Lost Friends

Chapter One

A wedding, a cruise, and a premonition

Bonnie shot up from sleep, gasping. Sweat dripped down her forehead and her breathing was quick and erratic. She glanced to her side and saw Junior still sleeping comfortably next to her. He was gripping his pillow and making out with it.

Obviously he was having another dream about her.

Quietly, Bonnie got and walked to the kitchen. After having a small glass of water, she went back to the bedroom and went to the dresser. On top of it was an envelope. It had gold trimmed around the edges and had Bonnie Rockwaller and Senior Senior Junior on the cover, written in shiny, cursive letters.

Bonnie opened the already unsealed envelope and glanced at the paper inside. She gave a small smirk and shook her head as she read the glossy, colorful paper again.


You have been cordially invited to the wedding of Kimberly Ann Possible and Ronald Carl Stoppable.

Location: Possible household

Date: June 25

Dress: Formal

Please RSVP as soon as possible!

Bonnie had received the invitation a week ago and at first she wasn't sure she was going to go. She knew Kim and Ron would invite her no matter what. It was in their nature, but she realized the history she had had with them both.

Even though it had been a year since she had last seen them during high school graduation, she still felt that she wasn't worthy of being there. She hadn't exactly been friendly to them during high school. In fact, she had been nothing but a bully and a pain in their butts.

But that was until she began having the nightmares.

They first started when she first got the invitation, and every night since she'd been having them. Just thinking about them made her whole body shiver. Not only were they incredibly realistic, but they were also downright scary.

She would find herself on a large cruise ship. She'd be walking around the deck, watching vacationers swimming or sun bathing. She'd be in a grand ballroom dancing while wearing a flowing party dress. Everything around here was bright and cheerful.

Then, almost like turning off a switch, the sky would get dark. All the people on the boat were running and screaming around. Others were attacking each other, their red eyes piercing into Bonnie's soul.

Then she'd see Kim and Ron. They would look at her from across the boat, with cold, emotionless eyes. Their faces would suddenly melt away, revealing only their skull faces underneath. They would keep staring at her, with their skeletal faces until they open their mouths to speak. No words would come out, but an audible growling sound would come up from their throats. An unearthly, inhuman sound. After that, a bright flash of green light would engulf everything.

That's when Bonnie would wake up, each night. The nightmare was basically the same, and Kim and Ron's face melting away, hearing that unearthly growling, and seeing that bright green light was always present.

She hadn't thought about going to Kim and Ron's wedding, but after the nightmares, it was the only thing she looked forward to.

The nightmares were telling her something, something important about Ron and Kim, she thought. She wasn't an expert in interpreting dreams.

Then again these nightmares could be nothing more than the ill effects of late night snacking.

Junior was such a sound sleeper, that he hadn't witnessed any of her sudden wake ups after experiencing the nightmares. She felt that it wasn't important for him to know about them.

He had enough to worry about, running his own record label and controlling his family's estate after his father passed away recently.

That's how she got the apartment and the full scholarship enrollment to London College of Fashion. Having a billionaire boyfriend has its perks.

She tucked the invitation back into its envelope and placed it back onto the dresser. She RSVP'd yesterday and the wedding was still a few days away.

Bonnie had some school in between then. She hoped that would take her mind off everything.

Bonnie carefully slid back into her bed. She extended her hand to caress Junior's bare, chiseled chest. She sighed, as she hoped that she could finally get some sleep.

Usually the nightmare came only once and then it would wouldn't come back until the next night. Bonnie closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift into sleep.

As soon as Bonnie and Junior arrived for the wedding at the Possible house, everyone stopped and stared at them. Bonnie had on a flowing lavender dress, which accented her every curve and showed off her perfect form. She walked with her usual swagger that told everyone what kind girl she was.

Junior wore a tuxedo that showed of his muscular frame. He looked handsome as always and together they really made a dynamite couple.

The two had flown in from London on Junior's private jet and had stayed in the ritziest hotel in Middleton.

Bonnie really enjoyed the attention; one of the reasons she was going to school to become a model.

All sorts of old friends and old acquaintances bombarded Bonnie; wanting to say a quick hello. She smiled when she saw her best friend Tara, who was wearing just as stunning an outfit as her. The two went to different schools, but both lived in London so they saw much of each other. Tara was one of the few friends Bonnie could call a friend.

Tara was training to become an actress and writer. She hugged Bonnie and led her to a row of chairs that were just in front of the altar.

The entire arrangement was done outside in the backyard and was very nature oriented with flowers and other plant life surrounding the area. A violin Quintet played sweet, classical music as the guests began to take their seats.

"I'm so glad you decided to come. Isn't this exciting?" Tara squealed.

"Yeah." Bonnie had to admit it. At first, she thought Kim shouldn't have anything to do with Ron. He was a loser by all her standards and Kim could find some cuter, more accomplished man, but she slowly began to warm up to Ron and realized how perfect they were for each other. Their missions and the fact that they knew each other from preschool and had been able to remain such good friends made their relationship that much stronger.

Junior felt the same way too. After his father died, Kim and Ron showed up to the funeral, secretly, since everyone else there were villains. Even Bonnie didn't go because Junior didn't want one of the villains getting the wrong idea of kidnapping her and putting her up for ransom.

The two heroes approached Junior in disguise and told him what a great man his father had been. Junior stopped being a villain after that and found great respect for Ron and Kim.

Bonnie glanced over the aisles when she heard murmuring and saw Ron walking up to his place in front of the altar. He looked gorgeous in his black tux. His hair was slicked back and his eyes seemed to sparkle with a mixture of nervousness and joy. If he dressed like that all the time, there was no doubt that every girl he'd run into would fall at his feet.

On his shoulder, was his pet mole rat, Rufus. Bonnie had to stifle a laugh when she saw Rufus with a tuxedo on. It was cute to see, which surprised her because she had always thought Rufus was disgusting.

Felix was behind him and was obviously his best man. Next was a small boy, probably about thirteen or fourteen. Bonnie recognized him as the face on Kim's Kimmunicator. Wade; it took her a few seconds to remember the name. Kim's brother's Jim and Tim made up the rear.

They were followed by the maids of honor. Monique came first, followed by Zita, then Crystal, and finally Hope. Tara had been invited to be a maid of honor, but her schoolwork was so busy, she was barely able to make time to come to the wedding.

Bonnie had also been offered the job, but made up an excuse about being sick. She didn't feel like being Kim's maid of honor. It's not that she didn't want to, but she felt that she wasn't worthy of it; her history and all.

After everyone was in place, the violin quintet began to play "Here Comes the Bride." The wedding was starting.

During the reception, Bonnie and Junior mingled with the other guests. Bonnie couldn't believe how beautiful Kim looked in her wedding dress when she walked down the aisle. White ribbons pulled her hair back and her makeup made her whole face pop out. When the veil was removed everyone gasped at her beauty; even Bonnie.

Kim noticed Bonnie from across the yard and caught her eye. She started towards her with open arms and a big smile.

"Bonnie, I'm so glad you could come. You don't how much this means to me," Kim thanked as she hugged her.

Bonnie tensed up, but loosened slightly and returned the hug. She wasn't expecting Kim too be so warm to her.

"I'm…glad I could come. Congratulations, and you look very beautiful in that dress, K."

Kim looked at Bonnie with shock. "You complementing me? Who are you and what have you done with Bonnie Rockwaller? A year ago you would've said that this dress would look better on you," Kim joked.

The thought hadn't even crossed Bonnie's mind, which surprised her. "I guess a year away changes people."

"Not for the worse I hope," replied Kim.

"Of course not. I am Bonnie Rockwaller," Bonnie said proudly.

"Of course," Kim said, mimicking her voice. "Let's go somewhere and talk."

After Kim and Bonnie found a bench to sit on a little ways away from the reception area, one thing was clear: after only thirty minutes of catching up, the two were lost in their conversation; not even Ron could separate them as he was being hounded by so many guests and needed back up, but they couldn't help it. They clicked so well and acted as if they had been best friends forever.

"Wow Kim, I have to admit. I was a little afraid to come today," Bonnie admitted.

"Why?" Kim asked.

"After all the mean things I said and did to you, I was afraid you would hold a grudge. I hadn't exactly been a friend to you or Ron."

Kim waved her hand. "That's ancient history. We're adults now, we have our whole lives ahead of us. We shouldn't let high school sitches get in the way." Kim grasped Bonnie's hand. "I've already forgiven you a long time ago, and by the way we've been talking, it appears that your attitude towards people has changed too."

Bonnie noticed too that the entire time she had talked with Kim, she hadn't put down a single person; not one. It was a refreshing and liberating feeling. She realized that she didn't have to talk down about people to build herself up. She could just be…nice. Her sisters could learn from this.

"I'm glad to hear that Kim. Maybe…we could be friends?"

Kim embraced Bonnie again in a tight bear hug. "We're best friends now. After the honeymoon, we should go out and do something."

Bonnie smiled. "So what honeymoon plans do you and the lucky groom have?" She winked at Kim.

Kim blushed as she answered. "Ron and I are flying to Miami tonight. We'll be on a three week-long cruise, just sailing the to all the hotspots. Jamaica, the Bahamas…"

"Wait, you said a cruise?" Bonnie cut in.

"Yeah, is something wrong?"

Bonnie couldn't believe it. Her nightmares were telling her something, or were they? Maybe she was just overreacting. Kim and Ron were the greatest crime fighting team in the world; nothing could stop them. They could do anything. It was their motto for Pete's sake.

"Bonnie? Bon Bon?"

"Huh?" Bonnie was snapped back to reality.

"You seemed surprised that Ron and I are going on a cruise, are you all right?" she asked with genuine concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Bonnie shrugged off.

It was just a nightmare. Nothing bad will happen to them, she thought.

Bonnie collapsed onto her bed after the flight back to London. She was still questioning her actions the day earlier. Should she have told Kim about her nightmares? No, it would just freak Kim out.

Junior had some business tonight at his London studio and wouldn't be over until late. Kim had joked about how Bonnie and Junior were sleeping together, until she found out it was true.

Bonnie found Kim's reaction to be hilarious. She and Ron had obviously not done it yet.

Bonnie walked over to her desk and turned on her computer. Kim told Bonnie that the cruise ship had a strict no cell phones policy, but instant messaging was allowed and each cabin had its own computer with Internet access.

Kim and her had exchanged e-mails so they could get a start on their newfound friendship. Bonnie typed up Kim's e-mail into her address book. After a few seconds, she saw that Kim was already signed in. She activated her IM page and began typing.

Princess Bon Bon: Hey K, how's the cruise going?

Bluefox: Hey B! It's great. Ron and I are having a blast! This ship is huge; I can't wait to show you all the pictures I'll be taking.

Princess Bon Bon: How's Ron holding up?

Bluefox: He's fine. We were just getting ready to explore the ship some more. Being the famous Team Possible, the captain wants to give us the grand tour.

Princess Bon Bon: Sounds exciting. Well, I don't want to keep you waiting. I'll IM you tomorrow night when I get back from classes. I have to remember about our time zone difference.

Bluefox: Okay, I'll see you later, B.

Princess Bon Bon: Goodnight K.

Bonnie was about to log off when one more message came up.

Bluefox: Goodnight…best friend.

A week had past since Kim and Bonnie had begun their Instant Messaging. Bonnie looked forward to it each day after school.

Bonnie never realized how much fun Kim was, or how much they seemed to have in common. For at least an hour each day the two would talk about their work, their school, current news, the cruise, and their relationships.

Kim liked to tease Bonnie about Junior marrying her someday. An event that Bonnie was hoping might come true.

Even Kim would joke about how Ron was getting jealous because of their long-distance conversations. She mentioned that Ron would like to become friends too. Bonnie welcomed the offer, even saying that she would pay for the Bueno Nacho. She received an overwhelming booyah.

Kim and Ron decided that after their cruise they would visit Bonnie in London. Bonnie was thrilled to hear it. She was already planning all the spots they could visit since Kim and Ron have only seen a bit of the city due to missions.

Tara came to visit one day, having a small break from her acting class. The two girls sat on the couch, sipping coffee while Bonnie talked about the recent events.

"I tell you Tara, this has been one crazy week. I had no idea that my rival, who I thought I would hate until the end of time, is now becoming one of my best friends. And I'm even seeing Ron as a full human being, not some lowly cockroach."

Tara smiled and nodded as she took a sip of coffee. She hadn't seen Bonnie this happy since Junior bought her a four-story closet full of the top name brand designer clothes.

"It seems that I can safely say that you're no longer the monster you used to be," Tara chuckled.

Bonnie glared at her. "What do you mean by that?"

Tara put her cup down. "You have to admit, you weren't the nicest person in high school. Anyone who was a threat to you, you blew out of the sky. Anybody who wanted to be your friend or approached you in any way had to get the Rockwaller stamp of approval before they could even talk to you. And then they had to remember that you were the queen bee and you were in charge. Face it Bon Bon, during high school, you made dictators look like preschoolers."

Bonnie tried to be mad at Tara, but she knew she was right. She had been a witch.

"Well that's all going to change now. From now on, I'm going to be the kinder, sweeter Bonnie," Bonnie flashed her perfect smile and tossed her dark brown hair.

"Just don't turn into a complete fluff ball. I like that fire you have in you," said Tara.

"Oh don't worry," Bonnie smirked, "I'm a fireball."

Bonnie tossed in her bed as she once again began to have the nightmare again, only this time it was different.

She found herself running down the cruise ship, with a gun in her hand. It was night and all the lights on the ship were off, leaving the deck eerily black. Bonnie could barely make out a dark figure behind the full moon. They were on a high point of the ship, on a structure by the looks of it. Maybe it was the wheelhouse, but she wasn't sure. The figure was chanting something loudly while holding something in its hand, but Bonnie couldn't make out any of the words or what the figure was holding.

Then Kim and Ron grabbed Bonnie from behind, their eyes were glowing a strange yellow color. They were pulling her towards the edge of the boat. They were trying to throw her overboard!

Their grip was too strong; she couldn't break free. They were about to throw her overboard, their faces smiling with malicious intent when…


Bonnie's eyes shot open when she heard the sound of her computer. She thought she had turned it off.

Junior stirred, but didn't wake.


Her computer indicated that she had a message. Bonnie looked at the clock on the table. It read 3:11 A.M.

She groaned as she got up to see who could be bothering her at this time of night. She tripped a couple times as she tried to shake off her sleepiness.

She looked at the computer screen. It was from Kim. She opened the message.

Bluefox: Help! Bonnie, we're in trouble! We need help, please help!!!

Bonnie immediately repsonded when she read the message.

Princess Bon Bon: What's going on, Kim? What's wrong? Are you all right?"

Bluefox: Please send help, something terrible is happening, we can't reach anyone. Please, Bonnie help!

Kim's icon went dead after that. Regardless, Bonnie sent another message to be sure.

Princess Bon Bon: K?

Princess Bon Bon: Kim? Ron? Anyone?

But there was no answer.

Bonnie ran back to the bedside and picked up the phone. She frantically began dialing and put her ear to the receiver as she waited.

"Um, hello?" Anne's voice said, in a slightly tired tone.

"Mrs. Possible? It's me, Bonnie."

"Bonnie? It must be three o' clock where you are; why are you calling so late, dear?"

"Mrs. Possible, I don't have time to explain, but can you contact Kim's tech friend Wade?"

"Sure, but what's going on, are you okay?" Anne's voice sounded worried.

"Please Mrs. Possible, I don't have time. Kim and Ron are in trouble," Bonnie yelled.

"O-okay, I'll call you back," Anne said, startled.

Bonnie was louder than she intended. She didn't want to scare Kim's parents. Maybe Kim was all right, maybe there wasn't anything wrong, but the nightmares Bonnie had had over the weeks began to flood her mind all at once, filing her with dread.

Junior had woken up by now. "What's wrong?" he asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

"I don't know; hopefully nothing," Bonnie replied. She hoped it was nothing and she continued to hold the phone as if her life depended on it.

After a few, painfully agonizing minutes, the phone rang. Bonnie answered so fast that she nearly lost her grip on the phone.

"Hello?" she replied weakly, afraid of what might be said on the other line. Junior wrapped an arm around her waist for comfort.

"Bonnie?" Anne's voice sounded frightened and scared. She was sobbing as she spoke. "Where are Kim and Ron?"

"I only got a message from Kim, telling me that she and Ron were in trouble and needed help. What's happened?" Bonnie got up and began pacing back and forth to calm herself down.

"Wade tried to contact them, but there was no response on her Kimmunicator," Anne sounded as if she was about to go into hysterics, "he then tried to call the ship directly, but again there was no response. He then tried to locate the ship, but isn't on any satellites and Wade said that it isn't giving off a GPS signal. Bonnie…the ship is gone."

To be continued…

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