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(Madara: Ugh I can't wait for this to end.)

Deidara (from the spirit world): TOBI SHUT UP!

Sasuke: Can we just get over with this?

Itachi: You lack hatred Sasuke.

Naruto: You guys c'mon I really wanna begin the story!!!

Sakura: Naruto let Sasuke talk!

Naruto: But Sakura...

Sasuke:Shut it loser its about to begin.

Naruto: Awe dammit...

Chapter 1: The War to End ALL Wars

"Odama Rasengan!"


For many years the 5 great ninja nations have been at war. The Kazekage, Tsuchikage, Hokage, Mizukage, and Raikage have all made an alliance to fight the army of Tobi from the Akatsuki also known as Madara Uchiha. This war has been going on for 7 years. Naruto Decides that it is time to finally confront his ex-comrade, Sasuke Uchiha.

The battlefield is set. There is blood in the air. Fog blinds the majority of the shinobi involved in the war. The 5 great nations on one side, against the new formed Akatsuki.

"Captain Yamato! Our ninja army is being depleted! What now?", exclaimed Ino Yamanaka.

"Send out the second...."

"No wait Yamato! I think it's time I include myself into this war", interrupted Kakashi.

"Are you sure about what you are about to do Kakashi?"

"Yes's what my father would have done.'s what I want to do."

"Best of luck to you old friend."

Kakashi nodded to Yamato and ran into the battlefield holding only his father's old sword and the special kunai that his sensei, Yoandaime Hokage, gave to him the day he became Jonin. As he runs into battle Kakashi reminiscence about how he got his Sharingan. Gaara came up next to Kakashi inside a giant mase like form made up of sand as Kakashi ran into battle. "I hope you don't mind some assistance Kakashi." exclaimed the Kazekage.

"You should be back there guiding your village in this battle Gaara"

"I've put Kankuro and Temari in charge of everything. Besides...Naruto wouldn't have stayed back."

"So I see you adopted Naruto's stubborn ways." pointed out Kakashi. As a response to his remark, Gaara smirked. They were to soon encounter enemy shinobi. On a different side of the field, the Raikage and a small platoon of shinobi are protecting every civilian inside Sunagakure. The nations decided to have all there remaining citizens stay inside the walls of Sunagakure because it has the most space and protection. "YOU SON'S OF BITCHES WILL NOT GET INSIDE THESE WALLS!!!" announced the Raikage. "YOULL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO KILLERBEE!"

On the outskirts of Kirigakure, Kisame, along with his squad of Akatsuki shinobi, attempt to infiltrate Kirigakure. Out of no where the Mizukage ambushes them. "No way your getting in" said the Mizukage with a cocky smirk. "Hmmm...we'll have to see wont we?" asked Kisame. With a stunned look, the Mizukage witnessed as Kisame fused with his Shemada. Kisame's body transformed into a shark like body. "Now are you still sure you still want to do this?" asked Kisame. "Without a doubt", answered the Mizukage. "Let us begin shall we?"

"Indeed. Let us begin."

"Hya!" screamed Sakura as she took on enemy shinobi. All of a sudden a fellow leaf shinobi appeareed besides Sakura. "Ms. Haruno, the Hokage requests your presents back in Sunagakure." he explained. "What for?" asked Sakura. "We are in serious need of more medical ninja to heal wounded shinobi" explained the messenger. "Ugh. Fine I'll go. Sai!" Sai faced twoards Sakura's directiond from up above on his bird. "I'm need back in Sunagakure! I need you to take me there!" said Saukra. Sai came down from his bird. "Um well ok then. Hop on." said Sai. Sakura hopped on top of the bird and they flew to Sunagakure.

"Shizune! I need your help here!" demanded Tsunade. "Yes ma'am!" responded Shizune. "I need your assistance with this patient untill Sakura gets here."

"Ok Lady Tsunade." Tsunade, Shizune, and 3 other medical ninja's took a patient into the emergency room. "It seems as though this man has had his chakra points stabbed!....he's !" exclaimed Tsunade as she punched through a wall. "How can an enemy see where the chakra points are?" questioned Shizune. "Lady Tsunade...could it be possible that there are more Hyuga's outside of Konoha?"

" I need you to go talk to Hiashi Hyuga and question him about any other branches of the Hyuga clan outside of Konoha" demanded Tsunade.

"Yes my lady" responded Shizune. Shizune left then left off to search for Hiashi Hyuga.

(Now we get into the interesting part ^-^)

We find Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba and Akamaru fighting enemy shinobi in the Waterfall village. Shikamara has 10 enemies in Shadow Possession jutsu and Chouji is using his Partial Expantion jutsu to hold tight onto 5 shinobi enemies. Kiba and Akamaru use Fang over Fang jutsu as he attacks numerous enemies rapidly. Naruto, battling 15 eneimes on top of a alke, uses his Massive Shadow Clone jutsu to conquer the shinobi. "Naruto hurry up and tie up these guys! I can't hold this jutsu forever ya know!" shouted Shikamaru to Naruto. "Alrigth alright hold on." said hurried on over to the shinobi and tied them in a pile.

The squad then left the Waterfall Village. All of a sudden Madara Uchiha appeared before them. "Konichiwa, Naruto-san" said Madara.

"Madara!" exclaimed Naruto. "What are you doing here!?"

"I just came along to great you Naruto, thats all."

"Great me? For what reason!?"

"So impolite Naruto."

"What the fuck do you want!?"

Madara appeares behind Naruto. Naruto ghasps in shock. The others stand in battle position when they saw Madara behind Naruto. "Your friends are all so very impolite as well Naruto."

"Just tell me what you want Madara"

"Oh nothing much. I just came to deliver a message is all."

"A message?" pondered Naruto.

"Yes Naruto a message..." Madara leaned in to Naruto's ear and whispered, "A message from Sasuke". Naruto's eyes widened as soon as heard Sasuke's name. "Well...what is the message Madara?" asked Naruto. "Well Naruto. It seems as tho Sasuke wants you to meet up with him."

"Meet up with him?"

"Yes Naruto. You must meet with him, but you have to be alone! No one else may come with you. Not Kakashi, not any of the Kages....not even Sakura."

Naruto gulped. "Fine. Ill go alone".

"Naruto your crazy! You can't go alone!" exclaimed Kiba. "I have to Kiba. Don't worry about me" responded Naruto. "So Madara. Where do I meet up with Sasuke?" asked Naruto. "Well Naruto... that you'll have to figure out. Not even i know where Sasuke chose to mee you." said Madara. "What!?" shouted Naruto. "How am i supposed to meet him when i don't even know where he is!?"

"Well...all he said is 'The talking ends. From here on out we fight'. Something about your last big encounter with him."

"Last....big encounter..." said Naruto to himself.

"Well my work is done for now. I shall see you in the near future Naruto. Farewell for now" said Madara.

"Well what are you going to do Naruto?" asked Shikamaru. "Im going to go find Sasuke" responded Naruto.

"But you dont even know where to find him." said Chouji

"Its still not gonna stop me from looking." said Naruto

"Well...good luck Naruto." said Shikamaru.

"Yeah, Thanks." Naruto then set off on his quest to find Uchiha Sasuke."You guys, let's head back to Konoha and report back to the Hokage." exclaimed Shikamaru. Naruto, on his way to find Sasuke, thought about the clue that Madara gave him about the where-abouts of Sasuke.''The talking ends. From here on out we fight'', thought Naruto to himself. He repeated the clue over and over again in his head to try and figure out the riddle. As he was leaping from tree to tree, Naruto stops, and arrives at the field where he once faced Kimimaro. "'s completely covered in bones." said Naruto quietly to himself.

He glances over to see a still body. He realizes, by just looking at it that it is the body of Kimimaro. Naruto has a very shocked expression on his face. "Wow. Looks like he was about to attack someone right before he died. Was is Bushy brow?" he said to himself. He exams the area to see grains of sand everywhere. "Oh that's right...the Sand came to help us out during that mission. He looks over at the field of bones to see a crushed pieces of wood. Naruto, at that moment, remembers when Uchiha sasuke broke out of that crate in his demon form. Naruto's eyes then widened. "Ive got it!" he shouted out. "The Valley of End! That was our last huge encounter!Sasuke used those words as we were fighting!"

Naruto the leaped into the field of bones, jumping from bone to bone until he reached the forest once more. "I'm comming for you Sasuke!" thought Naruto to himself. Naruto, of course, tripped on a branch and fell flat on his face. "Aww dammit!" exclaimed Naruto in pain, as he rubbed his face. He got up and dusted himself, and leaped into the trees once more. "I'm so glad no one saw that" he thought to himself.

Naruto then realized that something was wrong. It seemed as though he wasn't advancing at all. He looked behind him to see the the field of bones was a mere yards away from him. He then figured it out. Naruto was trapped in a Genjutsu. "Hahaha" laughed a mysterious voice. "S-Sasuke!?" shouted Naruto. Naruto then closed his eyes in hopes to remember what Jaraiya had tought him about Genjutsu's. "Right!" exclaimed Naruto. Naruto shifted his hands into the tiger hand seal. "Kai!"He then tried to advance once more. His plan worked. Naruto was no longer in a Genjutsu.

Naruto leaps from one tree to another in a much faster velocity than before. All of a sudden He saw a figure begin to form infront of him. It was Madara. "Well Uzumaki Naruto. You figured it out." said Madara.

"Yeah I did."

" don't sound to happy to see me Naruto."

"Why would I be happy to see you!?"

"Tsk tsk Naruto. Such bad manner. Didn't your parent's raise you better?" Naruto the clenched his fist and grinded his teath together. "Oh that's right. They're dead. I forgot." said Madara in a sarcastic tone of voice. "Well Im sure that Sasuke is getting impatient.I'll let you too get back to your reunion.". Madara then vanished right before Naruto's eyes. Naruto threw a jab to the tree on which he was standing on, punching a hole through then calmed himself down then proceeded to go find Sasuke.

Naruto sees an openning out of the forest. Before he takes another step Naruto halts. Naruto stops to think about what is about to is now what he believed to be the final fight between His old best friend. Now, one must die. Naruto takes a deep breathe, brings out Sasuke's old headband, and takes his time as he walks out of the forest, to what could be the biggest fight of his life.