quickly. The cogs in his mind were working overtime, searching on how he was to escape.

He could—no; he'd be shot down if he ran. Try to reason with the leader? He'd still be slain. Try to eradicate them himself? An even more idiotic choice, as Light didn't even have a weapon; there was no way he could harm them in any way. How was he to get out of this alive then? Or was his fate already sealed?

"However," the man started, snapping Light out of his judgments, "In light of your outstanding military achievements I'm going to be lenient. Private Suzaku Kururugi, you can execute the terrorist."

Light's eyes widened a fraction, as his brain again searched for some way to survive. No, there wasn't any way! No option he thought of could be done without risking serious injury, or even death.

Damn, this was bad. Was…was he was going to die. No, he couldn't! Light had his family to support; he still had so much to live for! His life couldn't be wasted in such a way like this…

"But he's not a terrorist! The boy just got caught up in these events!" Suzaku interjected, rising up. Light stared at the Japanese soldier, shocked expression obvious.

This man, 'Suzaku', was actually sticking up for him? Light didn't know if he should be thankful or not. Then again, did it matter? The leader would have him dead whether Suzaku did it or not.

"You insubordinate little whelp! That's an order! Didn't you swear your loyalty to Britannia?"

"Yes, but—but I can't. I can't kill him in cold-blood…it isn't right! Please, just let him live." Suzaku pleaded with his superior.

"What?" the leader asked, fury spreading on the skin of his face.

"I cannot follow your orders, sir. I cannot kill a civilian." Suzaku clarified, turning to Light. He gave a futile (in his opinion) smile at Yagami.

"Very well." the leader said. A second later, he shot at Suzaku's side. Suzaku's eyes widened, and he promptly fell to the ground, presumably dead. The cruel man smirked, aiming his gun at Light once more.

"Bad day to become a terrorist, Eleven. Seize the girl! Once you've secured her, kill the Eleven," the leader ordered of his subordinates.

"Yes, my lord!"

Before they could do anything, the truck near them exploded, sending smoke and wreckage everywhere. Light took this as his chance of escape. He grabbed the green-haired woman, hoisted her onto his shoulders, and ran as fast as his body could take him from the Britannians.

After running for some time, Yagami found himself alone with the woman, far away from his foes. Now that he was a good distance away from those soldiers Light put the woman on the ground. He finished untying her so she had full use of her limbs and could speak.

"Why does Britannia want you?" Light inquired, his mind going through several explanations. She could be involved with the military, perhaps even a scientist? That could explain why Guinevere and Clovis would want her back if she escaped. She could also be a mistress of Clovis.

However, as plausible as those theories were, none of that explained why she had been in that machine, bound like that.

The woman stood up. Instead of responding, she suddenly grabbed his hand. Everything was suddenly replaced by a bright, white light as the room around him faded away.

What the…?

"You don't want it to end here, do you?" an unknown voice (the girl from earlier, he guessed), asked. Scenes of all kinds started flashing before his eyes, each different and more bizarre than the next.

What in the world…?

"If I grant you power, could you go on? I propose a deal. In exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract and you accept the conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other. You will live in a different providence, a different time, and a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?" the woman asked.

What the hell was this lady going on about!? 'Contract'? What contract? And where was she? Just what in the name of Kami was this?!

"The power I am offering you will be unlike any other you've experienced. With the Power of the Kings, your one true wish can be granted with its help. However, it is not a deal to go into lightly," the voice continued on, "Are you prepared? Can you handle the power of Geass? I warn you, this power is not for one who is weak…"

Her last sentence snapped Light out of his confusion. Whatever this was, wherever this place was, this mysterious woman was offering him some kind of power. A power, if she was to be believed, he could use to obliterate the nation of Britannia with. If what she spoke of was true, then…

"I accept this contract!" Light replied without a moment's hesitation.

An amused laughter came from the girl. "So be it, then…"

Light felt a rush of…well, something fill him, and the world around him changed yet again. The room he was back in slowly came back into focus, and Light was staring the abnormal woman in the eye.

"Just what are you?" Light asked, wondering if the ordeal had even happened. He didn't feel anything at all. Was it possible it didn't…? No, wait, his left eye…there was something different about his left eye. He could feel it, yet he didn't know what it was.

As Light wished it to stop, it did. Trying to see if he could control this, he attempted to feel it again. Amazingly, he did. So he had changed. But what power had this girl given him?

"I am…a witch. If you must call me something, then please refer to my as C.C., Light Yagami." C.C. said, her face carrying a neutral expression. She didn't bother to explain how she knew his name.

"The power I have given you," she went on, "Is one called 'Geass'. It is a power of the Kings, and it can grant you whatever you wish. However, this force does not come without its own costs. We can discuss that later, though. For now, we must escape the Britannians before we're captured."

Light opened his mouth, many more questions of his mind, but closed it. She was right, now wasn't the time for questions. They needed to escape soon if they wanted to live. Getting this 'Geass' wouldn't mean anything if he were to die today.

A little time later, Light and C.C. were at the exit of a tunnel. Light motioned for the mystifying woman to be quiet, and looked around, making sure his head wasn't seen.

A rapid shot of gunfire came close by, and Light hid his head further. He peered again to see the bloody body of a middle-aged Japanese man, a look of pure terror forever frozen on his features.

Yagami clenched his fist in rage. "Those damn murderers! Killing in cold-blood like this…they can't even defend themselves!" he thought, righteous anger rising up in him. His rational mind told Light to go back down into the tunnel, and find a more safe and secure escape route out of the Shinjuku Ghetto. However, his more zealous and hotheaded side rejected what his rational mind recommended.

No! No more hiding, no more sneaking around the Britannians, no more living in fear! He would become alive once again, and make sure those who committed heinous crimes such as this would be punished! Britannia would no longer escape the judgment it so deserved!

This world, the way things were, they needed to change, no matter what. No matter the cost, he would see to it that Britannia fell. He would do it…with his new power, Geass.

His mind made up, Light stood up boldly, attracting the attention of the Britannian soldiers. They all aimed their guns at him straight away. Light took note of the fact they were the ones from before.

The leader stepped forward, giving a low chuckle.

"Foolish Eleven, giving up so easily? Simply pathetic. Tell you what; I'm in a generous mood. Tell me where you've hidden the girl, and I'll make sure your death is painless." The Britannian said, lifting a revolver at Light, aiming at his chest.

Light laughed maniacally in response. This unnerved the Britannians, but they did their best not to show it.

"Gone mad, have you? Then I guess I'll kill you now." the soldier said, his finger on the trigger.

"Tell me Britannian, do you really think you can defeat me?" Light asked, his hand over his left eye. He dropped it, revealing he had activated his Geass.

"W-what's happening here?" the soldier asked, his gun hand trembling greatly.

His Geass triggered, Light felt a rush of euphoria go through him. This unique and strange power made him felt like he could do anything…he could order anyone to do whatever he wished, and they'd do it…he felt, he felt like…

In that one moment, Light Yagami felt like he was a supreme and almighty God.

Basking in the glow his power, Yagami gave a malevolent smirk at the soldiers, making eye contact with them all.

"I, Light Yagami, command you all to die! Put those bullets into your head!" Light bellowed, bending their will to his with the Geass. After a moment, the leader chuckled darkly.

"Of course, my lord! Fire!" the Britannian cried. All at once, the squad of Britannian soldiers shot at their necks. Each fell to the ground, blood flowing from their bodies.

C.C. stood up and walked over to Light. She said nothing of the soldiers, just briefly looking over the corpses of the Britannians.

Light only smirked in response. This power…he could only imagine what he could do with it! With this Geass, he could finally annihilate Britannia and free Japan. The dreams of his people could finally be realized!

"The Geass I have given you is called the Geass of Absolute Death. Just so you know the limitations you have," C.C. remarked. Her new partner gave a nod of the head to her statement.

Suddenly, with no warning, a Knightmare Frame burst through the ruins of the building. After a moment, the pilot's voice boomed from the machine. "What's happened here, Eleven? Did you kill all these soldiers?"

Damn, a Knightmare…could his power work on it? No, it was only a machine; it wouldn't make sense for his power to affect something like that. Then how could he get the pilot out?

Before Light could consider anything else, he felt something pressed to his back. He turned his head to see C.C. with a gun jabbed into his spine.

"The Eleven somehow killed all the royal guards. I was about to stop him when you arrived. Can you assist me in his arrest? I am Special Agent J-47, hired by Prince Clovis and Princess Guinevere themselves. You can see my identification if you need proof," C.C. spoke, betraying no emotion at all.

Light's eyes expanded in shock. What…what was she doing? Wasn't she suppose to—

Wait, he knew what she was doing. A smirk came to Light's face. C.C. was trying to get the Knightmare pilot to get out so he could use his Geass on him. A good plan, she had. It could have been better, but under the circumstances, Light wasn't going to complain.

After a moment of silence, the cockpit of the Knightmare opened up, and the pilot—a light-skinned Britannian man—got out.

"I see. Good work, agent. Now, show me your ID." the pilot said, his gun pointed at the Eleven's chest. As he walked forward, Light turned on his Geass and spoke a simple word.


The pilot froze, clutched his chest in pain, and dropped to the ground within a few seconds. Light gave a chuckle, fairly pleased at the results. Heart attacks…an interesting and painful method of death, he thought. Perhaps he should use that more often…

Yagami bent to pick up the dropped key and went inside the Frame, shortly followed by C.C. After finding the code number, he took off with the machine. Light traveled a short distance before hiding himself behind a ruined building.

"Most likely they're going to keep the massacre a secret until it is finished, and when it is they're going to spin it in favor of the military. However, since they need to keep a lid on this information it'll be hard to call for reinforcements. They'll have to make due with the pieces they have on the board." Light muttered, quickly piecing together what he believed the situation would be.

"Are you going to fight your way out? If so, I would think it would be difficult with me in here." C.C. interjected. Light glared at her for her interruption, but he knew that was true. It was a tight squeeze with two people in here, and he wouldn't be able to fight well if he was forced to. Not to mention that the youth didn't have any previous experience fighting in or even piloting a Knightmare.

Light adjusted his Frame so he could see what was going on in the area, but was still hidden behind the ruins. He saw the familiar red Glasgow model destroying another Britannian helicopter with its Slash Harkens. Two Sutherlands were behind it, getting ready to attack. The red Glasgow retreated just as one of the Sutherlands opened fire.

"That's right, there's a terrorist cell here. I might be able to use them to my advantage. And in an answer to your question C.C., I don't intend to fight that much, if I can help it. However, I can drop you off if you wish." Light suggested, not caring at the moment what she did. She did not respond, which Light took as a 'no'.

He checked the map to see the situation. There were too many forces to fight alone, so Light had to get help from the cell. It was then that something caught his eye on the map.

"Excellent." Light spoke, a triumphant look in his eyes. He got out a radio that had conveniently been left in the cockpit, and messed around with it until he managed to get the frequency for the red Glasgow. At the same time, he started to move his knightmare into the wrecked remains of a building near a train track.

"You, in the Glasgow! Use the tracks to move to the west entrance!" Light shouted. He heard a gasp of surprise before the pilot responded.

"Who's this? How do you know this code?" the frantic reply came.

"That sounds oddly familiar, but I can't figure out do I know this girl?" Light wondered. However, that didn't matter for the moment. He swiftly continued,

"That doesn't matter. If you want to win you're just going to have to trust me."

Yagami hoped that the words 'to win' would get her on his side. They were simple words to everyone else, but in this situation they had greater meaning. If he showed his confidence that he would be able to get the terrorists out of this troubling predicament, then Light could sway the rebels toward him.

"To.... to win?" the pilot whispered. Light grinned. Perfect all (he normally hated using this cliché, but) according to plan.

Light situated himself in the dilapidated ruins of a close by structure, settling on using that as his temporary commanding station. As he waited, the Japanese youth continued on to contacted others in the terrorist cell, giving them instructions as well.

"What am I supposed to do now?" the female pilot of the Glasgow demanded, now on the train tracks. Light checked the map again. The train would arrive soon, if the schedule were kept.

"Since you've trusted me this far, you're going to win. Jump onto the train!" Light ordered. He saw the Glasgow do so. One of the Sutherlands trailing her stopped the train, while the other one leapt on the vehicle to follow her. Light chose that moment to fire his Slash Harkens, taking off the head of the Knightmare frame. Before the other one could act, Light fired his rifle at it, destroying a leg and an arm.

The red Glasgow moved in, finishing off the Knightmare with its main weapons before it could eject an escape pod.

"You saved me...but how did you get a Sutherland?" the pilot said, amazement visible in her voice. Light didn't give a reply. Seconds later he saw the rest of the cell running up to the Glasgow.

"Are you the leader of the group?" Light asked, his question directed at the Japanese man with the large, strange hair.

"Ah, yeah." the reply came after a moment's pause.

"I present to you the cargo of that train over there. They're tools for your triumph. If you want to use them to prevail, then you will follow my instructions." Light ordered. The red Glasgow opened one of the side doors of the train, revealing an assembly of Sutherlands. The rest of the cell opened the doors, revealing even more of the Knightmare Frames.

Light listened to their shouts of surprise and joy. Good, he had them under his command now. Under his authority, they would defeat the Britannians here (even if it were a small victory).

"Woman in the red Glasgow!" Light shouted, gaining her attention.


"Stay where you are. Your unit's going to run decoy, got that? Oh, and what's your energy filler status?" Light asked, checking over the map over again.

"Ok. And it's about fifteen minutes worth." she reported.

"Recharge it and in ten minutes I'll contact you with your next instructions." Light said, turning off the radio.

"Just what are you planning on doing?" C.C. asked with some curiosity.

"You'll see soon enough, C.C." Light responded, his thoughts on the next move. If he wanted to win, he needed to time everything just right. Nothing, not even the slightest detail, could go wrong.

Once the leader was in a Sutherland, Light turned back on the radio. "P-1, can you move? It operates basically the same as what you're used t—."

"Can't you at least tell us who you are?" the leader of the group asked, cutting off Light.

"My name is not important right now. Besides, I can't do that. What if these signals are being intercepted?" he asked, though Light actually doubted that they were. "Now when the enemy Sutherlands, most likely two, come after Q-1, shoot them through the wall."

Besides some miner bickering between the groups, everyone did as he told them. The two Sutherlands approached from the rear and—

"Shoot now!" Light ordered. Bullets burst from the rifles of the Knightmares, destroying the two Sutherlands on the other side of the wall.

"An ID signal can be a double-edged katana. Besides, if the terrorists follow the commands I issue, my task at hand is sure to be complete. This is Check Mate, Britannia." Light sneered, a look of triumph on his face. C.C. said nothing, but she was impressed. She hadn't seen a kid this smart since…

"P-1, P-4, P-7! Move a hundred meters to the right and fire your Slash Harkens towards 3'clock." Light ordered.

"You got it!" the leader of the group shouted, moving into position with the other two. They fired, and took down a group of Sutherlands.

And so the battle went on. One by one, piece-by-piece, he reduced the Britannian forces. Now, they were nearing total victory! At this rate, the enemy would not last long.

"Now then, they have six options. Their move." Light said, just as the terrorists crushed another squad of Britannians. He looked at the map to see the Britannian forces swarming in on one location.

"That's a more moronic move than I thought they would make." Light muttered, rather disappointed in them. Then again, Prince Clovis, Princess Guinevere, and their men were idiots.

"You, Q-1, do you have an area map?" Light spoke into the radio.

"Yes, I do. It's a map of the old town but it has no current landmarks."

That voice. Light knew that voice, but had no idea how. Q-1 had also looked familiar to him. Just how did he know Q-1?

Then it clicked. No. No way could she be a terrorist, of all people. But…it made complete sense. She was that type of person. She wouldn't bow down to Britannia without a fight. And it did explain her personality change over the years…

"That doesn't matter right now, I need to concentrate." Light mumbled. C.C. gave him a inquisitive look, but said nothing.

"It'll do." Light spoke. Now all he had to do was wait for them.

"Mission Number Three now," Light began, speaking to all of them. "Is everything prepared?"

"Yes." came the chorus of responses. Excellent. Britannia wouldn't know what hit them.

Seconds after they arrived, Q-1 fired her weapon at the weak ceiling, sending the entire team of Sutherlands above crashing into the floor below.

Light gave a maniacal chuckle at the outcome of his work. "My plans worked! I can do it, I can! With my intelligence and this Geass, I will obliterate Britannia!" Light declared, his promise eight years ago to his family coming to mind. Now he could finally accomplish it.

His growing confidence, however, started to falter as the next reports began to come in.

"This is B-Group, reporting enemy presence!"

"Reinforcements?" Light speculated, wondering if he'd been wrong in his initial evaluation of the situation. He promptly grabbed the radio.


"Everybody ejected, but they took out four units in nothing flat! And it was just one Knightmare!" the frantic voice cried. Light frowned. This wasn't good. Was it some sort of new Britannian weapon?

Suddenly the pilot gave a scream, and the connection was terminated. What was going on now!?

"All units retreat! I repeat, retreat now!" Light commanded, deciding to play it safe rather than risk further endangerment. He knew better than to take his chances with some sort of new model.

They all did so immediately, though the new machine continued to pursue them. Suddenly, Slash Harkens hit the ceiling of where Yagami was hiding, and what he presumed to be the cause of his troubles (a white and gold Knightmare that he'd never seen before), landed on the decaying floor. It aimed a punch at him that he almost didn't block in time.

The new Knightmare model drove him back, and suddenly the flooring beneath them gave away. They crashed through several more floors before reaching the bottom.

"Let me take over." C.C. interjected as the white Knightmare Frame slammed them into the ground. Light was about to protest when he realized he didn't have that much time or the experience to fight the strange new model. It was possible C.C. had more experience than him, so it might be best to let her take over.

Then the red Glasgow came to his rescue, and kept the enemy Frame busy. Yagami took a chance and got out of the Sutherland, letting C.C. take over, and made a tactical retreat.

Some time later, Light entered the transport that Princess Guinevere and Prince Clovis were in, dressed in a soldier's outfit, using a helmet covered his face. Light entered the control room to see Guinevere and several of their guards and advisors looking at a map. Clovis seemed to be absent.

"What are you doing in here, soldier?" Guinevere demanded, looking up. Light chuckled and took off his helmet.

"An Eleven? What are you—?" Guinevere began to say, but was cut off by Light.

"Commit suicide." He said, using his power on everyone but the Viceroy

"At once, my lord!" they all chorused together, and put their guns to their heads. They pulled the triggers, and a stream of blood flooded the room.

Guinevere froze for a moment, and then whipped out her pistol. Light shot it in a way that knocked the gun out of her hand.

"Now that I've got your attention, call off the remaining attacks. Have the Britannians help the survivors. Do this and I may not kill you." Light threatened. Guinevere gave a withering glare at him, but walked over to the throne. She was harmless now, and had no choice but to obey. She began her message.

"Princess Guinevere su Britannia, Royal Viceroy of Area 11, hereby commands you! All forces are ordered to cease-fire at once! You will also cease destruction of any buildings and property. All causalities, whether Britannian or Eleven, shall be treated equally. In the name of Guinevere, you are hereby ordered to cease-fire at once! I shall allow no further conflict." she finished, turning off the lights and the sound.

"What do you want from me?" Guinevere asked, her face expressionless.

Light smirked. If someone told him yesterday that he'd be holding one of the two rulers of Japan at gunpoint, he'd call them crazy. He never thought that he'd ever get a chance to do this. But now, he could begin the devastation of Britannia with Guinevere's death.

"All I want is your death." Light said callously, aiming his handgun at the young Princess' forehead. Light pulled the trigger.

End Phase 1

Thus ends the first chapter of Light of the Revolution. Hope you all enjoyed this. Now, onto the questions I can imagine you'll have. Why did I have Kewell Soresi (Purist who took over after Jeremiah was disgraced) appear and die instead of Villetta? Because I didn't want her to die so soon. Why did I make Guinevere Viceroy? I wanted to, and I wanted Light to kill a Royal Family member since I have a different fate in mind for Clovis.

As for another question I can think of, will the Death Note and Shinigami be in this fic? Maybe, but I'm not sure how to work it out. If I did, they'd be introduced through Misa and/or Mikami, who will be in this fic. Again, not sure how I'd work it out. Don't want to make Light or Lelouch too powerful. Besides, Light is pretty much a walking Death Note.

And eventually the fight will end up between Lelouch and Light. I promise you that.

More changes are going to come as well, immediately. Cornelia won't be the one to come to Japan. I'll let you figure out who does. I may take awhile in having Lelouch be in the fic more, but he will become a permanent member eventually.

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