AnimeLyricsdotcom tells me that Youth Rhapsody is the translation for Sishun Kyousoukyoku. This inspired a metric fuckton of kitten-eating jokes over at the LJ. ...Floating cat-toast, anyone?

Warnings: Unedited.
Pairings: Pretty much gen.
Rating: G.
Notes: For my little sister, who has terrible taste in music and no internet access. (That means I get to look up every song she wants. Ugh. Seishun Kyousoukyoku is not actually one of her songs, but there's only so much I can do with a song that isn't in my language, y'know?) Also, I added the songs for download, because I totally hate it when an author mentions a song and does not provide a sample.


Sambomaster - Seishun Kyousoukyoku


Rhyme swore that Def Märch had deep and meaningful lyrics. She told Beat that they had some of the deepest stuff she had ever heard, and that it was beautiful, if he would just pay attention long enough to hear the line about the way noise had drowned out 777's soul, come on, please?

So Beat listened every time she asked. It might as well have been Greek for all he could make out.

Beat still hated Def Märch's music, and still felt odd every time he saw 777 (he was glad the guy wasn't Erased anymore, but how weird was it that he even had to worry about that?), but he loved Rhyme, so he suffered screaming guitar solos and terrible unintelligible yells that were supposed to be lyrics.

He was more unnerved by the way one of them ended on the word "Baby" like it was an endearment more than anything. Beat could have sworn he heard a line earlier in the song about eating kittens.