Turtle Tots: WORLD TOUR!


Splinter leaves as a stole away with his four year olds to bring Master Yoshi's remains to Japan. Only...they get on the wrong Cargo bay, and now

they're headed off to SEVEN different countries! It's one heck of a ride, with sorrow, exhaustion, weirdness, and jolly good fun as the turtles find

that there's no place like home, wherever you are.

This is dedicated to all my readers. Bless you all.

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they call the armada and attack...


"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."


The late evening sun was beginning to sink over the hilltops outside New York. Parents were beginning their night time preparations of bringing

their reluctant children to bed.

Underneath the city streets, someone was making preparations of their own, rummaging through the family trunk in search of neccesary items,

sighing as he impatiently thrust trivial objects aside.

Ah...here was Donatello's polar bear-he would never leave it behind, he had it since he was a newborn....

Leonardo's Panda....Raphael's Grizzly bear.....

Crunch, crunch.

Crunch, crunch.

Mikey paused, looked at the teeth marks in his apple and sighed.

Nope....he still had all of his baby teeth....what a shame.

Ah, well. Considering what Sei-sei said-that most turtles didn't even have teeth-it was just a cross to bear for now.

The rat scurried through more objects.

Ah....here was Michelangelo's blanket.

Mikey leapt forward with a glad exclamation, hurriedly grasped the small, fading little quilt to his heart before plunking to the ground beside


He HAD offered to help....but Splinter said that the best thing for him to do was to keep watch of their luggage.

Seemed like a rather odd job inside of their own home....but Mikey was proud to say he was, so far, doing a very good job.

The rat pulled out his black scarf, then let out a weary sigh.

Once again, he felt like a blasted fool....putting his sons in danger like this.....


The aged rat put the scarf to the side as his head slowly turned to the side, eyes becoming sorrowful, face careworn.

To face an old Ming Vase.


His master's dying wish was to be laid to rest back home.


Such a far, far place away from New York....

He HAD to honor his Master's wish. It was the only way Yoshi could truly rest in peace!

But....to get there in the first place....


Airline travel-completely out of the question. Airlines were too carefully guarded, and the last thing-the absolute last thing-they needed was to be

caught directly by the FBI.

So that had left one option left.

Cargo lift.

It would be uncomfortable, long, and dangerous....and although he had packed for over a week, they could not bring much with them.....

...but he'd lose his left eye before he left his little ones alone.

Splinter jerked out of his reverie, surprised.

Mikey's tiny arms were wrapped around the rat, as if he'd sensed his discomfort.

Splinter managed a thin smile before pulling the little turtle close, then, his smile grew larger as he looked over his shoulder at the door.

"My sons....I know you are there."


Then, three little faces peeked out from the door frame.

Leo swallowed, stepped forwards, then rushed into Splinter's arms, followed closely by Don and Raph.

As Splinter held them tightly for a moment, he drew them all back slightly to look at each.

"Do not look so gloomy, my sons. Be of good cheer. If you follow my instructions, there will be no trouble."

Well....he couldn't promise THAT....

"Well....follow me and everything should work out fine."

Indeed, Splinter had tutored them with different signals over the past few weeks....most adhering to QUIET and HIDE.

Leo took hold of Boo-his bear-and bit his lip.


Splinter tapped him on the nose, making the younger giggle and hide his face in his hands.

"We leave tomorrow, my sons. At Five....we do not wish to be late. This will mean early bedtime....

.....and bath."

Gasps of horror echoed around him as four little turtles scurried off.

Splinter chuckled to himself before stiffly standing up and stretching.

Time for the all too charming nightly ritual of dragging his sons out of hiding.

"Wake up, my son," said Splinter gently, shaking Raph just a little.

Raphael moaned, and sank back into his curled up ball of warmth...

Splinter laughed softly.

"My sons....we must be off soon. Now, come along."

As Splinter moved to wake Donatello, Raph yawned and rubbed at his eyes, blinking sleepily.

Ah....that....that was right....

Raphael crawled halfway out of bed, still rubbing his eyes.....

Normally, their household woke at six....mrmmthhh...

He...had to.....fight off....Zs...

Raph couldn't help but smile, even as his feet reached the freezing floor.

Good luck waking Mikey.

They had done it.

It had been quite a long walk-Splinter had to carry each of them occasionally-but they had arrived at the docks.

Five minutes until Ship left harbor....they didn't have much time.

The rat hurriedly pulled Donatello's clammy hand into the safety of the shadows as two chuckling sailors went by.

Now or never.

Splinter quickly looked around as the first warning horn sounded....

Ah! The porthole....

It there was a little difficulty opening it....but the rat was relieved to pry it open as the second horn sounded....

"Hurry, my sons! Get in!"

As each one scrambled inside, Splinter carefully counted....

One...Two...Three...Four....good. Splinter threw the bags inside, and hastily squeezed himself in as he slammed the window shut.


Tooot! Toooot!

The final horn sounded.

The boat churned,as the waves began to crash more violently against its sides.

And the five were surrounded by darkness, lit only by a few lonely lamp lights, swinging on the rafts.


Don whimpered.

Splinter soothingly drew circles with his fingertips on a moaning Donatello's stomach.

It had been just a little over an hour-according to the clock that was ticking nearby-on their voyage, and the turtles had already been quite


Splinter heavily sighed. Poor little things.

Well....what did you expect? Four little toddlers who had never even been in a CAR before....suddenly on a continuely rocking boat at sea....

Leonardo's head-which was a darker shade of green then usual- was on his right knee, a palm on his head. Raph, groaning, was leaning against

Splinter's side. Donatello was on his lap, and Mikey's head was on his opposite knee.

The rat out a tiny sigh.

At least this trip wouldn't be boring...


The rat hastily drew back an hour later, pulling the dozing turtle tots with him behind the gate as a flashlight began to scan around.....

...but no. They remained safely out of sight.

There was no time to relax, however. Splinter's eyes narrowed as the two guards slowly drew past, talking. He couldhear snatches of teh

conversation now.

"....so, overall, a good time?"

The other chuckled. "Yes. Japan was lovely-Tokyo a bit crowded, perhaps. I preferred Hokkaido."

"Aww....the city's the heart and soul of the country, though!"

"I wouldn't say that. The countryside was lovely.....Vera loved it." The man sighed heavily.

"It will be a long time before we can go back THERE. Pretty expensive place, Japan."

Splinter blinked. Surely, a few days wasn't THAT long to wait....

"Arrr....maybe you're right." The man shone his flashlight at the ceiling, where a seagull fluttered.

"So, when do you suppose you'll get to go back?"

"....well.....it might be nice to go back for our fifth honeymoon. By then, we can go to Kyoto instead of skiing."

The other man nodded as they both turned around again. It looked like they were completing their rounds.

Splinter had been ready to let lose the breath he had been holding, but then, one of the men spoke up again, sounding slightly wistful as they

sipped their coffee.

"Ah....Rob, Wouldn't it be funny if THIS ship were off to Japan?"

Mikey's eyes widened, looking puzzled as Splinter held his mouth. Splinter ridgened.


The other man laughed again.

"You wish. As if we'll have such merrymaking in the true North. And I'm a mutant skunk."

This....this couldn't be right....

He had checked, though! Every ship in the pier!

Raph threw him a wondering glance as the footsteps faded....

As soon as they had gone, Splinter darted out to the cargo labels.

This would have the delivery address....

As the rat scanned the dark wording, squinting in the dim light, Splinter's heart stopped beating.

This was a mistake, this was a mistake....

He had made POSITIVE!

But....if this was true....


The turtles were quite frightened now.

Truth be told, so was the rat himself. He forced himself, however, to breathe calmly and deeply.

Relax....just relax.....

Luckily, all the crew had retired for the night....the deck was completely devoid of anyone in sight. It was completely silent in the salty air, save for

the constant crashing of waves and the sound of birds fluttering and squaking high above their heads.

The turtles had ventured with Splinter up to the surface of the ship....and confirmed it.

Donatello bit his lip, looking up at Splinter as his hands gripped the railing.

The rat stared at the unfamiliar sea as seagulls swooped and shrieked overhead.

Donatello tugged on Splinter's arm, looking anxious.

"Um.....Sei-Sei? Are we.....uh...."

Leo gulped, and took Splinter's opposite hand.


Are....we on the wrong ship?"


Behind the frozen figures, in the darkness, fluttering in the breeze, there flew a crimson and white flag, a small maple leaf in its center.

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