Meggie scooped up Faird's broken body in her arms, tears running down her face and mixing with the rainwater. She put a hand on his cheek. His skin felt warm still but Meggie felt so cold. She ignored the battle raging around her. None of mattered anymore. She didn't care what happened to her. A despair worse than anything she had felt before seeped into her. Of all the terrible things that had happened to her, this was the worst.

"No, no, no, no, no, no," Meggie repeated over and over as the sobs took over all her thoughts. She kissed his dead lips wishing that it could bring him back like it did in fairy-tales.

Where were the White Women? Why didn't they come so she could fight them away. Why didn't they come so she could save him? With all her power, why couldn't she save him? Meggie couldn't really bring Cosimo back and now she couldn't bring Farid back.

Dustfinger had always thought that our world was cruel but he was wrong. It was his world, no, Fenoglio's world that was cruel. Hadn't this world promised her adventure and love and magic? But it had only given her a shot father, a world of problems she was expected to fix, and now a dead love. She had fallen in love here and now it was all gone. Why had she been so attracted to this world? Damn Fenoglio! Damn him for creating such a cruel world and cruel people!

Tears and the rainwater blurred Meggie's vision and she constantly wiped them away so she could look at his face. She brushed his hair aside so that it didn't mar his face. There was so much blood, but the rain was washing it quickly away.

Denial hit Meggie like a hard rock. It was all so unreal to her suddenly. She felt as if she might wake up and find that this was only a horrible nightmare. Just when things were looking to go so well, this happened.

Meggie was aware of her mother's arms around her, trying to pull her away as if Resa could shield her daughter from this grief. But Meggie couldn't be moved, she didn't even bother to cast a glance back at Resa. No matter how horrible it was to look at Farid's dead face, Meggie wanted to look at him for as long as she could. She wanted to memorize every curve, every patch of dark skin. Resa wanted to tear Meggie away from this scarring scene, she tried repeatedly but all Meggie would do is scream, "I can't leave him, I can't leave him!" Resa gave up and just comforted her daughter.

So Meggie wept until her eyes were dry. She felt colder than before and something worse than cold was a gapping emptiness inside her. Meggie then knew that it was a broken heart.


Author's Note: Ah this scene was so sad in the book. But Dustfinger's death was even more sorrowful. Anyway I just love Meggie and Farid together they are so cute. I haven't read Inkdeath, yet, so no spoilers in the reviews please! I hope you enjoyed it!