This shall be my last author's note for this series, I do believe. Or at the very least, second to last.

I shall make this clear, I think. I've put this off for far too long. This fanfic, as it is right now, is dead. I truly don't think I'll ever be able to continue it. Sorry to you all. It was way too ambitious for me, at my current level, and I may have been writing myself into a corner. Perhaps. Never know though, I guess.

Sorry to you all, who truly enjoyed this fanfic. But...I shall give you all a consolation prize, of sorts. For you see, I'm more than happy to let someone adopt this fanfic! So if you are interested in rewriting this, or continuing where I left off, please PM me. And if no one does want to continue this, then I shall post what notes I had about this fanfic, and my future plans for it. So either way you'll all have some sort of consolation prize, for me declaring this fanfic dead. Though I truly do hope a good writer picks this up.

That is all, then, I believe. Thank you all, for those who have read and reviewed. You were all truly a great help and inspiration. God-Bless, and goodbye.

This will be my last attempt at such a major project, I think. For a time, at least. I may still write oneshots for different fandoms, but that will be it, I think.

Goodbye, for now, everyone. Thank you all for reading. I truly do appreciate it. This is Anime-StarWars-fan-Zach, or as I now prefer to be called, Magus, signing off. Goodbye.