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Beguile: To influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead; delude.

J.D. P.o.v.

So I've finally got the perfect way to make Perry set the date…and I've got the perfect date too. The date that I first kissed him. I like the completed circle feeling and plus it's just a lovely date anyways…I always pictured myself in a December wedding, out in the snow, but Turk will just have to get his Icee on to substitute for our planned snowball fight at the reception.

I made a nice dinner for Perry, no candles or music or anything that would make him suspicious, but just an awesome dinner and his favorite scotch laid out for when he gets home.

"What's all this Newbie?"

"All what? I just made dinner."

"You just made steaks cooked perfectly with garlic mashed potatoes and my favorite scotch? Right…what did you do now? Please just tell me that Jack didn't break the television again.

"Nothing like that Perry…just…enjoy, ok?"

"If this has roofies in it, I'll kill you."

After successful infiltration of Perry's comfort zone via his favorite food, favorite scotch, watching a hockey game with him, and a heated and outstanding love-making session I think it's finally time…

"Hey…you still awake?"


"How about October?"

"October? The month or is that some new ridiculous name for one of our colleagues?"

"The month…You know…for the wedding. It's when I first kissed you, on the 17th. That's when I want to get married."

His eyes flutter closed for a moment and I'm afraid that I didn't get enough scotch into him for this fluffy stuff.

"Alright J.D. October 17th it is. I have…fond memories of it myself. Nothing like a good wedding to kill those off." He says, but his voice is light with sleep and even a hint of satisfaction.

I did it! I successfully infiltrated Perry-ville and got him to set a date. Plus he'll never figure out my dastardly plan.~

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