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Chapter Four

The Sandaime

It was rare that Naruto wanted to just stay in one place. Right now he did. He wanted to just stay here all morning and just watch Ino sleep. He on the floor next to the bed. Originally he'd been on it but at some point in the night she'd kicked him off. When he looked to see why he saw her sprawled out on the bed. Arms wide, legs apart, hair everywhere. It was truly a sight in his opinion. He'd been up since then. Just watching her shift in her sleep. It fascinated him how she moved without even knowing it.

"I'll see you later, Hana." He whispered as he flared out of the house. He wanted to stay with her till she woke but he knew it would be a bad idea. He was risking it by just staying there. Inoichi knew that he was there the first night; odds are he knew that he was there again. It would be stupid to stay and face the man. There was no doubt in Naruto's mind that he could win against the older man but he couldn't bring himself to fight Ino's father.

He walked slowly through the streets. The sun was beginning to show itself over the buildings and people were waking and beginning their days. He walked as himself, no Henge, and no hood. He knew that people might put together who he was because of the whiskers that were still on his face but he highly doubted it.

Naruto opened the large door to enter the Hokage tower. He needed to talk to Sarutobi and he knew the old man would be in his office.

"Can I help you sir." The assistant asked. Naruto looked at her and couldn't help but grin. This was one of the people that he knew hated him. She'd always resented him for being so close to the Hokage and he couldn't stop the smug feeling that rose in his chest.

"Yes I'm here to see Sarutobi-sama." Naruto responded as politely as he could.

She looked through the schedule that had been planned for the day. There wasn't really anything happening untill the afternoon, that was when the meetings started and the council gathered. Most of the early morning was just going to be spent on paperwork. "Just a moment." She said in the same polite tone. Naruto's grin widened at that tone. If only she knew who she was talking to. The lady pressed a button on the intercom.

"Yes?" came the static voice of the Hokage.

"You have a visitor. Should I send him in or should I set up an appointment for later?"

There was a quick shuffling, a crash, and finally a hushed curse before an answer came. "Yes, yes. You can send them in." The assistant laughed lightly at the winded response.

She smiled up to the man in front of her. He seemed familiar to her but she couldn't place who he was. "The Hokage will see you. I need your name so I can mark the meeting." She said as she pulled out a small notepad.

Naruto finally couldn't retain his full blown grin as he answered, "Uzumaki Naruto." There was a moment of silence before the audible sound of teeth grinding entered the room. Unable to stop a laugh, Naruto walked past the desk and disappeared in a spark of red.

(Hokage office)

It'd been a slow morning so far. Most of his mornings were relatively slow and he enjoyed the time he had to himself. He sipped lightly his coffee as he watched the sun light cover the village. It was an amazing sight to him. How nature made something so beautiful on its own. Humans had made many things that he considered wonderful but just sitting back and watching nature do something that it did everyday for no reason at all was a soothing sight for the old man.

The birds could be heard singing the same songs that they did every morning and the ninja were starting to become visible on the rooftops. It wasn't uncommon to see people bounding over the roofs in a ninja village but to him it only made the scene all the better. There weren't any signs of conflict and everything seemed to be at peace.

A small beep interrupted his thoughts. He sighed as he swiveled his chair around and pressed the intercom. He tapped the button on the small device, "yes?" he asked. He didn't really want any company this morning. He had things that needed to be done before the meetings began. Naruto was still missing and the scroll with him. Inoichi claimed to have run into him but even the mind walker had no idea where the boy was now.

"You have a visitor. Should I send him in or should I set up an appointment for later?"

He leaned back in his chair, letting it tilt back so he could think for a moment. It would be easier to just get it out of the way so that he could move on to the more important things. He leaned forward in his chair, letting it slide back to its original position. Without looking he reached for his coffee only to find it closer than he'd thought. His hand tapped the cup only slightly allowing it to tip to the side. "No, no, no" he caught the cup before it fell off the desk but he couldn't stop the coffee from spilling down his leg. He shot up immediately. The chair he was sitting in jumped back and crashed into the wall behind him. "Damn." He hissed as the hot liquid went down his leg. Pulling his pant leg from his leg he pressed the button. "Yes, yes. You can send them in."

Shutting off the intercom he fanned his leg lightly. It burned, sure, but he had been in hotter. Whistling to himself he rested back into his seat. "Ahhh." He breathed out as he relaxed into the chair.


It was only a small noise. Almost unnoticeable to a normal person. Fortunately, Sarutobi Hiruzen was no normal person. "Drop it if you wish to leave this room unharmed." It was a whisper but it was accompanied by the feeling of metal against his neck. Sarutobi couldn't believe that he'd let himself fall to an unknown. Regretfully, he released the kunai that he'd readied. The second the kunai hit the ground it, along with Sarutobi, vanished in with a poof. "Very good. I'd hoped that the great professor wouldn't be caught so simply." He said in a pleased tone.

"You do realize you've attacked a Kage."

"You do realize that your ANBU aren't here apprehending me."

Sarutobi growled slightly. The man was correct, his ANBU weren't there. Under normal circumstances they would have appeared as soon as the unknown appeared. "Genjutsu." He muttered as he felt the light layer of Chakra that covered the room.

Naruto smiled widely under his hood. The Hokage wasn't failing. His original goal was to simply talk to the old man but he'd decided to mix it up a little before he let his secret out. It wasn't hard to get past his ANBU unit. He cast a genjutsu around the room. It wasn't a complex one and he was a little disappointed that the 'best in the village' were unable to see through it. "So, Hokage-sama. Would you like to continue this meeting in a more civilized manner?" Naruto said as he walked around the desk and dropped into one of the guest chairs.

"Who are you?" Sarutobi asked plainly.

"Awww. Come on Jiji." Naruto said in a fake whiny voice as he pulled back his hood. He knew that Sarutobi would be able to detect who he was quickly. If anyone could then it was Jiji.

"I'll kill you if you try to imitate one of my ninja." Sarutobi threatened.

This surprised Naruto. He would think that the Hokage would be updated on the genin teams. He knew for a fact that he didn't pass the exam and he was sure that most of the ninja in the village would still be looking for him. Deciding that there was a little proof needed he slid his hand behind his back to untie the scroll. "Here ya go old man." Naruto said as he tossed the scroll to the man.

He caught the scroll with ease and unfolded it to inspect it. 'This is it.' he said as he quickly scanned over the different jutsu and descriptions that were on it. "How did you get this?" he asked, now weary of the man in front of him. He had to be at least seventeen by the looks of it. The height and voice alone pointed to that. While he was still unable to see his full face, Sarutobi was sure that it had a mature look to it.

"I stole it from you. Oiroke no Jutsu is one hell of a jutsu." He laughed. His Harem technique was stronger and had a stronger effect but he wasn't trying to kill the old man. One could only lose so much blood. "Do you need anything else to prove who I am?"

"Lift up your shirt." Sarutobi said immediately. He only needed to see the seal to know that it was Naruto.

Naruto sighed as he thought about the seal. "Jiji… the seal isn't the same anymore." Sarutobi looked suddenly looked panicked. Naruto, sensing the old man's distress, immediately fixed his statement. "It's still there. Hell, it's probably stronger than it was before. I'm just saying that it's different."

"Let me see it."

Naruto rolled his eyes at the man's seriousness but reached for the hem of his shirt, none the less. He pulled it up till it was just above his chest. He smirked as the Hokage's face contorted in what he could only describe as rage. Naruto knew that Sarutobi was looking at his scars, the ones he'd gotten before he knew of Kyuubi. They were small Knicks and scrapes compared to what they were before and he could tell that they wouldn't be there much longer. The worst of all of them was over his heart. It was a detailed design of a fox head. The blade, he remembered, was thin and the user had been extremely skilled with it. He could faintly remember the searing pain as it was done but it was difficult to pull that particular memory up. It was so long ago.

"Don't worry Jiji. You did your best and if it wasn't for you then I wouldn't have lived this long." Naruto said with a small amount of sorrow in his voice. He smiled slightly as he centered his chakra into the seal. It appeared immediately, accompanied by a small gasp from Sarutobi. "I don't know the full effects of it. Neither I nor my sensei are well versed in seals. He's mostly a combat and practical applications instructor. Stealth, weapons, jutsu, taijutsu, Kenjutsu, you name it he knows it. Seals were never very practical in battle situations so he never took it up."

Sarutobi approached the young man and kneeled in front of him, staring at the seal. A double helix wrapping itself into a spiral. There was no doubt that it wasn't the one the fourth had placed on him. Unfortunately, Sarutobi wasn't a seal master so he couldn't accurately say what it did. One thing that he could say was that it was a strong seal. One of the best he'd seen. Naruto looked down at the old man and decided that it was best not to tell him that the Kyuubi had been the one who built it. "I can talk to him in my head now. I'm not going to explain why I look this way or what happened so you'll have to forgive me for that but I'll tell you that the fur ball hasn't been talking to me lately. I can still call on his chakra so I know that he's still there but I can't really say why he won't talk." He sighed, "I'm guessing that I'll have to talk to him in person before he'll say anything."

"Wait, wait, wait." Sarutobi said instantly. There were so many things that were happening and they were happening so quickly. "One, You can call on Kyuubi's chakra? Two, you've obliviously changed and I do expect to be told about it. Three, you can talk to the Kyuubi?"

Naruto was beginning to wonder if coming to the Hokage was a good idea. "Yes I can access the Kyuubi's chakra. It's quite powerful but I don't exactly enjoy using it. I'm usually strong enough to fight without using it but there are those rare occasions when something doesn't go as planned and I have it just in case. Also, yes, I can talk to the Kyuubi. He's nicer than most people would believe. He wasn't trying to…"

"You can't believe it!" Sarutobi yelled instantly. "Naruto, the Kyuubi is and always has been evil. You weren't there during the attack so I understand that you would be willing to trust it but you must believe me when I say that it isn't trying to help you."

"It saved my life from one of the ninja in this village. When that ninja broke the original seal, Kyuubi, made the new one. Kyuubi left himself trapped and Kyuubi saved my life. I know what he did and I know why he did it and because of what I know I can't blame him. Kyuubi is a monster, a demon. He knows that and I know it but he's helping me and I'm more than willing to accept it." Naruto said as balled his armored hand. "I don't expect acceptance from anyone I simply wanted to let you know I'm okay. That I'm back."

"Naruto…" Sarutobi wanted to say something, anything to make Naruto see things his way but he knew it was pointless. Naruto still maintained the stubbornness that his mother had passed to him.

"Jiji. Just… trust me on this. Kyuubi may be bad, but he isn't horrible. I know for a fact that there are worse things out there." he'd fought them and lost horribly. If it wasn't for his sensei then he would already be dead. The monsters on the plains of hell were far worse than any creature from the living world.

Sarutobi tensed is arms, not wanting to believe what Naruto was saying. With a sigh he decided to move on. Naruto obviously wasn't going to budge on the Kyuubi matter. "Who is this sensei you talked about and on top of that why do you look so different?"

Reasonable questions, well, normaly they were. Naruto couldn't let anyone know who trained him or where they were trained. He most definitely couldn't say that they'd been in hell. "It may have been a single day since you've seen me, Jiji, but it has been much longer since I've seen you. I'm not going to go any farther than that so forgive me for your confusion." He reached down, gripping a small scroll that was attached to his belt. "Here" he said handing it to Sarutobi.

"What is it?"

"It's my contract." Naruto said simply.

He opened the scroll and glanced over it. True to his word, it was a contract; it was for entering the village's ninja ranks. What confused Sarutobi even more was why the boy… young man was giving it to him? Mercenaries for hire were given them when they joined the village for however brief a time. As long as the contract was in effect, the holder was a part of the village's ninja ranks. Often they were considered Chunin since most mercenaries were self taught but a few were capable of being considered Jonin.

Naruto was in the academy though, why would he need one.

"I'm not going back to the academy Sarutobi-sama." He said, surprising the old man. Naruto never called him by his name. "It would be a waste of my time and I wish to stay with my current class. The contract states that I'll be given the rank of Chunin and be allowed to take part in the training of whichever team you chose. Due to… circumstances I think it would be best if I was under your son, Asuma, and team ten."

Sarutobi spent a few minutes reading over the scroll that Naruto had given him. Everything he'd said was true, even the ranking. He finally looked up to Naruto, "you listed you're sensei's skills." He stated, remember what Naruto had previously said. "How adept in them are you."

"I've surpassed him in every way." Naruto said. "How do you think I got behind you so easily?"

"Indeed." The man muttered. It took a long time, easily an hour. They just sat there as the Hokage read and re-read ever clause over and over again, making sure he didn't miss anything. There were only a few small changes from the normal contract and he didn't really mind any of them. The only one that he wanted to ask about was near the end. "You want the council to have no say in your actions?"

"Yes." He answered, "I will be in the direct service of the Hokage, whether it be you or your successor. They will have absolutely no control over what I do."

A small smirk grew on Sarutobi's face, 'smart.' He thought. The council would be less than… accepting. They would want to have control over the Kyuubi child's actions and if he were a normal Shinobi they would have a miniscule amount of control over him. Mostly when it came to the political part of the missions but it was still enough to let them get their way.

"That's acceptable." He looked up at Naruto.

It wasn't the same boy he'd seen only a few hours before. It saddened him that he was signing the contract. Not because the boy was finally a member of Konohagakure's Shinobi force but because of the circumstances it happened under. He not only didn't know who trained Naruto- something he realized the young man had skipped – but he had no clue exactly what Naruto could do. He supposed that was why Naruto asked to be placed under Asuma.

It allowed Sarutobi to keep a better eye on him than if he was with another sensei. "Team ten should be meeting right now." he said as he handed the signed scroll back to Naruto. "They meet at training ground twenty seven. Here, give this to Asuma." It was just a small note but it had Sarutobi's seal on it. "You can go now if you wish. I'd like to talk to you again though, today hopefully, after your team meeting."

"Of course, Jiji." He said before he vanished, a red spark marking his exit.

"Another day… and another headache." He muttered as he turned back to the window, looking out of the now active village. This Naruto was an odd, unexplainable, creature. His skills, his mind, even his body. He had no clue what had caused the change but he knew, in the back of his mind, that Kyuubi was an active participant in the change.

(Training ground twenty seven)

Naruto appeared above the training ground. He wasn't as much flying as he was falling. He'd simply made sure that he arrived high enough to give him ample time to see the team on the field.

'Does it feel good to be back?'

'Kyuubi!?' Naruto mentally yelled, not expecting the voice in his head.

'Do you hear other demonic voices in your head?' Kyuubi asked mockingly

Naruto ignored the joke and focused on landing. He hit the ground as silently as possible before refocusing on Kyuubi's voice. 'Where have you been?' he asked. He hadn't heard form Kyuubi since he'd forced his body into hell.

'I'm a living demon, Naruto. I exist inside the realm of the living. The demons of hell are another class entirely. We aren't allowed to enter the other plain at all. When you entered hell I completely shut myself off. I didn't allow myself to connect to the outside world at all.'

The blond thought about it for a moment. 'Why was I able to use your chakra then?'

'Because of the new seal, like Valentine most likely told you, you've become a half demon, a Hanyou. Hanyou are able to enter both realms without consequence and because you're a Hanyou of my creation you were able to use my chakra without worrying about the other demons.'

'So… as long as I'm in this realm I'll be able to communicate with you but not in hell.' Naruto summarized.


'Good. Now, if you don't mind, I have to meet my team.' He said as he moved forward, seemingly turning into a red mist.


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