Chapter 1

I Can't Stay


I acted as if I didn't care when I watched my wife and the others leave for school this morning. I did care though; I hated being here without anyone else around. Well in truth, Esme was here, but she was my superior. I tended to stay away from her and Dr. Cullen. They hadn't been anything but kind to my wife and I but still, they were my superiors and I wasn't going to do anything to piss them off. Alice and I had been here for six years and still I felt abandoned and alone in the presence of anyone but my sweet little Alice.

Edward and I, well we stayed out of each others way. I didn't like the fact that he could hear what was in my head nor that he had almost instantly bonded with Alice. Of course, Alice was very likable. You couldn't be around her and not adore her. She was like a little piece of sunshine that followed you through a gloomy day.

Emmett reminded me of a male version of my wife, though not quite as insistent as she was. If you told Emmett no, he just took in stride and left it alone; not my Alice though. She pleaded, begged and pouted when she didn't get her way. There wasn't a person who could say no to her when she did that, me included.

Rosalie, well I still haven't figured her out, yet. The emotions I get from her change rapidly. It's like she isn't sure how she feels around everyone sometimes. Except for when she's around Emmett. Everyone around here knows how they feel about each other. If you didn't notice they way they acted about each other, you could surely tell from the noises that came from…well wherever they were when they decided to have sex. I tried to leave the house whenever I felt their lust for each other rising. Alice normally came with me and strangely enough…well perhaps not so strangely, Edward came, too. That most likely was the downside of his power.

Once the others were gone, I wandered from room to room for a little while and then went into Dr…Carlisle's office. He wanted me to call him Carlisle, but I was finding it hard to do so. Anyway I went into his office and found a book on the Civil War. I brought it back to my room though to read it. He had told me I could read in there if I chose to, but there was something about that room that made me feel uncomfortable.

When I looked up from my book, only an hour had passed. I was still bored. I left the book on my bed and then thought better of it. No, I'd better return it. I didn't want D…Carlisle angry with me for not returning his things. I headed back to the study and put it back. I was thirsty I hadn't hunted for a full day now. I normally hunted every other day, so that I wasn't tempted to hunt humans. Animal blood wasn't as tasty, but it's what my newest coven lived off of.

Esme would go hunting with me if I asked. She said so herself, but I didn't want to bother her. I could do it on my own I could go hunt by myself in the woods away from the house. Technically I wasn't supposed to, but why did I have to be watched all the time. Like I was a toddler. I had been the youngest Major during the Civil war and I had more years on everyone here, except for maybe Carlisle. I hadn't spotted Esme in the house anyway and I felt the urge to hunt grow stronger. The hell with it I was going to hunt. What could go wrong?


What could go wrong? Everything. I was draining the large buck I had caught when I heard the sound of someone coming. I growled warningly to scare off whomever it was, but it didn't seem to do any good. She was in my view before I could even think to do anything else. I gnashed my teeth in warning before I realized it was Esme before me. She had obviously come to look for me when she couldn't find me around the house. Fear hit me instantly. I had frightened her and when I looked at her face, I suddenly felt ashamed.

Was I starting to care? I couldn't. It did hurt though that I put that look of fear upon her face. She stood there as I finished the buck and drew away from it. I had already found a cliff to dump it off of. There was a river at the bottom of it which would carry the carcass off. Once that was done, I turned to find Esme watching me.

"Come on Jasper back to the house. When we get there you need to go to your room," she said quietly. She turned around and headed back assuming I would follow.

What else could I do? I had to follow. Once back at the house, I gave Esme an apologetic look and slipped upstairs. I sat on my bed and heard her dial the phone. She was calling to report my behavior to Carlisle. He would not be pleased that I had snapped at his wife. I know I wouldn't.

"…his fault," I heard Esme say. My head snapped up and I strained to hear. She was talking low I guess to keep me from overhearing, but I kept catching a word or two here and there. "…should be punished." I shuddered at that one. I knew it was a possibility, but what kind of punishment would it be. Maria was creative with hers. "…want him to leave." Oh. It was to be like that. Well it could've been worse. Of course they would want Alice to stay with them.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the bag I had come here with. I picked out a few sets of clothes, a picture of my sweet Alice and her ring that I gave her. She wasn't allowed to wear it at school least she get odd looks from the teacher or other students. I stuffed the items in my bag, took my ring off and left it for her, and wrote her a letter explaining to her what happened and that I would try to keep in touch with her if I could. I apologized that I couldn't say goodbye to her in person, and that it was better this way.

Taking a look around the room, I sighed, turned towards the window and opened it. I slipped the bag over my neck and shoulder so that it hung across my body, and jumped out to the nearest tree. I stayed in the trees for a while knowing if they tried to track me for whatever reason, it would make it harder for them to do so. I dropped to the ground a couple of hours later and made my way on foot towards the road. Several more miles and I would be out of town.

I took extreme caution when I heard a car coming. I would slip off the road and walk a while, until I was sure that I could head back to the road. Finally I reached the city limits and I looked behind me one last time.