So I decided that I wanted to do a weekly updated series of Scrubs drabbles for my favorite pairing of J.D./Cox cause I love them so very very much! =) Anywho, updates are on Wednesday and the word will be based off 's "word of the day" at the time that I sit down to write it, so they'll be a surprise to me each week as well as for you. Haha never know what's coming up next. Stay tuned loves.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scrubs, otherwise I wouldn't have to toy with them only in my head and at my computer, I could toy with them on the screen for the world to see! Muhahaha!! =)

Daedal: skillful; artistic; ingenious.

"Dr. Cox--", he began in his always oh-so-eloquent fashion.

"Newbie, I swear to God if you interrupt me again I won't be responsible for the medical bills, Kelso will under your insurance plan, and that thought just gives me all sorts of jollies, so if I were you, I re-he-heally would not test me right now."

"But Dr. Cox, I just-", he sputtered

"You just- you just- you just- what Cheryl? Want a pony for Christmas? Wish you had a Y chromosome? Want the other little girls to let you play skip-rope with them again despite your little "accident" that one time--", and suddenly I had a mouthful of Newbie. I had to admit that action not only took balls that I didn't credit him as physically or metaphorically having, but it was also the most ingenious and enjoyable way that I've even been silenced. Hmm...maybe, just maybe, I won't throttle him with his own intestines for interrupting of my rants--just this once.