Dad in Hollywood

by: emaleelilac

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Sonny's POV

Once my mom got to the studio my dad grabbed out a large red tote bag and my mom left.

"That's not the bag is it?" I asked Addison. She nodded.

"Dad no!" I whined. "My friends are going to make fun of me!"And I wasn't thinking of the cast of "So Random!" , at the time a certain blond boy came to my mind.

"NO, sweetie if they've got a good sense of humor they'll love it!" He responded.

"Do not take your stupid bag of pranks on my set!" I nearly yelled at him.

He gave me a cold glare.

"You can't order me around, Alison. I will do as I want. I am the parent." And with that he walked to the door. Me and Addie exchanged annoyed glances and went after him.

"Dad you don't know your way around the studio!" I shouted after him. "You'll get lost!" And he's the parent?


We went to the prop house and Addie looked amazed.

"This is where your cast hangs out!" She gushed. I nodded.

Nico and Grady walked in.

"I'm tellin' you man! That was not a time machine!" Nico told Grady.

"Oh my gosh!" Addie screamed.

"It's Nico Harris and Grady Mitchel!" She ran up to them and hugged each one. "Sorry. I'm a hugger." She said as she pulled away.

"Sonny, is this your sister?" Grady asked.

"Yep." I responded.

"We could tell." Nico said.

"I'm Addison Monroe." She said holding her hand out to the boys. The both took turns shaking it.

"Wait till she meets Chad Dylan Cooper, she'll freak out." I said.

"I get to meet Chad Dylan Cooper? Oh my!" Addie squeeled.

"I'm going to go take a look around." My dad said walking out.

" Don't interrupt any filming!" I called after him but he ignored me. I rolled my eyes.

"And that was your dad?" Nico asked.

"Uh- huh. He likes to pull "pranks", but they're all horrible like a 9 year old boy would pull." I explained.

"He sounds awesome!" Grady said with enthusiasm.

"Well, he's not. Do we get to meet Chad now?" Addie asked dreamily.

"Girl screams when she meets us and get the chance to meet some three named boy and she'd kill for it." Nico grumbled.

"That's how it works." Sonny nodded. Addison went over to look at their gnome Gnomy on the table.

"Sonny you're sister is-" Nico started but I glared at him.

"She's thirteen." I said bitterly.

"She's very nice." Nico said instead.

"Nice save." I said.

"I thought you were going to say she was hot?" Grady questioned.

"I can hear you!" Addison said from beside the gnome.

"Then, let's go to the Commissary to eat and maybe see Chad!" I offered and we left. Chad wasn't there, but Tawni was.

She ran up to them. "Oh, Sonny! Who's this?" Tawni asked with a big smile.

"My little sister, Addison." I told her.

"She reminds me of me! I'm going to teach her to be a mini Tawni!" Tawni gushed.

"What if I don't want to be a mini Tawni?" She asked, a little scared.

"Come on! It'll be fun! The food's gross so you won't want to eat any way!" Tawni said pulling Addison out of the cafeteria.

"Well we're gonna go get some food, Sonny." Grady said as he and Nico went up to the counter of "ick."

I nodded searching the room for Chad, who was still nowhere to be found.

Chad's POV

I was walking through the hall looking for Sonny when I bumped into an unfamiliar man. He reminded me slightly of Sonny but I had never seen him before.

"Oh, hey. I'm Mark Monroe. You're that boy who's picture is on every inch of wall space in both my daughter's rooms back in Wisconsin!" The man said.

"Oh, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper. You must be Sonny's dad." I said shaking his out stretched hand.

"Yup." I said and a shock went through my body.

What the hack?" I asked. He held up his hand and there was a buzzer on it. I wanted to give the man the coldest glare I had and walk away but it was Sonny's dad. If he liked me then it would be easier to get to Sonny. I laughed and he burst out in hysterics. I rolled my eyes where he couldn't see and kept laughing.

"You think that's funny? I've got a whole bag of tricks. You wanna help?" The man asked between giggles.

"Sure, Mr. Monroe." I said with a smile.

"Please call me Mark. Mr. Monroe makes me sound old." He said with a grimace.

'Dude, you are old.' My mind screamed but I kept my mouth shut.


Mark laughed and set the whoopee cushion under the padding of Tawni's chair in her dressing room and we hid in the closet. This man was beyond juvenile.

Tawni walked in with some blond little girl and sat down. There was a loud farting noise. The girl burst out into laughter. Mark was about to do the same but restrained.

"That wasn't me." Tawni said, eyes wide with embarrassment.

"Sure it wasn't." the girl said covering her mouth to hide the laughter.

Tawni sat deeper in the chair and another farting noise came out.

"So that's what I have to do to be a mini Tawni?" The girl laughed.

"Addison Monroe!" Tawni scolded. "To be a mini Tawni you must always believe Tawni, never laugh about bodily functions, and always stay looking perfect and fabulous."

"And fart in the dressing room?" Addison asked.

"Okay, we're done in here." Tawni said grabbing a makeup bag from a table nearby. "We're going to go flirt with the Teen Gladiator hunks!" Tawni laughed as they ran out of the room.

"That was my daughter. She should've stayed with me and would be having fun." Mark said as we stepped out of the closet.

I'll admit that was a little funny.

"So what next Mr. Monroe?" I asked. He gave me a look. "I mean Mark." I corrected.

And that is how we were hiding behind a desk in Ms. Bittermen's classroom. She walked in with her papers in her hand and screamed.

"Grady's essay is horrible." She said to herself taking a red pen and writing something on the top paper.

Mark shot her in the butt with a cork from a wooden fake gun.

"Oh!" She screamed looking for the source of the hit and finding nothing. "Must be imagining things." She said to herself.

Mark shot her two more times and she screamed and looked around running out of the room and down the hall.

Mark high fived me and we went in the opposite direction.

Good thing we weren't filming anything for a while.

This was going to be a long week.

-Ema Lee

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