Glacialus Sub Ubi
~ Family? ~

"I am not going to admit that I do like his sister, Kurosaki Karin!" the boy blurted out. As the two men looked at each other, Toshiro realized exactly what he said. Two teal eyes ran from the physically older youth, then to Isshin, only to find his eyes having gone from clownish, to serious. "That is not what I meant to say. I mean to say that I don't like his sister. No, what I mean to say is I like her, but as a friend."

"So, that's why Matsumoto stopped short when she was telling me the interesting bit of information," Isshin sighed.

"Oto-san, don't go teasing Toshiro," Ichigo turned to glare at his father, only to hear a small squeak come from the bed. He turned back in time, to see the small boy cowering on the bed, his arms over his head. "What the hell! I'm not going to hit you Toshiro!"

"Isn't it the job of family members of a female to get that way with any possible insalubrious figure from approaching them?" came the reply, as the boy continued to cower in the small shape, almost as if he was going to be punished.

"What the fucking hell!" Ichigo shook his head.

"It's what is called Toshiro logic," Isshin sighed, going and sitting down next to the boy. "You have to try to think backwards to reason him out of it…"

"You've got to be kidding me…" the substitute soul reaper shook his head, while Isshin placed a hand on Toshiro's back. "What about you is unsavory, Toshiro?" When two teal eyes peeked out, Ichigo shook his head. "Yes, I know what insalubrious means, dummy."

"It isn't up to the male family members to know what is insalubrious about the male personas that might go after the females in said family, thus they are wary of any and all males that present themselves as a potential threat," the small boy stated.

"Where… exactly did you learn that from," came Ichigo's question.

"Kuchiki Taicho," Hitsugaya's lips stuck out, and he sat up with his arms crossed, watching as the substitute soul reapers eyebrow twitched in frustration.

"Him!" Ichigo's voice grew loud. He let out a groan, as Toshiro backed away from the younger of the two Kurosaki males that were there. "Again Toshiro, what about is unsavory about your personality."

"As I said, you aren't supposed to know, as you don't know me that well!" the small boy stated, not paying attention to the arm that wrapped around his waist.

"So, do you actually think of yourself as a bad person? That there are things that are wrong with you?" came the snappish reply.

"Yes," Toshiro stated, shoving the man's arm away, without realizing it. "Ask Isshin-san Taicho. He always loses his temper with me."

"Dad…" Ichigo looked at his father imploringly. "Seriously… do something… this is nuts…"

"I lose my temper at you… yes. But when has it been for anything unsavory," Isshin commented. However, he should have known as soon as he saw that glint in the eyes that he shouldn't have said those certain things that he had said.

"How about this, bastard…" Toshiro's eye twitched, and he suddenly began another one of his expletive word rants, only to have his mouth covered by Isshin and pulled into his lap.

"All right… all right… I asked for that one. If you weren't in forth division, I would so be washing your mouth out!" Isshin's eyes suddenly fell upon his biological son's who was taken completely off kilter by the small boy's outburst. "You should have let me handle it when I said you needed to work around his logic."

"You're an idiot! I couldn't… what the hell was with that!" Ichigo was still rather pale, looking at the small taicho who was being forced to lie in Isshin's lap and calm down.

"Your little brother here, can… when he chooses be… be a complete and utter brat…" Isshin stated rather coldly.

"I think it's just you… even Ikakku didn't get that big of a cuss out from what I heard, and he was deserving of it…" Ichigo glared at the man.

"Yes, well…" Isshin found his hand shoved away.

"Isshin-san isn't Hitsugaya's father, he is their father. Why'd he need to be such a big baka, and not think about what would happen to Karin-chan and Ichi-nii, if he came back, when Hitsugaya didn't need his help?" the small boy stated.

"You need mental help because you're referring to yourself in third person again," Isshin stated, as the boy sat up, shoving himself away.

"I was not…" the boy stated.

"You were too,"

"Was not,"

"Was too,"

"Hitsugaya was too,"

"Hitsugaya was not…" Isshin paused at this, and narrowed his eyes as Ichigo let a huge laugh. "You… sometimes I wonder… about whether you like Karin or not…"

"Taicho… sheesh… I told you… just friends," the boy muttered, folding up one of his knees, and leaning his chin on it, as he sat on the other side of the bed.

"Well, if one wanted to be more than friends, one would have to worry about losing that friendship, and if they didn't want to be more than friends, they had to be careful about their actions being taken the wrong way. As for you not being a part of the family, Masaki knew about you, and she considered you her little one, even before we had Ichigo, so don't go telling me, you aren't a part of the family."

"Masaki… she is Kur… Ichigo-san's mother, and Karin-chan's mother?" Toshiro suddenly asked, taken a bit off guard.

"Yes… that would be my mother," Ichigo stated. "That means you are allowed to call me Ichi -nii if you really want too."

"Haven't got a clue what you are talking about," the boy sighed.

"As a family, we'll get through this… all of us who are left," Isshin stated, a smile on his face. "And… Toshiro… if you really think that Karin is your friend… I can tell you… if she ever found out I could do something to help you, she would…"

"Kick your ass," Ichigo rolled his eyes. He suddenly glanced at Toshiro, as he thought that the boy had given off a small chuckle, but he really couldn't be sure. The substitute soul reaper thought things might actually turn out all right. But then, that was Ichigo…

Author's note – That is the end of Glacialus Sub Ubi. Now, onto the sequel, Immunda Sub Ubi.