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Harry's level of shock made her laugh even harder. Pretty soon, the two of them were laughing uncontrollably—Harry hadn't in ages. As the two of them were trying to stop, they heard a voice from the doorway,

"Care to let me in on your little joke, Minerva and Harry?"

The laughing stopped as abruptly as it had started. Minerva looked at Albus, who was striding into the room, a small smile on his face, yet the twinkle not reaching his eyes. Harry stood up. Minerva walked over to Albus and hugged him, kissing him on the cheek. She whispered, so as Harry could not hear,

"I've already…erm…given him a talking to,"

That was all that needed to be said. Albus nodded. Harry still stood in the same spot—rooted. The tension was so great that Minerva went to switch the white and the black pieces to opposite ends of the chessboard so as to have something to do. Albus walked towards Harry. As he approached, Harry said, fumbling,


Albus held up his hand and shook his head slightly. He was close to Harry now, and the pain in his eyes shone forth like the lantern from a lighthouse across a stormy sea. Harry stopped, like he had been struck. Minerva was frantic now—she couldn't even focus on where the queen was supposed to go when she heard Albus say,

"I tend to find, at moments like these, that words are hardly ever necessary,"

With that, he opened his arms a little. Harry understood and as the two greatest wizards of the time embraced, Minerva felt even more tears glisten. The forgotten pieces clattered as she dropped the rest of them and approached Harry and Albus. First going to Harry she said before pulling him in a tight embrace,

"All will be well. You'll see," Harry nodded, smiling weakly. The lifting of the muscles in his face still felt foreign, like an old friend one meets suddenly in an unexpected place after many years. He watched as she turned to Albus and kissed him—not on the cheek. Harry couldn't help the grin that spread across his face as he watched the two of his most important mentors' love show so openly. He felt immensely privileged. The two turned around and looked at him, seeing his smile. Minerva laughed again. Albus turned to her, a bemused expression showing clearly on his face while saying,

"What, my dear?"

"Oh…hahahahaha…Albus…hahahaha. It's just that…hahahahahaha…. Harry has fallen for a redhead too!"

The three of them laughed together, and Harry felt an inexplicable happiness rush in him. The war was truly over, and this is what he had to look forward to. He knew that Minerva and Albus had sacrificed much over the years to keep their relationship secret, and he knew that now the whole world would be able to know. The world would know that there is a striking pattern in people falling in love with redheads.


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