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An entire week went by. Chris received no phone calls, no text's...NOTHING from Stephanie. He wanted so badly to call her, just to see if she was alright. A week away from the person you love was hard to bare, especially for Chris. The week felt like years to him. He finally gave in and decided maybe he would text her.

He sat down on his back yard patio that over-looked his pool. He then began texting her.

Hey Steph,

I haven't heard from you in a week. Are you ok?

Is everything going ok? Has Hunter hit you since we last spoken last week?

You got to let me know something, I am going crazy here.

Anyways, I miss you. I'll talk to you soon.

Love Always


Chris waited and waited what seemed like eternity, but in reality, it had only been about 30 minutes. Finally he heard his phone go off. He noticed it was her number. He quickly answered it.

"Stephanie?" Chris answered.

"Wrong guess asshole." Hunter blurted out.

"Hunter? What the hell are you on Stephanie's phone for?" Chris asked.

"I saw your little text you sent my wife earlier. Let me tell you something right now buddy... if you don't BACK OFF and leave her alone, she'll get it even worse. I'll torture her. I'll rape her over and over and over again and it'll all be because of you. And there's nothing you can do about it. You have no proof, Chris. It's my word AND Stephanie's against yours. She might confide in you, but she dares not to disobey me. She'll lie. Hell, she does whatever I say. I have total control over everything she does. So talk to her again, and see if I don't make HER suffer for your stubbornness." Hunter said.

Chris was completely shocked. He has no idea just how sick Hunter really was. He wanted to kill him.

"You son a bitch..." Chris started to say.

"Keep going... cause she's already gonna get it tonight because of you. I know we have Raw tomorrow night, so I won't harm her where people can see the bruises... but maybe tonight I'll just force myself on her. You'd like that, right Chris?" Hunter said evilly. "I know she's the one thing you want, and it kills you because I have her... and not only do I have her, but I can do whatever I want to her, when ever I want to." Hunter said.

"Hunter...please don't harm her. I promise I won't text anymore, ok? Just... don't take it out on her, it's not her fault." Chris broke down and said. He was an hour away from Stephanie, so he knew he didn't have time to rush over there before Hunter could get a hold of her.

Just then Stephanie walked into the room that Hunter was in. Chris could hear her talking in the background. Hunter decided to take this opportunity to really scare Chris.

"Stephanie... why is Chris calling you?" he asked in that scary tone of his.

"What?" Stephanie asked innocently.

"I'm on the phone with him right now. Your completely busted." Hunter said.

"Hunter...I...I didn't ever tell him to call me." Stephanie said, getting nervous.

"Hunter, PLEASE...it's my fault." Chris blurted out. He couldn't STAND apologizing to that monster, but at that time, he had no choice.

"You shut up. It's your fault that she's gonna get it tonight." Hunter yelled.

"Hunter, PLEASE. I am sorry... take it out on me, not Stephanie." Chris begged.

Hunter sat there a second. He wasn't done scaring the hell out of Chris.

"Stephanie, get in the bedroom, NOW." Hunter said firmly.

"Hunter, please, I didn't do anything." Stephanie said as her voice cracked. She was on the verge of tears.

"I SAID, get in the bedroom, NOW. I wont tell you again." Hunter yelled.

Chris heard Stephanie crying in the background. He lost it.


"Excuse me?" asked Hunter.


"Your not very smart are you Chris?" Hunter asked. He then called out for Stephanie, she then walked back up to Hunter. She looked terrified.

"What are you doing?" Chris asked as he heard Hunter get quite.

Hunter then grabbed Stephanie by the hair and yanked her over to him closer where Chris could really hear her scream. Stephanie started crying loudly.

"HUNTER...please, stop...just stop..." Chris said. He felt terrible, like it was all his fault.

Hunter pulled Stephanie to the phone. "Now Stephie, tell Chris here to LEAVE you alone before you end up in a funeral home." Hunter said calmly. Chris was completely disgusted.

Stephanie sat there with the phone to her ear. She couldn't even talk, she was crying so hard.

"TELL HIM." Hunter yelled.

Stephanie screamed louder as Hunter pulled her hair even harder, and she then blurted out into the phone... "Please Chris, just hang up." She was so ashamed.

"Stephanie, it'll be ok." Chris said softly. He was crying on the other end, but he dared not let Stephanie hear him, he had to be strong for the two of them.

"NO, I TOLD YOU TO TELL HIM TO STAY AWAY. TELL HIM." Hunter yelled at the top of his lungs. Chris felt himself turn blood red. He was PISSED. Stephanie didn't say anything.

Suddenly Chris heard a loud smack on the phone, and right after it he heard a loud boom, and he heard Stephanie cry even louder. That was all it took for him. He knew Hunter had no idea where he was. He was going to make a trip over there. He might not be able to save her from all of the abuse that moment, but he sure as hell was going to be over in less then an hour. He quickly hung up the phone, as he had heard enough. He didn't know what he was going to do or say, but all he knew was he wasn't leaving without Stephanie.

37 minutes later...

Chris arrived at their home. He had rode 80 miles an hour the whole way. He noticed all the lights were out inside the house. He wasn't going to lie, he was nervous. He didn't know what he was about to walk in on. All he knew was he prayed to god he didn't end up killing Hunter. That was all he needed, life in prison. But he would have though...for her.

He didn't even knock, he opened the door slowly, and noticed no one was downstairs. He heard a noise coming from upstairs and so he followed it slowly. He began walking up the stairs when he all of a sudden heard Stephanie yelling "Hunter, please don't." She sounded so desperate. He then RAN up the stairs. He quickly slammed the door open, and Hunter froze. Chris looked over at the two and noticed Hunter had Stephanie on the bed in her pants and a bra. He figured he came JUST in time before it went any further. It was dark so he could barely see. But he didn't care at all. Stephanie and Hunter couldn't see who it was period.

"What the..." was all that Hunter could manage to say. Chris LEAPED over at Hunter and began beating the holy hell out of him. Hunter didn't even get a swing in. Stephanie laid there on the bed, she was screaming. She had no idea it was Chris. She quickly wrapped herself in a sheet. She watched as the two went at it. All she could see were black figures moving, and things crashing. She watched on as some person continued to beat the crap out of Hunter. She didn't say a word to stop it either. After a few minutes Hunter didn't move. Stephanie then spoke up.

"PLEASE...Stop, your going to kill him." Stephanie said desperately.

Chris then stopped. There was no denying he wanted to continue... but he had to do as Stephanie wished. He then got off Hunter and walked over to Stephanie, who was still sitting up in the bed. She saw the man start to approach her, and she became afraid.

"Please... don't come any closer." Stephanie said, her voice shaky.

"You alright?" Chris asked, thinking maybe Stephanie didn't see him.

Stephanie immediately recognized the voice. She trusted that voice.

"CHRIS?" she called out.

"Yeah, it's me." Chris said softly.

At that moment, Stephanie was beyond thrilled. It was the greatest sound she ever heard.

Stephanie suddenly saw his face in the darkness, and threw her arms around him. "CHRIS!" she yelled as she began crying.

"Don't cry, Steph." smiled Chris as he caressed her cheek. "Here... let me turn the light on; I can barely see you."

"I'm coming with you." Stephanie said as she quickly jumped up and didn't dare let go of him. She felt safe in his arms. She followed him to the door where he turned the lights on.

Chris then noticed she was in her bra, but quickly looked around her face and arms for bruises. There were none. "Thank God." Chris smiled as he leaned in and rubbed her face gently.

"What?" asked Stephanie, who still didn't let go of him.

"I was scared that you would have bruises all over you." Chris said.

"No, he actually didn't hurt me after you hung up. He was just about to...." Stephanie said as she looked down and blushed. "Sorry...let me get a shirt on." she said as she rushed over to her dresser and put a shirt on.

He just sat there and smiled as he watched her. God he loved her. He had to tell her.

She then walked back over and hugged him tightly again. "You don't know how happy I am to see you." she sighed as she just stared right at him.

Before Chris knew what came over him, he leaned in and kissed her. He kissed her ever so gently. A few seconds later he pulled away. He saw the look of shock in Stephanie's face.

"Steph...I'm...sorry. I shouldn't have done that." Chris said, feeling like such an idiot.

"Oh my god!" Stephanie blurted out, like almost amazed.

"What?" asked Chris.

"Your... your in my dream." Stephanie said.

At first, Chris had no idea what she was talking about.

"Huh?" he asked.

"The dream... I told you about the blonde haired guy coming to rescue me, and I was in the dark... and he saved me. He then went to kiss me and I never saw who it was... it was you Chris!" Stephanie said in amazement.

"The one you were telling me about a few weeks ago on the balcony?" Chris asked.

"YES!" Stephanie blurted out in excitement. "Your the one."

Chris stood there a second. "Oh my god, it all adds up. Just like in your dream." Chris said as he remembered the dream now.

Stephanie stood there in amazement. "All these years... you were the one." she said as she paused. "Oh my god!"

Chris smiled. It was the happiest moment of their life.

"Stephanie, go get in my car. I'm calling Vince." Chris said.

"Why?" asked Stephanie.

"I'm having him come get this asshole, because I sure as hell ain't touching him." Chris said as he saw Hunter start to move again.

"Ok." Stephanie said as she went to get in the car. Fifteen minutes later Chris came out.

"You ready?" Chris asked.

"Where we going?" Stephanie asked.

"Where ever you want to. I can drop you off at your parents if you want me to." Chris said, hoping that maybe she wanted to stay with him.

"No, I want to go with you." Stephanie said.

"Ok. My home is an hour away. We'll be there in like 50 minutes." Chris said.

"Ok." Stephanie said. "But... what about Hunter?"

"Your father is on his way with the police to file chargers. I told him you had been through a lot tonight and that we could all talk about this tomorrow afternoon at the arena." Chris said. "I also told him you were staying with a friend. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Stephanie smiled. She just looked so happy, almost like she glowed. He had never seen her smile so much. He figured she felt safe and was glad to finally be out of that situation.

Chris smiled as he looked over and saw that Stephanie had fallen a sleep on their way to his house.

"Poor thing must be exhausted." Chris whispered to himself as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, and off her face.

Finally they made it to Chris's house. He parked the car and turned it off. He saw that Stephanie was still asleep. He didn't want to wake her. She looked so peaceful. He got out and went to her side and picked her up. He was surprised how light she was. He then carried her inside the house and walked upstairs and laid her gently on the bed. He then took her shoes off. She was already in her PJ's. He then tucked her in to the warm bed. He went to get up and heard Stephanie call out to him.

"Wait Chris!"

"You alright?" he asked as he smiled and sat next to her on the bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I was going to go to sleep. I figured you might want your own space." Chris smiled.

"No... please, stay with me." Stephanie begged.

"Are you sure?" asked Chris.

"Yes, please." Stephanie said, sounding desperate.

"Ok." smiled Chris as he gently caressed her cheek.

He then leaned up and took his shoes off. "I'll be right back. I have to go get my PJ's on." smiled Chris.

"Hurry back." smiled Stephanie.

A few minutes later Chris came back. Stephanie giggled as she saw the PJ bottoms he was wearing.

"What?" Chris chuckled.

"Nice PJ's." laughed Stephanie.

"Yeah...well... I like Sponge Bob." he chuckled.

"Me too." smiled Stephanie.

Chris then climbed in beside her and got under the covers. He still couldn't believe this was all happening. He was now glad he made that phone call. If not, she might not be with him right now.

Chris went to turn the light out.

"NO!" Stephanie said.

"You want to sleep with the light on?" he asked.

"Well...atlease the TV. Just so I can see you." Stephanie said.

"Ok, no problem." Chris said as he turned the TV on, muted it, and then turned the main light out. "Better?"

"Much better." Stephanie smiled as she snuggled closer. Chris still didn't know what his limits were so he didn't want to do anything that might upset her... I mean the girl just got abused.


"Yeah?" asked Chris.

"Can you put your arm around me?" she asked innocently.

"Sure." Chris smiled as he snuggled closer and wrapped his arms around her.

A minute later Chris heard a random chuckle. "Steph? What's so funny?" Chris asked.

"I was just thinking... who would have ever thought I would have ended up finding comfort in the arms of my enemy. It's just funny." Stephanie said as she giggled.

Chris then let out a chuckle. "Yeah, I see your point. Remember when we use to HATE each other?" laughed Chris.

"Yeah.." laughed Stephanie as she paused. "Chris..." she asked.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"I never hated you. I only pretended to." she admitted.

"What?" Chris asked, looking a little shocked.

"I never hated you...I just always pretended to because I loved all the time we spent together...you know, insulting each other." Stephanie chuckled as she snuggled back up to Chris.

After a few moments of silence...

"I never hated you either." Chris said softly.

Stephanie couldn't help it, that was exactly what she wanted to hear. She broke down on Chris's chest.

"Hey..don't cry...what's wrong?" Chris asked as he lifted her face.

"It's just that...sometimes when you insulted me, I'd cry myself to sleep some nights. I wanted you to like me so bad...because I never hated you." Stephanie said as she started crying a little heavier. "And Hunter... he'd always be so mean to me and act like my feelings didn't matter at all. I became closer and closer to you, even though you hated me." she cried.

"Oh Steph...don't cry... I never hated you. I'm so sorry I hurt you when I said all those things... I never meant any of it. I loved you." Chris said as he held her close.

Stephanie then stopped crying and smiled as Chris whiped a tear from her eye.

"Now get some sleep... your exausted." smiled Chris. "I'll be here as soon as you wake up. And tomorrow afternoon this will all be resolved."

They laid down and cuddled... before they knew it, they were fast asleep.