Trous-seau noun, plural –seaux an outfit of clothing, household linen, etc., for a bride.

"I've always wanted a June wedding," Hinata said to the blonde dressmaker who patiently slid pins into the hem of the dress. She slid her fingers over the lavender embroidery on the bodice, "Yamanaka-san—,"

"Just Ino, please," the dressmaker interrupted. "Yamanaka-san makes me sound old."

"Ino-san," Hinata continued, "you did a brilliant job on the bodice. The flowers look just like my bouquet." She sighed dreamily. "It's going to be the perfect wedding."

Ino smiled up at the bride. "Thank you, Hyuuga-san."

"Hinata, please."

"Hinata-san," she corrected. "Who's the lucky man?" She sat back on her heels and surveyed her work for a moment. "The hem is all done, Hinata-san, is there anything else that needs altering?"

"No, the dress is perfect now," Hinata assured Ino, who stared out the window across the street. Hinata didn't notice her wavering attention and carried on, "Sasuke. My fiancée's name is Sasuke."

"Sasuke?" Ino's gaze snapped back to the other woman.

"Yes, Sasuke," Hinata sighed again. "He's so wonderful. He seems cold, but, truly, he's the sweetest man on the planet--,"

"Uchiha Sasuke—we are talking about Uchiha Sasuke, right?" Ino asked.

Hinata was startled, "Well, yes, why?"

"Because I just saw him go into the Victoria's Secret across the street, that's why!" Ino grabbed her hand. "Let's follow him!"


"Why not?! Come on!"

"No!" Hinata said forcefully as Ino pulled on her hand. She immediately looked contrite and said sheepishly, "It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony."

Inside the Victoria's Secret store Hinata plucked on Ino's sleeve, "Why didn't you tell me this was a lingerie store?!"

"You didn't know that already?" Ino asked, wondering how Hinata had missed that fact. A mischievous grin found its way onto her face. "Maybe he's getting your trousseau."

"My trousseau," Hinata repeated slowly, her face heating up. "Here? You can't possibly mean--,"

Ino pulled Hinata down behind a rack of thongs as Sasuke walked by with several…items… in his hand. "Shh! He might hear us!"

The bride popped up again as soon as he had passed, saying, "I've got to talk to Sasuke--,"

Ino yanked on her arm, pulling her back down. "No, Hinata-san, leave him be, let's go!"

"No!" Hinata said. "But my trousseau, isn't it supposed to be a nice dress or something? Not… not lingerie, right?"

Ino eyed the woman. "Hinata-san, your trousseau is what you wear on your wedding night."

"Yeah, like a nice dress or a…." The truth dawned upon her.

The glow of Hinata's face must have been a beacon to Sasuke as he chose that exact moment to appear. "Hinata? What are you doing here?"

"I was umm, Ino-san and I were, uhh…" she stammered.

"Were umm uhh what?" he asked patiently.

"Give it up, Hinata-san," the blonde said. She turned to Sasuke, "We followed you."

"Oh." He seemed unperturbed. "Since you're here," he said to his bride, "would you care to try this on for me?" He held up one of the racier outfits he held.

The only time Hinata blushed harder was at the reception, when Sasuke pulled the garter down her leg with his teeth.

Entry for DateMe June 2009-- Blushing Bride