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Our Wish Chapter 1

FYI: Just a little information here, this is my first yaoi. I don't usually do yaoi fics but sometimes read them. I wanted to try and see how this goes. This is male x male. There will be a slight lemon in this first chapter as a warning. There is swearing and other obscene words said off and on through out different chapters.

Summary: Roy and Ed start seeing each other and some people have a problem with that. A horrible thing happens and Ed is left recovering from it. Will the couple ever get through these trials? Or will it bring them closer or break them up for good? Mpreg.

Ed was taking shower he looked down at his body. He hated looking at his scars. He wished it didn't happen. Stepping out of the shower drying off, the alchemist wrapped the towel around himself and went in the room and got dressed. He moved into the apartment that the military owned. Al lived in a house with Winry in the city of East Central. They been married for about a year and a half now. They just had a baby boy and Al and Winry were excited about their first child.

Roy and Ed just started dating about a year ago. Hohenheim didn't approve of the relationship and well, he and Ed didn't have very good communication.

A strong knocked came to the door, "Ed, Ed, are you in there!?"

"How did he find me! I want to be alone!"

"Ed I know your there!"

Ed pulled the door open with anger. "What do you want!? Go away!"

"Ed you don't mean this! You can't just walk away from me and call it quits."

Ed turned around with his back to the door that was wide open. He folded his arms and started crying. "P-Please, just go away it hurts too much."

Roy walked in and closed the door he stood behind his lover. He was hesitant about touching him but he did. "Ed you mean a lot to me. You're not alone in this."

"Why does it have to hurt so much?"

"It's going to hurt Ed we just have to work through it together."

The blond wiped his eyes. "I hate this feeling I wish it go away!"


Flash back

Ed came to Roy's office to give him some paperwork. Roy got up and came around the desk and took the papers out of his hand and places them on the desk and pulled Ed up against him. He smiled. "Don't come in here acting like you don't like me."

"Sir we can't, what would happen if someone see's us."

"I don't care I've been eyeing you for the last four months and you have too. Remember when we first kissed when you came by my house a month ago."

"I remember." He said blushing at the Fuehrer.

"I want you Ed more than anything and I know you want me."

Ed pushed him back gently he was nervous about getting caught. "Look, will you slow down. As much as I want to have sex, we have to be careful or we could end up doing it here." He blushed.

"I won't unless you're ready." He gently stroked his face with the back of his hand.

Ed was afraid to have sex with Roy. He wasn't really sure if having sex with a man was the right thing to do. He was scared that he would get caught by his dad or anyone and Roy would get in trouble. Hohenheim would always set Ed up on blind dates but he never was interested in any of the girls. Ed couldn't believe that he would fall for the raven hair man, his boss. Roy kissed his golden blond haired lover. He was in love with Ed and no one else. He never thought he would fall for the short-tempered young man, but he did.

Ed looked over his shoulder worried. "We better stop or Hawkeye might walk in. or Havoc."

"Don't worry she knows and so does he."

He turned pale. "They know! Are you crazy!" He said worried.

"Calm down." He smiled looking at his love. "No Ed, They don't care. They were just surprised because I always chased after women. Why don't you stop by my house later if you're not busy."

"Okay, I don't think my dad has any blind dates set up. I hate not telling him about you. He thinks I like girls."

"You know Ed, we can't keep this a secret forever, and people are going to find out."

Ed wrapped his hands around Roy's waist pulling him close. He now reached the man's chest. "I know, but for now, it's none of there damn business." Ed put his chin on his chest as he looked into the man's eyes

Roy saw those golden orbs and had to contain himself. "Okay Ed, we better let go of each other before I have you on top of my desk."

Ed smiled as he turned to leave, wishing that he could take the brunette somewhere and make out.


Later that evening Ed was on the couch laying his head on Mustangs lap. Roy brushed his hands across his hair. He adored Ed's body, his looks, Ed even grew a few inches. He fell for the blond hard. The alchemist may have a rough character but beneath all that he was a sweet heart. Ed was nineteen now, his father didn't allow dating until he was eighteen.

The sexy blond turned on his back in Roy's lap. "I'm ready now."

Roy was surprised he didn't expect anything until maybe another month. "Are you sure about this I don't want to pressure you into anything you don't want to do."

He sat up and looked into his eyes as he kissed him. "I love you Roy I want you to make love to me."

With out hesitation Roy got up and carried his love upstairs. When the door opened to his room Ed started kissing Roy deeper and wilder. Roy put his mouth up Ed's neck, then his hands quickly unbutton Ed's shirt while his lips played with his chest down to his stomach. Ed was sweating and grabbing Roy by his head pushing him into his body as he kissed and licked the alchemist. Heavy breathing lit the atmosphere as sweat was forming everywhere. Roy unbuckled Ed's pants as then they dropped to the floor. Ed removed Roy's shirt both men were throwing their clothes across the room down to their boxers.

Roy spoke passionately in the Ed's ear. "Are you sure about this Ed it's going to hurt but I'll be gentle."

Ed took his boxers off and pulled Roy close to his naked body. His hair wasn't in the neat ponytail anymore. The alchemist spoke like an animal in heat. "Do it, Roy."

He looked so sexy to Roy that he could eat him up. "Damn it…you're so fine!" He spoke out in heated pleasure. He grabbed his hair and locked lips with him. He laid him down and Ed turned over showing Roy that nice smooth rear. Roy wanted to bite his knuckles in pleasure just looking but he had to focus on the other thing. He quickly put the lubricant on his finger and inserted it in his anus. He promised Ed he would be careful then he put his manhood right into him. Ed winced until he got use to it. The young alchemist looked at his lover with a pleasurable smirk on his face telling Roy he was enjoying it. That made Roy thrust him even harder and come right into the alchemist. They enjoyed every moment of their heated passion. When it was over they were lying on the bed full of sweat and naked.

Roy turned to the side and faced Ed. "That was incredible! So…how did you like it?"

"I loved it! Except the pain in my ass at the beginning," They both started laughing.

He smirked at Ed. "I said it would hurt. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Ed's hair was straddled across his face as he pulled it back behind his ear. He looked absolutely gorgeous to Roy.

Roy played his finger down Ed's chest. "I didn't realize you had such a gorgeous body underneath those clothes. Training with Al really paid off."

"For someone that was a Colonial, I thought you never worked out. I was always curious about that body you had under that uniform. I guess I was wrong. You are one hot man." Ed smiled as he kissed Roy's chest slowly all the way down to the end of stomach. Roy yelled Ed's name like he was losing his mind. Ed satisfied him in every way. Roy felt the pleasure in every fiber of his being. Neither one of them didn't want the night to end.


Two months later at work, Roy was in Ed's office. He had the alchemist pinned up to the front of his desk. They were kissing and caressing each other when Hohenheim walked in on them. He got an eyeful. He slammed the door as he walked towards them. The noise broke them apart quickly.

"What the HELL are you doing with my son!?"

Roy and Ed looked at Hohenheim like if they both got caught stealing.

"Ed, what's going on!?"

"It's none of your business dad!" He said fixing his clothes.

"It is my business when my son is kissing a man!"

"I date who ever I want! I'm not bringing home trouble!"

Hohenheim was angry as he looked at Roy. "This is shameful! How dare you go after my son! He's young and vulnerable and you're taking advantage of him! You both could lose your jobs!" He grabbed Ed by the arm. "You stop this sickness and find you a woman, not a man!"

Ed pulled from him. "This is not sickness! I really love him! It's the truth!"

"You're delusional! You're not thinking right! Your brother got married and their having a baby soon, don't you want that! A woman in your arms!"

Ed didn't want to argue with his dad. "I do…but with Roy! I don't want to talk about this!"

Hohenheim looked at Mustang and pointed. "This is your fault! I don't know what you did to my son! But you better end this sick love affair and look for someone else!" He turned and stormed out of the room, with the door slamming, making both alchemist jolt.

Roy sighed. "This really suck! Now the man blames me."

Ed flopped in his desk chair really pissed. "He's going to have to get use to it some day, I don't live to please my father!"


As days and weeks passed it now was another month later. Roy and Ed spent a lot time with each other. They didn't like the fact that some people started talking about them. Hohenheim and Ed would get into heated arguments that caused him not to speak to his dad. One late afternoon Ed was snuggled close to his love watching a movie one night. Roy had his arm around his shoulders.

"Ed, have you thought about having children?"

"No, why? You want to adopt?"

"No I mean have our own flesh and blood." He said as he looked at the alchemist.

Ed moved over so he could face Roy better. "What are you talking about? We can't get pregnant that's crazy."

"I heard it could be done."

"Where did you hear that load of crap from?"

"Actually, there were two men who became a couple and one of them got pregnant and get this, they were alchemist."

"Roy, they must have screwed with their DNA to do that. Don't we have plenty of time to have children? Besides, who's going to carry the baby?"

Roy looked at him. "Wait just a minute, I can't do that! I would look crazy!"

"Listen," He took Ed's hand and kissed it. "I love you and I'll carry our baby if you want me to. I have no problem with that. But I would love to have children by you. I know you're not ready."

"I would love to have your baby, but… well… you see…It was just a thought that came across my mind last night. My brother came by and he was talking about how excited he was with Winry having their first. It really made me think about us having kids some day, but it's a big responsibility. Besides, my dad and I argue too much. Honestly we're not married and they don't allow men to get married here."

"That's true, but it was just a thought that I would love to see happen." said Roy as he kissed Ed's neck. They started making out and Roy laid on top of Ed, kissing his neck and undoing his shirt. He licked his chest nipples while his partner moan from the ectasy of his lips. "I love the way you smell, mmm!" Roy said erotically. Ed's breathing became rough. "Make love to me Roy, NOW!"

They ended up taking their clothes off and having mad sex right on the couch then onto the floor.


Three weeks passed and Hohenheim came in Ed's room. Ed was living with his dad still. He was lying on his bed resting. "Son, would you talk to me, we rarely speak."

"Dad would you please… every time we talk we end up getting into an argument."

"Can't you find some one else to fall in love with. I have business associates asking me around town about my son seen with the Fuehrer romantically! It's an embarrassment!"

He sat up staring at his dad with a straight face. "It's none of their fucking business! I'm not going to stop seeing Roy because they feel uncomfortable with it! Your reputation has nothing to do with my relationship! Your snobby friends should keep their nose out of my love affair! They think they're not good enough to be around you because your son is in love with a man!"

"That isn't love…it's a sick relationship!"

"It's not sick to me! Dad, your chief of staff position isn't going to change because your rich friends have a problem with me and Roy!"

He slapped him and grabbed his son by the shoulders. "You listen to me, damn it! You will not shame the Elric name with this perverted man!"

"Leave me alone! He's not perverted!" He pulled away from him and ran out the room and out the house. Roy's mansion wasn't too far away. He ran all the way to Roy's house and banged on the door breathing heavy.

"Roy! Roy!"

The butler opened the door. "Mr. Elric, are you alright?"

"Please… is Roy home!? I really have to talk to him!"

"Mr. Mustang is here, he's in the family room."

He walked in and went straight to the family room. Ed walked in with his face red and his hair looking out of place. Roy looked up at the doorway. He put his coffee down and quickly stood up looking worried. Ed ran in and wrapped his arms around him. "Please hold me, don't let me go!"

"Ed what's going on?" He gently pulled the young man from him looking worried.

Ed grabbed him again. "Please, just hold me I don't want to be alone!" Roy knew something wasn't right. He rubbed his back and calmed him down.

The butler came to the door. "Is everything okay?" He asked.

"It's alright." Roy said calmly. He walked away closing the door.

"Ed let's sit down."

Ed sat on the couch next to Roy. Roy looked at Ed's face and noticed his red cheek. "Did someone hit you?"

"I got into an argument with my dad he got mad and slapped me." He started crying. "I hate this Roy…I hate people talking about us! I hate it when my dad's business associates look at me like I'm some freak!"

"Hey, it's alright I don't care what they say or think." He got up and got an ice pack for his face out of his small fridge. "This is going to sting a little." He placed it on his face. He winced. "That's really cold."

"Ed, your dad doesn't like us seeing each other. But it's our business, he's embarrassed because his rich friends don't like same sex couples. Listen, I love you and I can't get enough of you." He moved his blond hair out of his face as he smiled. "I don't care what people say about us. Listen if this is not what you want Ed I'll let you go so you can be free. I'm not going to force you to love me or do anything you don't want to do."

"Let me go?" Ed looked at him confused.

"If it's going to make you unhappy, yes I will. I will be heartbroken but as long as you're happy, that's all that matters."

Ed kissed his cheek, he was fond of Roy. "I don't want to leave you. I want to… to… be… where's the bathroom!"

Roy looked at him strange. "Right here!" Roy said, pointing to his right.

Ed ran into the bathroom and threw up.

Roy got up looking at his love run off to the bathrooom. I wonder what's wrong. I think he upset himself. "Ed, are you okay?" He walked to the door and knocked. He waited for a minute then he walked in. "You okay." Roy asked looking worried and concerned. He kneeled down in front of Ed. Ed was wiping his mouth sitting up against the wall.

He moved his hair away from his face. "Did your dad upset you that much?"

"No…I was sick before I had the argument."

He felt his head. "You seem to be a little warm."

"I'll be fine." He got up throwing the tissue in the garbage leaving the bathroom with Roy following. "It's nothing new."

"How long has this been going on?"

"About three days."

"Three days! Ed that's not normal for you to feel like this! You need to see a doctor! You could dehydrate! Why didn't you say something!?" Said the worried alchemist.

"Don't freak out it's not like its all day. It's no worry it…will…" He quickly ran back to the toilet with Roy quickly getting out the way.

Roy folded his arms. "No worry, yeah, right!"


Sorry to cut it from there. I'll update it soon.