Sam Said That Too


I sat on the edge of the cliff and stared out across the ocean. The sky was dark, no stars in the sky, the world was black, like my life. A black nothingness. A breeze wafted by but I barely felt it, i was too warm to feel the cold. I wished I could feel the cold, I missed it. I could hear the howls as my pack frantically spoke to each other; I knew they would find me soon, it was inevitable.

He would find me soon. I wasn't sure I wanted Him to.

When the Cullen's left La Push, Jacob, Seth, Embry and I had gone with them. We had no imprint tying us to La Push and while Seth and Embry were keen to travel to find their respective imprints, I came to be with Jacob who in spite of the imprint to Renesmee still wanted to be with me. We were happy together, for six years we were happy together. I feared that when Renesmee was old enough Jacob's affections for her would become stronger than his love for me, but those fears were unfounded, until this night.

We had all been at Renesmee's eighth birthday party, although in looks she was older, around eighteen and very beautiful. I had wandered into the Cullen kitchen for some more food only to find Jacob and Renesmee locked in a kiss. My skin had felt hot and cold as memories of me finding Sam and Emily together exactly like this so many years before flashed across my eyes. I froze, unable to move, unable to look away, like it was a car crash I couldn't tear my eyes away from. In my head I was screaming for help, screaming desperately. Edward appeared behind me, his presence startling Jacob and Renesmee apart. Jacob turned to me a pained look on his face that twisted to one of disgust when he looked back over at Renesmee. Edward placed a cool arm around my shoulders.

"Leah..." Edward whispered softly, trying to calm me and I shook his arm off my shoulders.

"I don't need help from a bloodsucker," I spat at him cruelly, regretting it as soon as I said it. Edward was my friend, it had taken us many years to get to that point. But he was also Renesmee's father and I hated her right now. Edward nodded his head once to show he understood, i turned to Jacob and Renesmee and forced a smile, "I hope you both have a wonderful life together."

"Leah," Jacob grabbed my arm as I turned and I flinched away from him.

"Don't follow me," I said my voice shaking with emotion and Jacob tried to grab me again but I jumped back from his touch.

"Leah, please let me explain," Jacob began again and I looked over at Edward.

Help me
, I begged silently then I spun on my heel and started running.

I heard Jacob's hulking form move to come after me but then a loud crack sounded through the air. Edward must have tackled Jacob mid air. Everyone was too worried about finding out what was happening in the kitchen to notice me as I ran for the front door and then I kept running and running. I didn't know where.

Eventually I ended up here, in the tree that Jacob and I had claimed as ours the first day we move to Alaska. My favourite place to sit and think. This pain, this heartbreak, it was all my own fault. I knew Jacob had imprinted and still I had fallen in love with him. I had allowed him to tell me he felt the same, I allowed myself to believe that he loved me when he whispered it to me over and over. I was a fool. I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks but I couldn't force myself to move and wipe them away.

I smelt him approach and he carefully sat a metre away from me.

"Leah I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you."

Sam said that.

"What happened, it was beyond my control, I didn't mean for it to happen."

Sam said that too.

Jacob fell silent when I didn't respond. I don't know what he wanted me to say. I'd danced this dance before, the same conversation in a different time and place with Sam. When he had left me for Emily. I had caught them in my kitchen on my eighteenth birthday party locked in a romantic kiss, my anger had been so great when I ran out of the kitchen that I had phased for the first time in front of my parents and my little bother. My eighteneth birthday was also the day my father died.

"I didn't want to kiss her, I really didn't, you have to believe me, she told me that she wanted me to kiss her and it was like I had to obey, I'm so sorry Leah, I love you, please say something," Jacob begged desperately and I looked up at the sky distractedly.

"Sam said that too," I whispered in a broken voice not bothering to look at him and Jake breathed in deeply.

He ventured to take my hand and I snatched it back.

"Leah I hate imprinting, I hate not being me, having no choice."

Sam never said that.

"Let's get out of here Leah, let's run away together. When I'm with you its like the imprint doesn't matter. It's like you and I are tied tighter together, Beta and Alpha, our bond is stronger than anything fate decided, please Leah."

Sam never said that either.

"I'll fight for you Leah, I'll fight and I will win, I promise," when I heard Jake say those words my tears started to fall harder and Jake looked down at me in frustration demanding, "Why won't you say anything?"

I turned to look at him, and his hand reached out to wipe away my tears but I pulled back from him, ignoring the hurt look on his face as I said woodenly.

"Sam said all that too."

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