Title: That Butler, My release ~ Sono Shitsuji, Waga Kaihou~Chapter 15(b)~
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"Yes. Now. I'm sorting this mess out today."

The Phantomhieve summer villa was peaceful as it always was, it was on the small side for the houses Ciel owned but it was rather...comforting. It was a lovely sunny day, with a gentle breeze so it didn't feel too hot. The parlour was flooded with light, soft sensual sounds of pleasure floating across the room.

The ruby red haired Mistress was sat on her chair, the dark emerald green dress close fitting to her figure, creating the beautiful hourglass shape so many women desired, the rich glistening silk had been pushed to the side as the skirt was moved up and to the side of both legs, revealing pale flawless skin.

The maid girl was knelt between the Mistress's legs, soft pink lips running softly over the soft skin of her inner thighs, as if almost teasing. A sharp audible crack of the riding crop in the woman's hand met the maid's buttock, not hard enough to mark but enough to sting, the girl's long skirt cushioning the blow. She made a small pained sound however, which brought a smile to the Mistress's lips.

"Don't play around, servant." Her voice was crisp, calm. "Serve me properly."

"Yes Mistress." The smaller female replied, her tone sweet, almost syrupy, a tone of playfulness.

The maid moved her lips closer to the middle, her tongue flicking out to slowly lap at the pink clit there, her eyes going up to meet the woman's that were staring down intensely at her. The Mistress raised a brow, as if she was giving the spoilt maid one last warning before she would regret it.

The kneeling girl simply lowered her eyes again, still slowly dragging her tongue from the bottom around the woman's wet entrance all the way up, repeating the action over and over again, in a steady but rather unhurried pace. In her defence, she was simply savouring the taste of her Mistress but clearly the other did not see it that way as she felt long slender fingers grab a handful of her perfectly curled hair, pulling her away and roughly making her sit up in her kneeling position. She let out a yelp as the woman shook her head by her hair, making her white lace headdress fall off and onto the floor.

"You disobedient little slut." The Mistress hissed, with her free hand grabbing hold of the maid's chin and forcing her to look up, dark brown eyes meeting bright green. What should she do with this girl? She enjoyed being punished a little too much sometimes. She could still see the defiance in those eyes as she released the girl's chin, picking up her crop again. "Lift up your skirt."

The maid hesitated- she didn't like the crop too much, and would rather the Lady's hand... Another sharp tug of hair followed to reward the hesitation.

"When I say it, I mean now."

"B..but my Lady..." The girl bit her lip "I..I'm sorry..."

"You are not." The redhaired woman replied. "You do not learn unless I make you feel it, slut. Do not make me say it again- Lift up your skirt."

"I'm sorry Mistress..." The maid said as she did as she was told, revealing her creamy pale skin as she hitched the dark material to above her waist. She was not wearing any underwear to start off with it seemed.

"I guess the only saving thing about you today is you remembered my orders." The woman said as she released the girl's hair, gently running her hand over it as if to stroke her once. "Now pleasure me properly as you receive your punishment."

"Yes Mistress."

The redhead parted her legs a little wider to let her blond servant come closer, letting out a small sound of pleasure as the girl started to lick properly now, long hard licks mingled with shorter, softer licks.


The Mistress commanded, a crack as crop met skin and a small muffled moaning whimper came from the girl. She did as she was told, lapping at the woman's engorged pearl faster, not stopping even when she felt more light swats to her reddening ass, the tingling pain making her own womanhood tingle in anticipation, she could feel herself getting rather damp .

Soon she could hear her Lady's breathing rise, knowing she was pleasing her which made her heart sing happily, the lashes having stopped a few minutes ago as the woman lay back on the chair, her hands draping over the sides of the armrests now as louder more audible moans mingled with the laboured breathing. She wanted to please this woman, pleasure her to the best of her ability, if it could repay even the smallest fragment of what she had done for her. Picked her up when she had been discarded by Ciel in favor for work. Given her hope and the ability to believe in love and affection again after the years spent in the main house surrounded by cold, uncaring walls.

She felt so free like this. There were no rules, regulations apart from the ones her Mistress set, and they were designed to protect her, not hurt her, no backstabbing, nasty whispers, no rumors or cold giggles. She could simply be herself here.

"Come here. Saddle me."

The maid was more than happy to obey, straightening up and saddling the woman's lap, facing her.

"Part your legs."

When she did so, she felt a hand nudge the legs wider apart before fingers breifly rubbed against her wetness before moving up to circle her clit, making her moan, her arms going to wrap around the woman's neck to steady herself somewhat.

"Mmm...so swollen and wet already? My my..." she tutted as she rubbed the girl's clit until the blond was quivering, struggling to stay upright.

"Mistress...ahh..." Her hips were bucking up to meet the hand teasing them, grinding against it as if begging silently.

"Look at how nice and slick you are for me.." The Mistress purred as she pushed two fingers into the girls tight hole, slowly pumping the fingers in and out of her. She could feel the other pushing back rather desperately and added another finger, pumping them faster.

Pleasure built inside the blond maid who was moving herself up and down on those fingers as fast as she could now, incoherent sounds of pleasure spilling from her as her breasts bounced, hard nipples visible under the fabric of her uniform, the sensitive nubs rubbing against the starched fabric, adding to the sensations she was feeling.

Teeth nipped at them, sending that shock of pain to bring the blond over the edge, crying out as she came against the fingers deep inside her, her back arched as the pleasure washed over her.

The girl instantly snuggled against her Mistress's chest when she felt the fingers pull out of her, feeling comfort in the soft embrace.

"I love you Mistress." She said blissfully. She only sensed something wrong when her Lady didn't reply, and looked up at her. "Why won't-"

"...Master Ciel!" Maylene managed to utter out, her body going rigid, her eyes wide with shock at the figure standing by the parlour door. The young man looked in fact, equally as stunned by the sight he was met with. The smaller girl in Maylene's arms turned her head, her green orbs wide.




"Master Ciel..." Maylene said taking a breath trying to compose herself.

"Please let us explain..."

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