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"Aaahh!" Tonks yelped, shooting bolt upright in her bed.

Gasping for breath, she closed her eyes and counted to ten before opening them and looking around the room. She was safe, she told herself over and over. Relatively safe, at least. She ran a hand through her dark hair and took a few steadying breaths. A quiet knock came from the door.

"Miss Tonks?" Olivier whispered. "Are you alright?"

"Wotcher Ollie," Tonks said shakily. "I'm fine; just had a nightmare."

"About when we were in jail?" the boy asked, walking into the room and sitting on the end of the bed.


Tonks watched as the small boy picked at a loose thread in the bedspread.

"Do you have nightmares?" she asked.

"Sometimes," he told her. "About what happened to my parents."

"Do you know what happened to them?"

"No. That's why it's so scary."

"Were…were your guards okay to you? When we were in prison?"

"Most of them. They got mad when I asked for my parents, and some of them beat me. Most of them left me alone though; and the last one brought me comics and snuck food in to me. Were yours mean to you?"

Tonks flinched. Mean was an understatement…

"Yeah. We're okay now, though," she smiled slightly.

The pair of them were silent for a moment. Tonks sighed and morphed her hair a few different colors, just because she could do it again.

"Miss Tonks?"


"Could I stay in here tonight?" Olivier asked, scooting closer to her. "I don't want to be alone."

"Sure Ollie."

With a relieved smile, Olivier climbed into bed next to the metamorphmagus and closed his eyes. Tonks watched as he drifted to sleep with a pang of sadness. She wondered if Teddy would have ever wanted to stay with her and Remus after a nightmare. She wondered if he would have looked this peaceful snuggled next to her. She wondered if he would have been able to be happy, if he had lived…


"And Reform Case number two?" Voldemort asked coolly.

"Adjusting, my Lord," Draco nodded. "She hasn't accepted her situation as readily as Ginny, but she's fallen into her new position in my household and working satisfactorily."

"And this new position is…?"

"She is working as Ginny's caregiver and Olivier's tutor."

Voldemort nodded slowly. He beckoned to one of the servants standing along the sides and the boy came forward, carrying a small box.

"A reward, Draco," he said. "Your service has been astounding. Lord Voldemort knows the challenges you have risen to."

Draco took the box and looked inside. It was a gold ring that Draco recognized as a protection amulet.

"My Lord…thank you…" Draco said. "Your servant is honored."

"You have Lord Voldemort's gratitude. Go now."

"Thank you, my Lord."

Draco bowed and exited the room. The hallway was quiet, except for a small clicking noise. Ginny was knitting again, he thought with a smile.

"Ready to go home?" he asked.

"Yeah," she nodded, putting her things back in her bag. He grinned at her as she waddled toward the large fireplace.

"Wipe that look off your face," she chuckled softly once they were back at Malfoy Manor. He'd had a permanently elated expression stuck to his face since she'd started to show. "I'll be in the library, okay?"


Ginny walked slowly down the hall and smiled as she heard Tonks' voice. She knew the metamorphmagus had grown closer to Ollie in the past five months. Tonks had begged Draco to let her be the boy's tutor, and the pair of them had found strength in each other, having been through the same situation. Ginny could hear Ollie laughing at whatever Tonks had said, and decided to say hello before she went to study.

"Hey you two!" she said, peeking into the office.

"Wotcher Gin," Tonks smiled. Ginny noticed that her friend's hair was pink for the first time since she'd gotten out of the prison. "Are you feeling alright today? How did Draco's meeting go?"

"Well, I think. I'm fine, just thought I'd say hi. How's the studying going?"
"Great!" Ollie smiled. "Miss Tonks knows all about Transfiguration."

"He'll be way ahead when he goes to Hogwarts next year," Tonks told her.

"Good. I'm going to the library, need anything?"

"Nah, we're good."

Ginny had decided that the library was her favorite area of the mansion. It was cool, which was a necessity in her current hot-flashing state…Plus, she really loved being surrounded by books. She walked, well waddled actually, slowly toward the Necromancy section and pulled a couple of books off of the shelves. Sitting down, she opened the first one and began to study. Her eyes traveled over the runes of the book, taking them in easier now than when she began studying three months ago.


She turned around as Draco approached. "Hi."

"I have to go to a…er…meeting. I'll be back late, so don't wait up. What are you reading?" He moved over to her and looked down at the book. He looked at her, and then began fidgeting.

Ginny smiled. He only did this when he wanted to tell her something, but was to chicken. "What is it?"

"Necromancy can be dangerous. Please be careful. It's tricky at the best of times, and even studying the basics take a lot out of you."

"I'll be careful."

Draco nodded. "See you."

Ginny watched him go before looking back at the book. Deciding to take it easy that day, she shut it and went to find Tonks and Olivier.

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