This is a story about Roy and Riza's daughter and about the family's everyday life


Chapter 1: The big short guy and the metal man


Angelina's POV

I was sitting behind my Daddy's desk listening him talk to a person who apparently is short. To me he was very tall but I guess that's because I'm so small, then again I am 2 but I'm gonna be 3 in a few months, at least that's what my mommy tells me. They were talking about things I couldn't understand, the only part I knew about was this thingy called "The Philosopher Stone"

The little big man left and it was just me and Daddy. I always hide behind his desk when ever he talks to new people or people who just look scary to me. He was reading his newspaper at his desk like most of the day or at least that's what he does when I'm here.

Mommy and Daddy only bring me to work a few times every single month. Usually I sit on the big sofa in Daddy's office playing with my dolls I bring from home.

"Angel, Honey" Daddy kneeled down to me and took out an envelope "Can you take this to mommy for me?"

I nodded and was walking down the hallway. I knew exactly where Mommy was, and Daddy trusts me enough to know that. She was talking to my uncles Havoc, Fuery, Breda, and my uncle Falman. They're not really my uncles but they're like brothers to Daddy.

I looked at the envelope, I had a feeling it was a love letter since there was a heart sticker keeping the envelope closed. I put the letter in my pocket and ran a little faster so I can go back to playing.

I wasn't paying attention and I bumped into a big man wearing a lot of metal. He was very tall, and that big short guy who was talking to daddy was standing next to him.

"I'm sorry are you okay?" The metal man said to me. He held out his hand to help me up. I put my hand in his and he helped me up. He sounded like a kid but the metal suit was so big, how could he fit in there?

"Hi what's you're name?" The big short guy asked me

"Angelina" I said

"Cute name. You know I don't see a lot of little girls around here" It's true I am the only

little girl most of the people see who work here "Do your Mommy or Daddy work here?"

"Both" I said. I was getting a little nervous about all of the questions he was asking me

"Well. What do they do here?"

"My Daddy is a Colonel and my Mommy is a Lieutenant."

"Your Daddy is a Colonel? Is his name Roy Mustang?"

I nodded. I'm guessing Daddy didn't tell him me about me yet.

"Well where ya' headed" He asked me

"To give a letter from Daddy to mommy"

"Do you know where she is?"

I nodded again

"We'll come with. Your Dad never told us he was married."

I smiled at him, and pulled his hand to bring them to my Mommy.

Mommy was talking to my uncles like usually. I let go of the big short guy's wrist and tugged on my Mommy's jacket.

"Yes Angel?" She leaned down to look me in the eye. I handed her the envelope and told

her it was from Daddy. She opened the envelope and laughed a little bit.

"Tell Daddy I said thank you" I nodded and left. I walked out the door and a little further

down the hall.

"Hey Angelina, how 'bout you take us to your daddy's office?" The Metal man asked me

"Okay" I said softly. I took him by the hand and pulled him down the hall. I don't

understand how he could wear that big heavy suit all day. He suddenly stopped.

"I'm sorry I don't think we ever told you our names" he said to me "This is Edward" he pointed to the big short man "and I'm Alphonse" He pointed to himself. I just smiled and continued to pull him down the hall.

We got to my Daddy's office and I opened the door with Alphonse and Edward still behind me

"Hi Daddy" I said softly as I walked through the door

"Hi Angel" He picked me up and looked at the 2 people I brought with me

"Well I've see you've met Ed and Al the Elric brothers" He said to me. I just nodded my head. He placed me on the big sofa in his office.

"IF YOU DID ANYTHING TO HURT HER—"Daddy said yelling really loud, it scared me a little.

"SIR I SWEAR WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" Daddy just looked at him like he wasn't telling the truth "I swear" said Ed again

"Well as long you didn't do anything to hurt her I believe you….for now" Ed and Al just nodded their heads and left. He just continued to read the paper like nothing happened.

Roy's POV

She was so cute I couldn't help myself if anything happened to her I don't know what I'd do. With her black hair and beautiful amber eyes she was so perfect. After my past in war I just hope she won't think of her dad as a killer.

I sighed and looked at Angelina playing with her dolls. I know she gets really scared when I yell even when I yell at other people.

"Angel, Daddy's on break right now how about we get some ice cream?" She jumped up and down and giggled a little bit. She was so adorable. I called Riza in the other room to let her know where we were going.

When we finished our ice cream and I was cleaning off her face, I was just thinking "How could I yell in front of this beautiful angel?" Her eyes, her porcelain skin—She was just so perfect. I just couldn't stop saying it.

We were leaving when we ran into Maes.

"Roy, fancy meeting me you here" He said to me

"You to"

"I was just picking up some ice cream for Elicia. Poor thing has a soar throat" he noticed Angelina and kneeled down to her to make eye contact "well Angelina you have really grown up" Angelina just grabbed a little tighter on my uniform

"Roy what do you say when Elicia gets better we can set up a play date?"

"Sounds like a nice idea, I'll tell Riza" I said to him

"Alright I'll call you when Elicia is better, bye now" He left.

I put Angelina in the car so I can get back to work. I get worried about her sometimes she's usually very shy when it come to new people but she also gets excited in some sort of way. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.