We stayed there all night. Jacob and I had sat in the tree in silence as the sky fell further into darkness. Our pack found us but Jacob sent them away, not before Seth had yelled at him though, my brother was very protective of me. I couldn't sleep; I knew if I slept I would have the same nightmare. Jacob remained beside me, not touching me. He was waiting, waiting for me to break, waiting for me to forgive him, just waiting. When the morning sun came rising in the distance Jacob finally turned to me.

"Leah for god's sake will you look at me, I love you," Jacob whispered and I turned to him, to look up into his eyes.

"Sam said that too," I muttered trying to turn away from him and Jacob took my chin in his large hands forcing me to look at him.

"Leah, I'm not Sam," Jacob repeated strongly and I sighed pulling away.

"I know."

Sensing I wasn't going to say anything else Jacob jumped down and stormed off in frustration. I willed myself to get up and chase after him, to tell him that I loved him, but instead I sat there immobile. I just couldn't move.

More time passed, a couple of hours at least.

"He will always choose you, you know, whatever the imprint is, his choice will always be you," I heard a sweet voice say from behind me and I twisted my head to catch a glimpse of bronze coloured hair.

Renesmee came to stand at the trunk of the tree. I ignored her. Better I ignore her than do what I really wanted to do to her…I'm sure Edward would be upset if I tore her to shreds, and Edward was my friend and I didn't want to hurt him. We both stayed silent for a couple of moments. In my head I was picturing the many ways to kill her.

"I was hoping that if he kissed me he would love me the way he was supposed to, the way he loved you," Renesmee said softly, her voice full of regret as she admitted, "I knew he wouldn't be able to resist if I asked him to kiss me, I knew that his kiss would be forced but I wanted him to kiss me so badly. So I asked him knowing he couldn't say no."

Anger rose in me. She did all this on purpose, she hurt me on purpose. She was my friend and she had done this to me. Just like Emily.

"The look on his face Leah, when my father walked in and Jacob saw you and realized what he had done, I'd never seen him look so horrified, so disgusted with himself and me, he won't ever love me, I know that now," Renesmee continued and I bristled with rage at the self pity in her tone. Did she want me to feel sorry for her?

"What do you want? My forgiveness and pity? You'll get it when hell freezes over," I growled at her narrowing my eyes furiously and Renesmee shook her curls in negative.

"I love him too, I was fighting for him," Renesmee tried to defend herself, then she sighed and said, "But it's a loosing battle. Fate may say he is mine, but Jacob Black belongs to you, and only you."

Renesmee said nothing more, she just stood and backed away.

I realized as she left what it was she was saying. She was giving him up. She was stepping aside so that Jacob and I could be together but I knew it wouldn't be enough. I would never trust either of them again while we all lived in the same house and travelled together. I jumped down from the tree and into waiting warm arms. My Jacob. I allowed him to wrap his arms around me as he buried his face in my neck.

"Did you hear?" I asked him softly and Jacob nodded.

"I asked her to talk to you; I knew you wouldn't believe it until you heard it from her," Jacob explained then he pulled back and looked into my eyes lovingly, his expression so intense and honest, "I only want you, I only want to kiss you and love you for the rest of our lives."

I had never loved him more than I did at this moment in time.

"Let's leave, let's get away from here," I whispered urgently and Jacob looked surprised but was also as excited as I was.

"Come on," he grabbed my hand and started dragging me along behind him as we headed for the house.

"What? Right now?" I asked in disbelief, a smile coming to my face and Jacob nodded eagerly.

"Right now."

When we arrived back at the house, the Cullen's had our gear packed in the car and the whole family was standing on the porch waiting to see us off. I loved Edward's gift at times. Renesmee stood with the family, off to the side looking apologetic. Embry and Seth informed us that they would be staying with the Cullen's, Embry had joked that Jacob and I needed to go out on our own without the rest of the pack holding us back. We were thankful and promised to keep in touch, with them and the Cullen's. Jacob told Embry he was pack leader for now and that we would be home in La Push if they ever wanted to return. Jacob and I said our goodbyes and got into the car. We glanced at each other grinning widely, before Jacob shifted the car into gear and we drove away.

I peeked through the back window and noticed Seth standing beside Renesmee, an arm around her shoulders trying to comfort her. My brother was such a good person who couldn't stay mad at anyone. I watched Renesmee twist her head up to look at him and Seth smiled down at her sweetly. It struck me that this could be the start of something between them; I was happy, I couldn't help but be happy, I had my Jacob. Jacob grabbed my hand and my attention went to his smiling face. We were together and we were free, this was the greatest happy ending I could ever have asked for.

AN: I would like to take this time to apologise for all the cheese that you just read lol, as soon as I have to do a happy ending it just gets totally sweet and I'm sure you all have toothaches lol. But that's what you get for asking for a happy ending. Love you all!