Love Is In The Airwaves

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Edward Cullen shivered as he climbed into his huge bed alone. It had been a long day at the hospital and he was exhausted. He'd been invited out with Emmett and Jasper and their girlfriends, but he'd politely declined, knowing he'd be awful company feeling as tired as he did. He didn't often work Saturdays, but one of his fellow doctors had the weekend off because he was getting married and Edward had agreed to cover his weekend shift as a wedding present. And naturally, it had been one of the busiest days in recent memory. He'd managed to save several lives, but lost a young woman with a promising future ahead of her. He'd come to accept the good with the bad, but it still took a toll. Right now though, all he wanted to do was forget.

Reaching over, he flipped the radio on, hoping that somewhere tonight a radio station would sense his mood and play something fitting it. Usually, he would choose a classical or jazz station, the music soothing and relaxing. But tonight, despite being exhausted, neither genre appealed. He supposed he could plug in his iPod, but the thought of getting up to get it, or one of his various CDs seemed too much effort. Besides, he never usually listened to the radio. Maybe something tonight would surprise him.

He smiled when he hit upon one of his favorite rock songs. Not many would suspect that the cultured Edward Cullen liked several of the notorious 80s hair bands, and he preferred it that way. He could only imagine what his colleagues would say if they knew the well-respected doctor and patron of the local arts scene had an affinity for Bon Jovi and Guns 'n Roses. His family and friends knew he had eclectic taste in music, not to mention he played piano himself, but he had a feeling they would be quite surprised to find he could rock out with the best of them to Skid Row. Well, not all of them would be surprised. He smiled as he thought back to a memorable karaoke night he and Jasper had participated in back in college. Still, he settled back against his pillows with a smile and sang along with Poison's "Unskinny Bop" as he started browsing the latest medical journal.

He barely registered when the song had ended, immersed as he was in an article on gene therapy. Which was probably why the sensual voice that flowed through the speaker drew his attention like a lightening bolt.

"Hello all you late-night listeners. That was a special favorite of mine, "Unskinny Bop" by Poison. And if you don't know what that song really is about, I'm not going to tell you. But if you do- give me a call and tell me when and where you figured it out."

The words were followed by a husky chuckle that had his blood pumping and his body hardening. He'd never heard this DJ before. It wasn't as if she had a voice you could forget. Still, something about the voice was very familiar, although he couldn't quite place it. All he knew was that it had been a long time since a voice had had that affect on him. Shifting to alleviate the sudden tightness in his pajama pants, he set the journal aside and turned the volume up a bit as the sensual voice crooned on.

"So all you lovers out there tonight- it's past midnight and time for all those hidden fantasies to surface. Everything you dream about doing but can't quite face in the harsh light of day- is now possible. Do you want romance? Seduction? Animalistic passion? Whatever your fantasy, whatever your dream, now is the time it becomes possible. Lost in the shadows of the night, you're free to be at your wildest."

Edward couldn't hold back a groan as his mind immediately began to picture some of his more illicit fantasies. Not to his surprise, they featured a doe-eyed brunette with the smile of an angel and the body of a temptress. Not that she saw herself that way, but he sure as hell did. He shifted against the covers drawn over him as he swelled at the imagined sensation of her lips surrounding him, taking him deep in her throat. In this fantasy, she was on her knees before him as he sat behind his desk. Her small hands were stroking his thighs as her mouth continued its sweet torture.

His hand slid down his stomach and slipped into his pants. Grasping himself in one smooth motion he moaned as his hand became hers. He stroked his hard flesh, quickly establishing a rhythm as he pictured her mouth closing around him. The heated wetness of her mouth as she took him deep in her throat, brought him to an almost violent frenzy. He could feel release nearing and with a harsh cry of her name he spiraled over the edge.


His release came in spurts, coating his hand and stomach with hot, sticky fluid. Struggling to return to the present, he could hear her whispering naughty things in his ear. His eyes shot open as he suddenly realized what his mind had been trying to tell him since he'd turned on the radio.

"Bella?" he called out her name again, this time in confusion as he turned back to the radio and punched up the volume, unwilling to believe she was the owner of the sensual voice that had him so turned on. Not that Bella herself couldn't turn him on in a heartbeat, but if he'd heard her speak like that to him…

Unfortunately, the voice was gone and the music had resumed. Sighing, he slid back the sheets and walked over to his dresser to find another pair of pajama pants while a quick trip to the bathroom cleaned up the mess he'd made of himself.

Moving quickly back to the bed, he settled under the covers and grinned in amusement at the song now playing. "Relax" was not one of his favorites, but it did seem to fit the mood the show was invoking. He wondered again if it truly was Bella or if it was simply wishful thinking on his part. Alice hadn't mentioned anything about Bella having a night job as a radio DJ—and if Alice didn't know then it probably wasn't possible. But then again, Bella had been unusually busy the past few months. Not that that was strange, she was always stressed over one thing or another as she worked on her Masters thesis while teaching high school English by day. And despite Alice and Rose constantly trying to get her out with them, she hadn't been out much lately. Not that he was one to speak, finding it hard to remember the last time he'd joined them all for dinner and drinks. Besides, the Bella Swan he knew was rather quiet and shy, and certainly not prone to talking so frankly about sex and fantasies so publicly. Hell, she usually blushed like crazy and stumbled around her words whenever anyone tried to get her to talk about her love life, or lack thereof. He thought it was extremely cute and personally, was glad to know that Bella didn't seem to have anyone special in her life.

Not that he hadn't imagined the more sensual side of her nature many nights in some of his better dreams. He'd gotten used to the fact that his erotic dreams now starred one Bella Swan. At first he'd been horrified, after all, she was his best friend's little sister, and they'd been friends since childhood. Even though he was only a year older than her, he could remember watching her grow from an awkward tomboy to a graceful young woman, always watching over her as Emmett did, much to her dismay at times as he'd done what he could to interfere in any relationship he deemed her unworthy of having. There had been a lot of those when he thought back on it, but he'd always refused to analyze why. She'd always been beautiful to him, but it wasn't until she'd moved to Chicago to do her Master's at Northwestern two years ago that he'd really realized how lovely she'd become.

It was then that the dreams had begun, and continued to intensify. By now, he'd given up on trying to fight them. It made it hard to be near Bella in real life, but he managed it because they were more often than not thrown together, as the only two single people out with their coupled friends. Not to mention she was one of only a few people he actually enjoyed being with. Still, he could count on the fact that just seeing her anymore was enough to start arousal coursing through his body.

"You still with me lovers? Because the night is far from over and I still haven't heard from you about what you're doing with it- or for that matter- in it."

His heart began to thump as her voice flowed through the night once again. This time, he concentrated fully on trying to determine if it could indeed be the object of his fantasies.

"If you haven't noticed, I've tried to set a certain mood tonight- for those of you who might be alone. Separated from your lover or simply dreaming about him or her- it doesn't matter in the darkness of the night. You're free to do whatever with whomever you wish. That includes yourself, for those of you wondering."

Edward swallowed hard at the low laugh that emerged at the end of the sentence. Arousal was once again coursing through his body and more and more, he was becoming positive that the seductive voice was indeed Bella's. Closing his eyes, he let her words wash over him.

"As for me, well, I'm by myself at the moment." His eyes opened at her words, curiosity now getting the best of him. "You see, for those of you who've called in to ask, the man I fantasize about has no clue I'm even thinking of him like a lover. We're friends you see, but it doesn't stop my mind from imagining what it would be like with him. To feel his lips crushing mine as his touch fills me with a desire I can only imagine. To feel his body, hard against mine, worshiping me as he brings me over the edge and into ecstasy."

He began stroking himself again, unhurriedly this time as her voice flowed around him. He could not believe how aroused he was by the story she spun. Her voice was so damned sexy that he knew men listening everywhere, and probably a few women, were doing the same. And the more he heard the more certain he became it was indeed his best friend's little sister.

"So, dear listeners, as you're enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, by your own hand or at the hands of your lover tonight, here's a little something from me, Antonia Marie, to you, to keep you in the mood. I know it's put me in one."

As the familiar strains of "Fever" began to pour through the night air, he felt his body stiffen. Antonia Marie. The name that Bella had given the porcelain doll that his parents had brought back for her from a trip to Europe years ago. Or more precisely, the full name she'd given the doll that everyone but him knew she called Maria. And he only knew that because he'd overheard her talking to the doll one day, she couldn't have been more than 10, and when he'd asked her about it, she had said without guile, that it was her formal name, a version of his middle name and hers that only he and she could call her doll. It would be their secret. He'd thought it was cute at the time, and agreed to keep quiet, not thinking much more about it until this moment.

The voice's name was Antonia Marie and she sounded a hell of a lot like Bella. Coincidence? He didn't think so but he was going to find out.

Reaching for his phone he dialed a familiar number. Waiting impatiently for the owner to pick up, he found his eyes closing as his mind swept back into a land where Bella was begging him to take her, to fuck her like an animal. He was so lost in the fantasy he almost didn't hear the irate female voice as the line was picked up.

"Angie, I told you not to call me when I'm on air. I'm a big girl with enough knowledge and confidence to talk about this stuff on the radio. I know you're uncomfortable, but get used to it and stop these after midnight calls please? Besides, I like doing it and I intend to keep on doing it for a long, long time."

Yes, the voice was hers even if her words had not confirmed it. Edward's mind was suddenly hit with a deluge of images and thoughts. Forcing them down, he tried for a witty response. "I sincerely hope you mean what I think you mean when you say "doing it" Isabella." He was proud at the gasp he heard escape her lips at his blunt statement.

"Edward?" The panic in her voice was priceless, although the last thing he wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable around him.

"The one and only, Bella. Although I must admit, I wouldn't mind being the man you were just describing." He could imagine the way she would be biting her lower lip—a nervous habit of hers he'd picked up on years ago. The image made him even harder as he gripped himself tighter.

"In your dreams, Cullen." The words however sounded more breathless than irritated and he chose to run with the former. Assuming he could still find coherent words to string together in the midst of his arousal. All thoughts of her being his friend, and Emmett's little sister were long gone, lost in the fever of desire consuming him now.

"Every night, Bella. Over and over again." Bold he knew, but the desire was overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that she hadn't hung up on him. Knowing Bella, it was a very good sign she wasn't going to kill him tomorrow.

For a moment, he allowed himself to wonder if he were indeed the man she'd been talking about. But he knew that would be impossible. After all, in the two years they'd been living in the same town, she'd never outwardly conveyed any interest in him other than friendship. She enjoyed being with him, that was obvious, but he knew she didn't think of him as more than a friend. Plus, she'd been seeing that idiot Jake for the past few months, hadn't she? The thought of Jake being the one she was fantasizing about made him cringe. He'd never liked the guy. He wasn't good enough for Bella. But then he thought back to her words. She'd said she was alone in her fantasy, that the man she desired was her friend. It couldn't be Jake then, could it? And did that mean they weren't together? It had been a few months since they'd all gone out but still, she would have told him if they'd broken up, wouldn't she? His brain was a mush but he quickly became aware that Bella had been silent for a few minutes. "Bella?"

"How do we do it in those dreams, Edward?"

His brain came to a complete stop as her words registered. For a moment, he was sure he'd imagined her words, but the hitch of indrawn breath audible through the phone line told him he'd heard her correctly. His mind immediately went into overdrive and he was rock hard again in an instant.

"Edward—I'm waiting."

Helpless to hold back his low moan, he began stroking himself, damning the consequences as he felt the words flow from his mouth in stuttered gasps.

"You're on your knees in front of me as I sit in my desk chair. You're sucking me deep into your throat as your hands cup my balls. My hands clench in your hair, forcing you to hold still so I can fuck your mouth like I want to be fucking you."

He had to pause for breath; his release building to a level he'd never felt before. He could hear how his words were exciting her, surprised himself at how dirty his words had become and the reaction they were getting. It had everything to do with the low moans and whimpers he could hear clearly through the cell phone. His mind focused on the image of her hands, touching herself, thrusting her fingers into her body as she imagined it was him. The desire intensified as he realized that she was still in the studio and anyone could walk in and see her.

"I can feel you, Edward! Don't stop- please! The song set's almost done!"

Her frantic pleas alerted him to the fact that she must have to do another break in the next few moments. He moaned aloud at the thought of how she would sound screaming out her pleasure, screaming out his name, over the airwaves for everyone to hear. It was almost enough to make him lose it right there. But he managed to force one last stuttered phrase from his parched lips as he arched frantically into his hand.

"God, Bella, you're so good baby. Fuck- faster- deeper- that's it- So goodsogoodsogood- Bella!"

He screamed her name as once again his body exploded around him. This climax was even stronger than his first, milked on by the low whimpers and ecstatic moans he could hear Bella breathing into his ear through the phone.

"Fuck- Edward!"

His body twitched again in response to her feral cry, accompanied by several low moans and gasps as she obviously reached her peak as well. When he finally thought he could breathe again, he suddenly realized her breathing was no longer audible. Taking a close look at his cell phone however, he noticed the line was still connected.

"Bella?" His words received an answer not through the receiver but through the radio next to him.

"Well, listeners, I must say, sometimes dreams really do come true." His heart stopped as he heard the pure feline satisfaction in her voice. Pride and lust filled him as he realized it was his words that had put her in such a state.

"That's all I have time for tonight- so I'll leave you with the message to stay warm and love well. I'm Antonia Marie and I'll be back tomorrow night when I want to hear all your wildest fantasies and if you're lucky, I'll tell you mine. Goodnight."

Unbelievably, Edward felt himself harden yet again as her sensual words brushed over him as if she had physically touched him. Putting the phone back to his ear, he listened as a popular song began to waft through the radio. Several seconds later, he heard her light breathing once again.

"Bella-" He tried again but this time found himself cut off by her words.

"Am I your wildest fantasy, Edward?"

He swallowed hard and couldn't contain a moan as her words brought to mind plenty of X-rated images, all involving her petite frame.

"Why don't you head over to my apartment and find out?" He bit his lower lip at the silence that greeted his proposal. He stiffened at the low, sensual laughter that drifted through the receiver.

"Better yet, why don't you tune in tomorrow and find out if you're mine." With that, the line disconnected with a loud click. He stared at the receiver for a few moments before closing the phone and placing it gently on the bedside table. Turning off the radio with a flick of his wrist he tried to ignore the delight that flowed through him as he realized Isabella Swan could give as good as she got.

Smiling as the arousal faded to a delightful tingle he settled under the covers, his mind already hard at work on mapping out a strategy to answer her unspoken challenge. He had less than 24 hours to make sure he was her wildest fantasy- and prove to Bella that she was his.