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Glacialus Sub Ubi
~ Prolog ~

Kusajishi Yachiru was known for her child like innocence that at times turned out not to be as innocent as one might expect from a child. This had been this way ever since she had come into the Gotei thirteen with Kenpachi, yet people were never wary about her when she came up to them with one of her brilliant, yet extremely childish plans to prank someone.

Seated officer of the fifth division Hinamori Momo was working on her work when she was approached by the pink haired girl, a curious look on her face, more curious about getting some ones attention then actually going and finding out what this person was actually doing. The older girl scribbled a few minutes, then glanced up at her. "Oh, hello Yachiru-chan, how are you doing?"

"Just peachy, peachy," the girl smiled. "Do you have time to help me with something? It is really important and you are the only one who can help me with it."

"And what would this important thing be?" Momo suddenly commented, staking her papers together.

"I need fuzzball's help with something I wish to do and he treats me like I am to much younger then him to play with," the lieutenant suddenly spoke up, a wide grin on her face.

"Fuzzball…" Hinamori thought for a few minutes. "Exactly who are you taking about?"

"You know, he has white hair and green eyes and hair like a fuzzy kittens," the little girl suddenly commented.

"Oh… Shiro-chan," Hinamori suddenly smiled. "He would say something like that as he tend to most of the time act like an adult."

"Oh… I like that nickname better Peachy," the little girl smiled. "He needs to act his age every so often."

"When he acts his age he's a horrible little brat," Momo commented. "I should know, because growing up he used to call me names and spit watermelon seeds at me."

"Then he's perfect! Especially if he actually likes playing pranks!" the girl laughed.

"Well… he used to, but he doesn't anymore," Hinamori sighed. "As I said, he's rather focused on acting like an adult and avoiding getting into trouble."

"Yes, well… I am also a lieutenant," the little girl smiled. "And gramps laughs whenever I pull pranks. I like making gramps smile. He frowns too much. Shiro-chan frowns too much too."

"I know… all right, I'll help you," the older girl stated. "What kind of prank do you have in mind?"

"I want him to freeze boobies underwear for me," the little girl chimed in, a huge smile on her face.

Hinamori's jaw suddenly dropped and she stammered out a statement finally, "I… I really don't think… I think that borders on… I don't think he'd appreciate… I don't think he'd appreciate being asked to do that… I mean of all things."

"You don't think you can help me convince him?" the little girl stated.

"No… I probably could, it's just that…" Hinamori suddenly stated, still in shock.

"Good, I'll meet you over at tenth division in half an hour!" the pink haired girl smiled, taking off with great speed.

"Oh dear… what have I gotten myself into here,"


The young lieutenant of the tenth division was busy working on something for his captain. Much to his annoyance, he couldn't figure out how sorting through the old-man's whistles did anyone any good, especially when the man tended to use them during training just to embarrass his entire division, at which times he wondered how he ended up in this division in the first place.

As he was sorting them, he suddenly heard a sound behind him as someone appeared, causing him to turn around. He saw the small and very annoying pink haired second of the eleventh division and cringed. "What is it you want lieutenant Yachiru?"

"I want to play," the girl suddenly smiled at him.

"I don't have time to play with you, you know. I have duties to do," the white haired boy firmly stated.

"Well, it sure doesn't look like it. It looks like you're playing with those whistles," the girl suddenly laughed, causing him to nearly lose his temper.

"These are taicho's stupid," the boy muttered. "He's the one who told me to organize them, so I have to do what he says."

"Oh… goat beard," the girl nodded her head, understanding possibly more then the boy did. "Perhaps he wanted you to sort them because you work too much and don't play enough?"

Again, this caused his eyebrow to twitch with sarcastic delight. "If he and our third seat didn't goof off so much, then we wouldn't have this problem of me doing so much work."

"Oh… don't you mean your taicho, third seat and fifth seat Shiro-chan?" the little girl suddenly asked.

"What?" Toshiro suddenly turned to her. "It's Lieutenant Hitsugaya, Lieutenant Kusajishi. And also, what do you mean by our fifth seat too."

"Well, in our division, Ken-chan, baldy and weirdo all go together when they do things," the young girl suddenly stated, causing he boy to let out a sigh.

"One division is not like the other," he stated just as Hinamori came into the room.

"Hello Shiro-chan!" the girl smiled at him.

"It's Lieutenant Hitsugaya. How many times do I have to tell you?" the boy sighed, messing again with the whistles.

"I want you to freeze boobies underwear," the small girl blurted out, causing the white haired second to turn, a completely shocked on his face.

"Does Matsumoto even wear underwear?" he blurted out, completely unintentionally, then he saw Momo's rather livid face.

"Shiro-chan!" Hinamori placed her hands on her hips. "What if Matsumoto heard you say that?"

"Neither of you will tell," Toshiro turned back to what he was doing.

"Only if Shiro-chan freezes boobies underwear," the pink haired menace spoke up.

"I… I… what… no…" the boy stammered out, taken completely off guard.

"She will back me up!" the small girl smirked.

Hinamori stuttered out for a few seconds, then nodded her head in agreement, not wanting to disagree. Toshiro's eyes went wide. "Momo-nee-chan!"

"Ummm… sorry Toshiro… I promised her I'd help… so…" Momo glanced at the floor and twiddled her thumbs. Toshiro turned pale, then let out a sound that was a mix between a sigh and a groan.


That night while Matsumoto was out drinking was the best time to pull off the prank. The thing was, the two girls didn't want to stick around to see it pulled off, so Toshiro was left on his own, much to his misery. "I shouldn't be doing this…"

"What shouldn't you be doing?" came I voice from behind him, quite stern.

"Isshin-san taicho… I thought you would be out drinking with Matsumoto," the boy commented, turning to find the man suddenly standing right next to him.

"Toshiro… what exactly are you doing, sneaking around," Isshin sighed. "I thought that was something I did?"

"Ehh…" Toshiro turned around, and twiddled his fingers, his cheeks turning red. "I guess I failed to do what I set out to do because you caught me?"

"Ehh… what exactly is it that you are trying to do?" Isshin stated.

"Don't make me say it because I didn't want to do it in the first place!" the boy blurted out, then glanced at the ground.

Isshin raised an eyebrow. "Answer… now…"

"I got blackmailed into freezing Matsumoto's underwear…" the boy muttered, glancing at the ground, his cheeks completely red.

"Oh… great…" Isshin muttered. "Did the eight division captain put you up to this? Or Hisagi? I bet that they wanted you to steal some of the underwear too?"

"Umm… no," Toshiro began to fidget under the gaze.

"Then who put you up to this?" the taicho was starting to become annoyed.

"Momo-nee-chan said she would help second Kusajishi back up the fact that I made the comment that I made about wondering whether Matsumoto even wore underwear…" the boy muttered.

"Toshiro… that typically isn't a comment that I hear you saying… how did you come to say that?" Isshin shook his head at his lieutenant.

"Kusajishi told me that she wanted to freeze Matsumoto's underwear…" Toshiro sighed. "Something I really don't want to do… so if you could punish me or something?"

Isshin suddenly slapped his face. "Shiro-chan… only you would walk into something like this…"

"So… are you going to punish me because I got caught?" Toshiro had a very hopeful tone to his voice.

"No… I am going to pretend I didn't find you…" Isshin groaned, turning away. "If you don't go through with Yachiru's plan… you are going to be in a living hell until you do… so just do it…"

"Wait… that isn't fair!" Toshiro yelled after the man, his cheeks then puffing out, something that was uncharacteristic of him. "Fine…"


The next morning Matsumoto stormed into the office as Toshiro and Isshin were busy at work. She went over to the desk and grabbed the front of the boy's Kimiko, her face very livid. "How dare you!"

"I… I… was put up to it…" Toshiro stammered out.

"You're actually admitting that you did indeed freeze my underwear… you little pervert!" Matsumoto shook the small boy. "I thought you had more respect for me!"

"I didn't want to do that Matsumoto! Yachiru and Momo made me!" he said as she grabbed his ear.

"You heard him Ran-chan!" Isshin waved his hand at her. "He was put up to it."

"Yeah! Well you caught me last night and when I told you, you told me to go ahead and do it because I would face hell from a certain eleventh division member if I didn't!" Toshiro suddenly blurted out.

"Taicho…" Rangiku suddenly turned to glare at the man. "What are you trying to teach him?"

"You really think I am trying to turn him into a little pervert?" the man sighed, only to have to dodge as the woman threw something at his head. Soon things were flying all over the room, an argument in full fledged movement. Toshiro had to duck as things flew, threats of her tanning if he ever did this again not going unnoticed.

Author's note – Idea came from one of the few episodes of 'Leave it to Ginger' I saw, where they froze underwear in the freezer. Title means Frozen Underwear, except the sub ubi part is part of a Latin joke that my class joked about.

For those who read the original one shot, this is going to be extended to a multi chapter fanfic. The changes… well first off, I divided chapter one into two chapters. Second, it is being changed from Toshiro/Matsumoto to Toshiro/Isshin. Those are the only major changes to the first part of the original first chapter.