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Bella hummed to herself as she went about pulling the songs for her show. She arrived at the station an hour ago and spent the ensuing time pulling various songs she thought would fit the mood she hoped to set tonight. Her body tingled as she imagined what could possibly happen in the next few hours - especially once Edward joined her.

She'd already run the idea by the station manager and he'd been more than happy to see what the addition of a 'male perspective' would do for the show. She'd just neglected to mention that perspective would be provided by the man who had been making her fantasies a reality the past few weeks.

"You're in a good mood tonight, Bella. Planning something special for the show?"

She turned to smile at the night janitor, remembering his help the week before when he allowed Edward in after hours. His help would prove useful again tonight as he'd already promised to let Edward in when he arrived.

"Well, I'm hoping that adding a male perspective will spice things up and, hopefully, attract more listeners." She grinned as he laughed.

"I'm sure it will." He winked at her as he turned to leave. "And if you're wondering… the two of you will be alone in the building. I'm off at 11."

Bella blushed as he disappeared down the hall. She knew he probably had a suspicion what had happened last week and, probably, would again tonight. Still, despite the mortification, she was glad they'd be alone.

Finally done with the music, she loaded the CD's into her arms and walked into the studio. The DJ on before her had automated his show so she had the studio to herself, just as she liked it. Organizing the CD's into playlist piles, she checked her list of announcements and sponsors, making sure she could pronounce everything written. Making a few changes and spelling corrections, she organized them into piles as well. She was nothing if not efficient. And it would help to have everything ready to go, because she knew full well she'd be distracted quite a bit during the actual show.

Her body once more began to tingle as she pictured Edward sitting in the padded chair, herself naked on his lap as he fucked her hard and fast while music pounded around them. Imagined hearing his groans and her cries mingled and enhanced by the acoustics in the studio. Knowing that millions were listening without a clue as to what was really going on in the studio. She jumped, and was violently dragged back into reality as she felt arms slip around her with a hot breath against her ear.

"Thinking of me already?"

She sighed and turned in his arms, capturing his lips with hers in a deep kiss. Their tongues met and dueled as she lost herself in the feeling of being back in his arms. It had only been a day, but it seemed like forever.

Edward finally pulled back, grinning down into her eyes. "Much as I'd like to continue, I believe we have a show to figure out."

Bella laughed as she pulled out of his arms and motioned him over to the table where the CD's lay. "Someone's eager. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were excited to join Antonia Marie on air."

Edward smiled as he began to rifle through the CD's. "I have to admit, there's something really appealing about speaking your mind over the airwaves when no one knows who you are." His smile turned sexy as he leaned over to nip her neck. "Especially, if you're talking fantasies with the girl who makes all yours come true."

Bella blushed again, leaning back into his arms as he continued to peruse her selections. She was pleased to note he seemed to agree with her choices, making a suggestion here or there that added to the mood. When they'd finally figured things out Bella pushed him down into the chair beside the second microphone, before taking her position in the chair behind the audio board opposite him.

"Okay, first things first, we need an on-air name for you. It's got to be something sexy, yet we can't have it be something that's recognizable." Bella frowned, scrunching her nose. She'd been thinking about this a lot over the past 24 hours and still hadn't come up with a good name for him.

Edward thought she looked adorable as she concentrated on finding the perfect radio name for him. He had to admit, he'd been curious about what she might suggest. He had a few ideas of his own, but would wait to see what she came up with first before introducing them.

"It needs to be something that's catchy, yet not too over the top," she began ruminating. "It also needs to be far from Edward. We don't want anyone making that connection - at least not yet," she grinned as he smiled at her.

"Well, we could always go with something mundane. What about combining the names of those two actors you like so much, I could be Rob Stewart?" He offered, watching as she shook her head.

"Good idea, but too close to Rod Stewart, and he's definitely not someone I want to be discussing fantasies with." She returned, as he pretended to look hurt.

"You don't think I'm sexy? You don't want my body?" He half spoke, half sang as Bella burst into laughter. He grinned as he saw the sparkle in her eyes as she leaned over the table separating them.

"On the contrary, I think you're extremely sexy, and have one of the hottest bodies I've ever seen." She licked her lips, eyes turning dark as she lowered her voice. "In fact, if you only knew what I'm imagining doing to that body right now."

Edward groaned as he reached over and pulled her into a heated kiss. Images were pounding through his brain of what could be accomplished with a table between them, and most involved him taking her hard and fast on top of it. Show be damned.

Bella gasped and pulled back, finally realizing that they only had a few minutes before the show began. "Much as I'd like to experience what you've got on your mind right now, we've got to come up with a name in the next," she looked at the clock, "five minutes."

Edward sighed, shifting in his seat in an effort to alleviate the tightness in his pants as he tried to focus on the problem at hand. "What about Jackson Green? It has a ring to it, doesn't it?"

Bella chewed on her lip as she thought. "I like Jackson, It's got a sexy, southern feel to it, but I'm not sure about Green. It's almost too bland." Her mind immediately began spinning combinations of names involving Jackson. However, nothing seemed to fit together in her mind.

"Well, can I just be Jackson?" Edward's voice intruded into her thoughts. "We can be Antonia Marie and Jackson … no worries about a last name. Makes it more mysterious." He grinned as her eyes lit up as she nodded her head.

"I like it! Just Jackson it is." She whirled around as she heard the recorded voice of the DJ before her come on. "Okay, hang onto that thought. Let me get the first set together."

Edward watched as she quickly and deftly fit CD's into players, organized her copy, and set up her audio board. He found it really fascinating to watch, especially since Bella did it all seemingly without effort. The only sign of her concentration being the way she bit her lip. He really wanted to do that himself, but he figured he had to hold onto some control for at least the first part of the show.

"Okay, we're set." Bella turned back to him with a smile. "The first few songs will play. Then I'll come on, do the introductions, and then bring you on. From there, we'll wing it." Her grin widened as he nodded. "That is of course if you're up to this?"

Edward met her gaze head on, his eyes heated and dark. "I'll let you start things off and then see where we go. I can't promise not to get naughty," he offered cheekily as she laughed.

"I'm counting on it," she replied, turning back to the audio board and slipping her headphones on, motioning for Edward to do the same. Her mind and body were in high gear, not sure where tonight would go, but knowing that it was definitely going to be a wild ride. She took a deep breath as the song faded away and she hit the "on" button, leaning close to the microphone, her voice immediately dropping several octaves into Antonia's persona. She could feel Edward's heated gaze on her and it only served to make her sound more sensual.

"Good evening lovers, its Antonia Marie back with you tonight. I'll be taking you into the weekend with a dose of good old-fashioned sensuality and sex. Tonight, we're going to explore those fantasies you have, and maybe ones you're hesitant to admit. Anything goes and we're going together."

She smiled seductively as she hit a button and bluesy music began to play underneath her, adding a feeling of sensuality to her speech. "And tonight, my lovers, we have a very special treat." She grinned as Edward winked at her as she turned to look at him over the table. "Joining me tonight is Jackson, a special friend of mine who's going to help us explore those fantasies, and to bring in a male perspective when needed. Jackson, it's good to have you with me tonight."

"It's good to be here, Antonia. I've been looking forward to exploring some fantasies with you…and your listeners of course." He winked as her jaw dropped at his words and the deep, husky tone of his voice as he spoke—with a British accent.

Bella thought she'd go up in flames right then and there. He had told her he'd speak lower and try to disguise his voice, but the British accent nearly did her in. It was just too sexy and he knew she had a weakness for accents, especially British. She was going to get him for that little surprise, she just wasn't sure how yet.

"Antonia, you seem a little surprised." Edward grinned as he leaned closer to the microphone. "Are you sure you can handle the heat in here?"

Bella grinned back, leaning into her microphone, her eyes locked on his. "Oh, I can handle anything you've got. Heat is my specialty. And you, Jackson, are most definitely one of the hottest things in here."

Take that, she thought as she saw his eyes flame. It was on and it was going to be good. "But, before we delve into those fantasies you have of me or for our listeners, let's set the stage with this classic from Cheap Trick." She hit the "off" button as the strains of "I Want You to Want Me" spilled from the speakers. Turning to face Edward, she pretended to pout. "You could have told me you were pulling out the British accent."

Edward grinned and relaxed back into his seat. "Surprise is a good thing and I figured you could handle it. After all, you can't have the upper hand all the time. What fun would there be in that?"

She sighed, leaning over pulling his body halfway across the table as she kissed him with all the pent up fevered desire that had built up over the past few minutes. She moaned as she heard him groan, his hands fisting in her hair as he angled her head to deepen the kiss.

Edward had to fight for control as he devoured her lips, his hands tightly gripped in her hair. She just looked too damn sexy and her radio voice had, as usual, turned him on almost beyond bearing. He groaned as he suddenly felt her pull away, pushing him back across the desk. He pouted as she winked and turned back to the microphone - only then realizing the song was ending.

"So tonight, we're going to be talking about wanting someone - wanting them so badly you'd do anything to have them." Her voice was low and sexy, and he felt himself harden even more. "Jackson," she turned to face him, her eyes devilish, "have you ever wanted someone so badly, you'd do anything to get them?"

Edward's eyes lit up as he leaned into the microphone. "Haven't we all?" he replied, his eyes going dark as he continued. "I think its human nature to want things so badly we'd do anything to get them, especially people." He leaned closer to her, despite the table between them. "Haven't you ever seen someone across a room or standing next to you, and had the desire to be ravaged by that person - stranger or not? Haven't you ever felt a need to do something extreme, maybe even illegal or immoral to attract that person to you? Haven't you ever felt a desire so strong that nothing and no one can stop you from acting on it, no matter what the consequences?"

Bella's body was nearly a puddle of liquid at the husky tone of his words, coupled with the British accent. It took her a moment to realize he and the listeners were waiting for a reply. Gathering her wits together, she decided to fight fire with fire.

"I certainly have, and I've done some things that, well, would probably embarrass me in the light of day," she bit her lip and leaned into the microphone, her eyes locked with his.

"But here, at night, it all seems reasonable, exciting, and desirable." She turned back to the board and punched several buttons, music beginning to play under her. "But, enough about us, what about you lovers? What or who have you ever wanted so badly you'd be willing to do anything to have? Give us a call here at the station and let's talk. Remember, though, we have to keep it somewhat clean, but other than that… anything goes."

She smiled as she turned off the microphone and turned to face Edward, her eyes reflecting the desire building in her body. "You're good at this," she offered as he grinned and stood up. She bit her lip as she noticed his erection straining against his pants. She gasped as in one quick movement he was around the table and pulling her out of her seat and into his arms.

"I'm only going to get better," he husked before molding her body to his and once more taking her lips. He groaned as he heard her whimper against him, her leg immediately lifting to wrap around his thigh. He pulled her up his body, turning so that she was now perched on the edge of the table, his hands sliding under her sweater and moving up to cup her breasts. He pulled back, a wild look in his eyes, surprised he hadn't realized it earlier, "You're not wearing a bra."

Bella grinned, her own hands busy sliding under his shirt running up and down his bare back. "I didn't think I'd need one." She grinned as he groaned and pulled her back to his body.

"Do you have any idea what I want to do to you, right here, right now?" He husked the words against her ear as he nibbled and kissed his way over her collarbone. "I keep picturing you writhing under me the last time we were here. The sound of you whimpering as I stroked you, as I took you against the wall. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever heard, and I want to hear it again."

Bella shuddered under his hands and at his words, her mind already headed down the path of no return. It was only then that she became aware of the flashing red lights on the phone console next to her. Groaning, she forced herself to pull back. "Much as I'd like to continue this, we have to take some phone calls."

Edward groaned, planting a final kiss on her neck, unwilling to let her go completely. Deciding that the desk between them was too far a distance to be apart, he sat down in her chair pulling her onto his lap. He really didn't want to part from her.

Bella sighed as she adjusted herself more comfortably on his lap, she'd be willing to try this, and it could have some interesting results. "Here, take your headphones, and try to behave." She grinned at him before she punched the button for the first call.


Twenty minutes later Bella thought she was going to lose it.

Apparently, wanting someone badly was a topic everyone listening wanted to expound on, and to do so in great detail. She'd found herself getting more and more aroused as more stories poured in, and hearing the lengths to which people would go to get someone they wanted.

It didn't help that she was sitting on Edward's lap, the evidence of his growing desire hard and strong beneath her. Not to mention that his hands were continuously running up and down her sides, over her breasts, and along the waistband of her jeans, all while offering his own perspective to the various stories they were airing. His sexy, British accent wasn't helping either—sending jolts of warmth to her center every time he answered a question, making sure to breathe against her ear as he did.

She didn't know how she was controlling herself, although she knew she sounded more breathless than usual in some of her responses. Still, she was so hot and bothered that she was ready to do whatever it took to get Edward to feel the same. His British accent hadn't slipped once, even when she'd ground down against his lap while he was in the middle of talking to a caller about enacting a stripping fantasy. She was determined to make him as crazy as she was at the moment.

"It's getting hot in here…how about where you are?" Bella husked into the microphone as the she punched a few buttons to start the next music set – a much longer one than before. "It seems we've struck a nerve with tonight's topic. And to give you all a chance to reflect on it, perhaps, even to act on it, here's a special set of songs guaranteed to get you wanting…someone." With that, she clicked off the microphone and, with difficulty because her legs felt like jelly, stood, pulling herself out of Edward's arms. Before he could utter a protest, she'd changed position, straddling him in the chair and coming back down on him so they were pressed intimately together.

"You're going to pay for the past half hour," she husked as she captured his lips and proceeded to kiss the hell out of him. She moaned as she felt his hands move to pull the T-shirt over her shoulders, quickly shrugging it off and onto the floor before letting her fingers work on the buttons of his shirt. She immediately began peppering kisses across his now bare chest as she pushed to get the shirt off his arms.

Edward moaned as she lightly bit his collarbone and moved lower, her hips undulating against his. "Bella," he managed to gasp as he felt her free hand move to the zipper of his pants. Before he could register what she was doing, she had them unzipped and was cupping his hardness with a strong grip. He groaned as she began to stroke him in hard, fast motions, just what he liked. "You're killing me here," he whimpered, feeling her smile against his chest.

"What do you think you've been doing to me for the past half hour?" She grinned at him as she slid off his lap and down to the floor, seeing his eyes go wide, then turn onyx as he registered what she was about to do. She captured the tip of him between her lips, sucking delicately at the drops of moisture she found there. His hips arched up to her and she took him deeper, sucking him nearly to the back of her throat as his breathing increased along with the whispered pants of her name. His hands fisted in her hair, gently guiding her as she quickened her pace, sensing he was near the edge.

"Bella. Just… like that. Right there…God. Fuck. More, Bella…"

Edward felt his climax coming on like a freight train. The feel of Bella sucking him deep into her throat, the feel of her tongue and her wet, moist mouth, it was almost too much. He managed to pry his eyes open, needing to see this, and the sight of Bella, looking up at him through lowered lashes, send him crashing over the edge.

Bella swallowed all of his release, delighting in the way he shook and moaned above her. There was nothing more satisfying than to watch Edward climax, especially when it was at her hands. She felt a feminine satisfaction course through her as she felt him still, only then realizing how aroused she was by their actions.

"Turnabout is fair play," Edward managed around a ragged breath when he finally came back to Earth. Before she could realize what he was up to, he gathered his strength and leaned down to pull her up, rising to meet her. He delighted in her gasp as he lifted her to again sit on the table, kissing her soundly as he bent her backwards, spreading her like a banquet before him.

Pulling back, he took a moment to appreciate the beautiful sight before him. Her nipples had tightened into hard rosy peaks, flushed with a delightful blush as she panted for breath. Her hair fell messily around her shoulders and over the table like a silken waterfall, giving her a very debauched look. And he could feel the heat coming off of her, especially from her still jean covered center.

"You're far too sexy for your own good," he muttered before leaning down to take a breast into his mouth, delighting in how she arched against him in wanton pleasure. His free hand slid down to the zipper of her jeans and with a quick movement, had them undone and with her help, pushed to the floor. He groaned as he realized something else.

"You're not wearing panties." His voice was harsh now as he felt his desire return full force.

Bella could barely speak through the waves of desire pounding at her body, but she managed to pull it together enough to reply. "Again, didn't think I'd need them." She gasped as she felt his fingers stroke over her center landing on her clit. She cried out as he flicked his thumb over the hard bud, whimpering and moaning for more.

"Someone's eager," Edward panted, struggling to hold onto control when all he really wanted to do was pound into her like there was no tomorrow. But he needed to tease her a little more - simply to return the favor. His slipped two fingers into her easily, her wetness spilling over onto his hand. "You're so wet for me, only me Bella," he managed as he started a quick pace, feeling her hips rise to meet him.

"Only you, Edward. Please. I need… more. I. Need. You!" She was panting now, wanting him, not his fingers. But he refused to listen, stroking her higher and harder even as she pleaded for him.

"Patience, Bella. Wanting it so badly only makes it better when you get it," he whispered devilishly, smiling as she cursed at him but didn't stop moving. He was close to losing it and knew he had to end this soon, but he told himself he could hold out a bit longer.

Bella, however, had other ideas.

Gathering strength from deep inside, she pushed herself into an upright position, counting on the element of shock to still him as she pushed his hand away from her. Before he could ask what she was doing, she managed to use his surprise to reverse their positions so it was now Edward spread out across the table, the evidence of his desire for her rising tall and proud.

"Bella," he managed, unable to find words as he saw the fire in her eyes and felt it as she climbed up his body until she was perched over him, their centers in perfect alignment. The sight of Bella over him, a burning passion in her eyes, nearly did him in.

"Quiet, Edward. I'm taking what I want," she managed before sliding down onto him, gasping as the position slid him deep inside her. His hips pistoned up to hers, nearly throwing her off until she got her balance, using her knees to press against the table and help control her movements. For a moment, she wondered what they would look like to someone if they wandered by the huge fishbowl window of the studio. The thought of someone seeing them so intimately entwined, her riding Edward like there was no tomorrow, caused her to whimper and increase her thrusts.

Edward, for his part, had latched onto her hips and was guiding her movements, loving the feeling of her riding him. The sight of her moving above him the passion in her eyes and the moans of his name from deep in her throat, made him feel higher than he ever had before. He never wanted this feeling to end.

"Bella! Please!" He wasn't sure what he was asking but she must have understood because with a twist of her body, somehow, she had him buried even deeper inside of her. They both cried out and quickened the pace, feeling the end nearing.

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Bella was aware her music set was coming to an end, but the passion of the moment overrode any concern she might have. Crying out his name, she felt herself explode into a climax she'd never felt before washing over her.

Edward cried out as he felt her come around him, her body squeezing him so tightly he wondered if she'd ever let go. But it was the catalyst he needed to find his release and he came in a rush, pulling her hard onto him and yelling her name to the heavens.

As the emotions drained, Bella collapsed onto his chest, her own breathing starting to even out as she felt him relax underneath her. When she could finally muster up the energy to speak, she lifted her head, smiling as she found him watching her with what looked like awe.

"So, was it what you wanted?" Cliché but she felt it fit the moment. Edward's laughter rang through the studio and warmed her heart while stirring another flutter of desire in her body.

"I think that's an understatement," he began, when his mind suddenly registered something. His laughter quickly faded as he realized what was missing.

"Bella, the music!"

Bella, still lost in the fog of Edward, suddenly realized what he meant. The strains of music had faded out who knew how long ago and now there was dead silence. With a gasp, she flew off Edward, wincing only slightly as the movement sent her flying backwards, thankfully into her chair. Reaching for the microphone, she prayed there hadn't been dead air for too long. None of the phone lines had lit up so she figured she was safe.

"Sorry about that," she managed, sounding even more breathless as she tried to compose her thoughts. Not easy when she could see that Edward hadn't moved, but was lounging, completely naked and with a devious smile, spread across the table. "But you know what they say about taking what you want, and I believe I did just that." She was surprised at her boldness, but the look of shock on Edward's face made it worth it. Leaning back into the microphone, completely aware that she was totally naked, she smiled sexily at him. "So, here's another round of songs to get you in the mood. Also, keep calling with those stories and those fantasies, Jackson and I are more than ready to indulge, aren't we Jackson?"

She grinned as she saw Edward's sly smile, trying not to gasp as instead of moving off the desk, he reached over to pull the microphone towards him, speaking into it from his prone position. The site was almost too hot for words and her brain went into meltdown once more.

"I have no problems indulging where you're involved," he replied, grinning as she gaped at him before composing herself and hitting the button to start the next music set.

Neither of them realized that they hadn't used their radio voices for the last exchange.

Music once more filled the studio as she flipped off the microphone, turning in the seat to look at Edward. Her mouth watered at the sight he made, relaxing totally naked and seemingly uncaring as he watched her. It really should be illegal to be as handsome as the man was right now.

"Good recovery," he managed, before bursting into laughter at her wry expression. Surprisingly he didn't feel the need to move, totally uncaring of his or her nakedness. Probably because of the fact he knew they were the only two in the building and in no fear of discovery.

"You're evil, you know that?" She managed, rising again and moving towards him, the urge to touch his skin almost a compulsion now. She heard him sigh as she ran her fingers over his chest, stepping back a bit as he rose to a sitting position and pulled her against him, her body resting lightly between his legs.

"But you like me when I'm evil," he whispered before leaning over to take her lips in another powerful kiss.

Bella sighed, giving into him as she felt his arms enclose her, their naked bodies pressing together as the desire began to simmer again. She only hoped she'd put on enough music to last them another round. Giving into her desire, she was unaware of the now flashing phone lines and the vibrations of her own cell, tucked away in her purse, as well as Edward's from the pocket of his discarded pants.