That Butler, My Release~Sono Hitsuji, Waga Kaihou

A/N: After being bored, I guessed I would write a few fanfics. It's been a while... ^^;/

It's set probably a few years later, and well it's kind of taken a world of it's own as the manga's kind of not finished yet. Assuming he hasn't accomplished his goal yet, and just living his life normally like a good little boy.... or something. I mean back then people married usually at like 15 or so right? Oh well he's 18 in this. XD It's amazing, this may have more than 1 chapter =o

Warnings: The usual stuff if you have ever read my things. Angst (because I'm a closet emo exordinare) Flash backs of very questionable non-con shota (though it's more nightmares but warning to those who hate that kind of thing...I dislike shota aswell.....but we won't go into that) and general S/M later on. Everything is very much R/NC-17 whatever you want to call its. Enjoy if you moe that kind of thing like I do... (Well...otherwise why are you reading it?)

Thank you to Fae for beta-ing it so fast....Ilu. 3

The day started the same as any other day- like it had for the last 8 years of Ciel Phantomhive's life, almost 9 now. Life seemed to be a permanent set schedule- the same mornings, the same breakfast times that his newly wedded wife, Elizabeth insisted they took together, even though the earl, who had grown into a fine gentleman never had anything to say to the young woman who seemed to be desperate to get his attention, but always, fell second, third to other more dull, boring things in life (in her opinion) such as work, work and underground work still being sent to him by the queen he served.

Truth was they could hardly be described as a "couple"- Ciel had fulfilled his late parents wish by fulfilling their engagement, taking her as his bride, but in fact he had no interest in her. There were unkind gossip floating around the upper class in dance parties and the like, one that said in fact, the pair had never even spent one night together. Rumour was it they never even slept in the same room... even on their wedding night; apparently the young man had insisted they slept apart.

Some theories said Earl Phantomhive was committing adultery, others said he simply wasn't interested in pleasures of the flesh, and others laughed at the claim and said that can't be possible, and that he must just be homosexual... In any case, the young newlyweds were a favourite subject for gossip and speculation to entertain the ladies and gentlemen of leisure.

Ciel disliked change in his schedule- he liked life this way. At 8am sharp the familiar voice of his demonic butler would rouse him from his light slumber, and assist him in washing his face and other grooming, then help him dress ready to face the world- and Elizabeth's "bonding" breakfasts. He would then go downstairs into the main dining room and make his way tot he head of the table- my goodness....Elizabeth looked in right a foul mood today....

"What's the matter, Elizabeth?" Ciel asked calmly as he sipped his tea- Lady grey brewed to perfection today. It wasn't like he cared; it was just etiquette to ask when she was fuming at the table like she was. "It's nothing." She snapped back in spite. "I see." came the bland response as he started on his food- biting into the French toast he sighed. Whoever made it wasn't his butler, and thus it was not to his liking. Elizabeth had brought her own servant when she moved tot he manor even after Ciel's protests that he had more than enough staff, and it seemed it was their cook's turn to produce the food that was before him today. How annoying. However it would have to do, he had work to do after finishing his meal. They ate in silence, Ciel ignoring the eyes he could feel on himself that was his young wife.

Having finished, Ciel was about to get up when he heard a thump, of a fist hitting the mahogany oak dining table. "Are you really.....going to leave it at THAT??" Elizabeth hissed through gritted teeth. "I don't know what you mean..." ciel replied coolly, though it wasn't that he didn't know there was something wrong- he had no time for her and her childish mood swings...

"Don't lie to me Ciel!! I know you know as much as I do there's something VERY wrong between us!" The girl's voice was escalating by the second- getting more and more shrill to an ear-splitting decibel. "Are you telling me that there's NOTHING wrong with the way we are? You never even look at me Ciel! Am I really your wife??" The lady of the manor got up now, striding toward her husband and taking him by the shoulders. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US? ABOUT YOU? THAT YOU...YOU....MAY BE.....THAT WAY??" she yelled now, shaking Ciel as hard as she could which was admittedly not very hard. "I can hear their whispers when I go to dance parties and the like...the ones you refuse to accompany me to! And the lewd men who approach me saying they could satisfy my loneliness!! Do you know how humiliating it is Ciel? You don't understand at all do you??? Do you love me? Or were the vows we exchanged just a lie??" Hot tears were pouring down the girl's face now, but all Ciel did was smile a little sarcastically.

"Do you believe those words, Elizabeth? Are they not but rumours?" Calm azure eyes looked up at the ones swollen and red with tears. "I don't have time for trifle gossip and the like Elizabeth so-" his words were cut off by the sound of hand hitting flesh, and the man's head snapped to the side. That hurt a little.

"I...I can't believe you!! I HATE YOU!" the blond screeched, making her husband cringe. God her voice had the ability to feel like his head was to split... She turned her heel now, storming out of the room. It was certainly a little interesting- for this was the first time anyone had hit him like that....

"Are you alright, master?" The silky voice of his butler asked from his right. "I'm fine." he replied, straightening up. "Why do women have to be so troublesome...." In fact, it was taking toll on him, putting strain on his already stressed out psyche. He didn't need another problem on top of the ones he already had- work seemed to pile up endlessly, not giving him a moment to breathe, mingled with the fact he had been leading this lifestyle for almost a decade...all topped off with his so called wife being more of a pain in the backside rather than the moral support she was meant to be....

"I'll be in my study Sebastian.... Bring me something decent to eat." he said, putting down his fork on top of the almost untouched breakfast. He might as well start his work a little earlier than usual... "Yes my lord." The man bowed as Ciel got up and left to his study, which was connected to his bedroom. He pretty much lived there.

The young earl shifted through his paperwork, settling them into neat piles, a rather large one in front of him of letters that needed signing so they could be sent off. He had been working through it for a whole day now on and off; in between more urgent matters and well at least today it seemed he would get it all done. A knock on the door only a short while later revealed Sebastian with some tea and a beautifully made Black forest gateau, which Ciel without even looking up pointed to the side where space was reserved for refreshment. When he finished the pile, he would have a break. He told himself as he felt Sebastian move behind him in his usual spot when he was idle. "Is there anything else I need to do master?" "Just stay there. I want you to." "Yes my lord."

Ciel took a deep breath, slowly exhaling it as he gracefully signed the last piece of paper on the pile and put it down, also letting his pen rest next to the inkwell. Gloved hands came out from behind him to move the tea ray in front of him now and tea was poured for him. He could unwind for a few moments.... He took a sip of his tea, the tiny silver cake fork precisely cutting through the dark moist sponge, taking it to his lips he took a blissful sigh. No one could compare to his butler's skills as a patissier... He took another sip of tea when his small break from reality was rudely disturbed by a loud slam as the door opened, making his table shake. It was Elizabeth (again) looking very upset and her face tearstained.

"I've had enough of you!" she yelled as he strode to his desk. "....oh?" Ciel looked up, wondering if he was going to be slapped again. "YES. I HAVE." she replied, her right hand going to her left and tugging at her wedding ring. "You don't give a damn about me do you???" A loud slam and the ring was thrown down under her palm on Ciels desk, shaking his teacup. Ciel sighed. She was overreacting again... "Elizabeth, come on now calm-" "DON'T COME ON ME!!" she yelled in her headache inducing tone again "You are just married to your bleeding work!!" she carried on, grabbing the first thing her hands touched- Ciel's inkwell. "YOU'VE NEVER LOVED ME!! If all THIS didn't exist, Ciel would have more time for me!!" Her hand tipped the bottle over the paperwork below, Ciel's eyes going wide as he realised what she was to do. "No Elizabeth!! NO!" he shouted bolting up now, the sound of china being tipped over as he knocked his cup over, and a hiss of pain as hot tea poured down his leg and down onto the carpet. "I don't want to be here anymore!!" The lady of the manor said before turning, fleeing from the scene. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU CRAZED BITCH!!" Ciel yelled after her, one hand clutching his leg that burnt, no doubt his flesh was scalded.

After he could no longer hear the heeled footsteps he collapsed back on his chair. He really had enough of this. He could feel Sebastian silently start to clear up next to him as he watched the ruined papers with a look of hopelessness. All that work...wasted.... He sank into the soft leather, feeling like he might cry. If he was still a child, a carefree creature he was at the age of 10 with his parents to lean back on, he would have. "Are you alright master? Please, let me help you up and I'll take you to your room we need to tend to that burn before it gets worse..."

Ciel was hardly listening and simply letting his butler stand him up, and take him into the next room where he was made to sit on the bed while the demon undressed him, like a child. He had insisted he could dress himself for the most part when he reached 16, and hadn't had the man undress him like this in a while. It was a little comforting however, having someone to rely on almost, letting them control his limbs and he didn't have to think of the consequences, or anything. "Master.....should I heal this right now? As no one saw you getting hurt, it may be easier..." " as you wish, Sebastian." came the almost blank reply. The butler thought it a little odd, coming from a boy who had his way for everything, but obeyed the order and put his hand over the bright pink flesh on his thigh, and pressed down.

Ciel closed his eyes- Sebastian's hand felt soothingly cool, pleasant to his frazzled nerves. He let himself flop backward on the bed, his head lightly hitting the soft pillows below him. He was not the type to laze about all day in bed but it was tempting. Just this once. He felt like he wanted to escape from all the stress and pressures bearing down on him and be free. Someone else could be in charge of his life, just for a day...

"Is that what the young master really desires?" the soft dark voice cut into Ciel's thoughts now. The dark inky blue eye opened, focusing a little drowsily on the source of the voice. "What do you mean...?" "I am a little concerned about my master as of late." Sebastian started to explain "I believe he is brought under so much stress he may break...." Ciel frowned at the words- how would he ever? He was strong enough to cope! How dare he! He opened his mouth to speak when he was interrupted "And I know something...that may release my young master's mind for a while and take some of that strain off....." What did the demon mean? "Of course, as a butler, I always think purely of my master's wellbeing, and think this will be most beneficial...." "...and what is this thing?" Ciel asked a little impatiently. He hated when the black haired man beat around the bush like this, and unfortunately he did it a lot. "Is my master willing to trust me? After all....the best medicines may not be so pleasant at first....until it starts to work..." "Tell me what you have in mind Sebastian!" "I cannot tell you as such- it has to be shown....I have heard your mind, I know what you desire...." there was something about the man's voice that made Ciel incredibly drawn to whatever it was..... and surely.... as they still were under contract, whatever Sebastian had in mind would not be unpleasant or harming him, would it? He shook the temptation out of his mind- he had to be in charge of this, like every other aspect of his life!

A disappointed sigh came from the man above him. "Very well master...for I cannot force it upon you...." the cool hands left him, leaving unblemished healthy skin. "What would you like to wear sir?" Sebastian changed his tone of voice back to the normal as he moved toward the cupboard. He received no reply from the boy, however.

".....Do it." came a reply from the bed after a few moments silence. "Do what, my lord?" Sebastian asked neutrally looking up. "Whatever you were offering me. Do it. I don't think I can take all this today. I need a break." A small smirk was creeping up the demon's lips now, not that Ciel would see as his back was turned. "But master...what I had in mind...I need you to be fully cooperative...and if you are unsure-" "I am sure. Do it. That is a command." the stubborn voice came from the bed, as authorative as ever. Sebastian straightened up now, dusting his clothes before turning to face the bed. His pleased smirk was gone now, replaced by the usual, neutral face.

"Yes, my lord."

The moment Ciel heard those words, everything went black. He didn't even have time to panic as he was submerged into darkness, the swirling kind which seemed to embrace him fully. It was pleasant in here- it was as if his tension was draining away....

A few moments later- well, Ciel thought it was a few moments; but it may have been minutes, or hours, in fact he wasn't sure anymore.. but in any case, his surroundings seemed to have changed. He could hear the soft dripping of water, and he could feel cool stone under his feet. Where was he? The room slowly came into focus- a sight that rather did shock the young earl. It was what could probably best be described as a dungeon- dark stone walls and floor, with no windows in sight. Large torches illuminated the place, and all around the walls and floor were various objects and furniture that could only be described as instruments of torture. The black haired boy tried to move his arms and realised they had been shackled high above his head on either side, and the same thing done to his ankles so they were spread apart, on a "X" shaped frame that seemed to be securely attached to the wall. What was going on? Was this a dream? Or did someone abduct him?? He started to thrash against the chains now, the metal ringing noisily as his hair few into his face. Where was Sebastian?? Where was this even? It surely wasn't inside his manor...

The worst part of it was he was naked, almost save his underpants. There seemed to be a breeze in the place, bringing the young hair in goose bumps and he shivered hard as the air licked his skin. "Sebastian- Come to me" He ordered, wanting to get out of here as soon as possible, whatever the reason was that he was here.

"I see my lord has come round." The familiar voice emerged from the darkness now "What is the meaning of this?? Release me!" The demon then gave the boy a smirk that chilled him to the bone- one of a predator eyeing up prey.

"Oh but my asked for this."