"True love cannot be found where it truly does not exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does."


A familiar orchestral melody starts to fill the room as "At Last" Comes through the club's speakers. Bella lets out a quiet sigh. Her friend Angela notices and asks her what is wrong.

"Oh, nothing. I just love this song." Bella says.

"Then why so down?'

"This is going to sound silly, but I always thought I would dedicate this to the man I loved one day. I imagined us dancing to it and everything."

"Bella, you still can have that. It's not like you're over the hill or anything. In fact, I swear you're getting younger not older."

Bella chuckles to herself. 'If she only knew…'

Just then, Bella feels a sudden charge in the atmosphere. She hears a masculine voice ask "May I have this dance?"

She looks up into a pair of eyes as golden as hers. In shock, she nods a silent yes as she places her hand in the outstretched one he offers her. He leads her out to the dance floor and pulls her into him by wrapping his arm around her waist and placing his hand on the small of her back. He pulls the hand he is holding up to rest on his molded chest. She can't stop staring into his eyes. They are exchanging unspoken words. Saying the things that they already know about each other. The two of them already have so much in common.

They danced as if they were the only two people in the club. Bella, knowing every note of this song, is sad knowing their dance is almost over. As the final note rings out, she sighs and lays her cheek on his chest wishing it would never end. Suddenly, the orchestra starts up again. She looks back up into his eyes and he says "For you Princess, I had them play it twice."

All she could do was put her hand on his cheek and whisper "Thank you."

Toward the end of the song he spoke up. "Now don't worry my angel. The dance is almost over, but our time is nowhere near finished. When the song ends, can we find a quiet corner and talk?"

"Of course we can. We have a lot to talk about apparently." She smiles at him. He returns her smile with one of his own producing a very deep, very sexy dimple on each cheek.

And then, the song was over. They both were reluctant to leave the dance floor. He looked around and found a booth in the back corner of the club. Keeping a hold of her hand, he leads her over to it and lets her slide in one side while he takes his seat across from her. Their hands still never letting go of each other.

"Well I guess first you need to know my name. I am Emmett. Emmett Cullen. I live close by with my family, most of which are here in the club tonight." He points up to the balcony to four people hanging over the rail looking at us. They all smile down on the two of them and she waves back up to them.

"We have lived in the area for about three years now. Our father is a doctor as is one of the brothers up there. My other brother is a writer and me, I am a club owner."

"I should have known one of us owned this club. 'Disegnato'. I was drawn to the name. "She smiles over at him.

"Yeah, I also have 'Haven', 'Siren', 'Fusion' and 'Coven'. Each one has a unique theme. So, tell me a little about you."

"I'm Bella Swan. I've been 'alone' since my change. I have a few human friends that I met in college but that s about it. I came here tonight with my friend Angela. She obviously doesn't know about me, but rather she has always just thought I was eccentric. I am in radio. I have a show in the evenings where I talk about anything the listeners call in with."

"Hey…yeah. I listen to your show as often as I can. Wanna know a secret?"

"Yes sir. I'd love to hear it."

"I have always thought you had a very sexy voice. Now I know the rest of you matches your voice." He winked at her.

"Well, thank you kind sir. You should call in sometime. Perhaps we could sneak in a mention of the clubs, not that they really need the publicity if they are all packed like this one."

"I would love to call in sometime. I'll have to think of a good topic."

There is a pause in their conversation as they continue to look into each other's eyes.

"So," Emmett takes a deep breath "What are you doing after this Bella?"

"I had no plans. I figured I'd hang out until my humans were finished for the night then head home. I may make a stop for a late night snack on the way."

"Well, my siblings and I usually go out for a 'bite' after a club night. Being around all these humans in different states wears on our resolve a little. You are more than welcome to join us and then perhaps hang out at our place afterwards." He looks down at their joined hands. "That's if you'd like to." She starts rubbing the back of his with her thumb.

"I think that is a wonderful idea. I don't really want this evening to end. I want to keep talking to you. But do you have to get back to work?"

"I'm not working tonight. Thanks to my managers and staff who make it so I really don't have to most of the time."

"I really should go tell my humans my plans for the evening so they don't worry about me. Will you be here when I get back?"

"Of course, Princess. I'm not going to move from this spot."

She slides out of the booth and before she walks across the room, she leans down and kisses him on the cheek. "I'll be right back."

He watches her perfect body as it glides gracefully through the crowd to end up at the table he had swept her away from an hour or so ago. Bella spends a few minutes whispering to her friend who smiles back at Bella, seemingly happy for her. When she's finished speaking, her friend stands up and hugs her goodnight.

Emmett imagines his cold heart skipping a beat as she returns to him. She flashes him a dazzling smile and says "I'm all yours."

"I sure hope so. 'Cause I am yours, too"

'Bleeding Love' starts to play and he asks her to dance again.

They walk out to the floor and the sea of people seems to part a little to make room for them. Partly because of his impressive size, and partly because humans have a tendency to shy away from them even if it's subconsciously.

They stare into each other's eyes while the song played around them. Not being able to help himself anymore, he bent his head down to hers and placed a kiss on her lips. He hesitates a split second then presses their mouths together with a greater purpose now. His tongue begins to caress her lips and she reciprocates allowing him to escalate the kiss further.

Even though they aren't really verbalizing the words their lips are communicating. They are saying that the two of them are connected on a supernatural level. They there is no reason not to be together from this night on.

He pulls back and rests his forehead on hers. "Sweetheart, you make my world spin. This is a little new to me. Don't get me wrong though. I love how this feels."

"Oh Emmett, I feel the same way. I've heard about this happening to a few people, but I never really believed it. What is it they call it?"

Four voices shout "IL LEGAME!!!" from the balcony then break out into laughter.

Emmett chuckles. "That's it. And if anyone would know about 'The Bonding', it's my family!"