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"Emmett, have you thought about how it's going to be when we ask for our wish to be fulfilled? When we have our little miracle..." she slowly slides her hands under his shirt to gently scratch the planes of his back.

"It will be the epitome of perfection. It's the only thing that can make our life more complete. Have you seen how Ginny's kids are already completely spoiled by our family? There are no other kids on this planet that are more loved. Can you imagine the love that will surround a child to actually come from us? Spoiled rotten is going to take on a whole new meaning." He chuckles that cute little way he does that just simply does not match his gigantic masculine form. It's one of the many things that endures him to Bella.

"I love you, Daddy." Bella giggles.

"You know babe, in some situations, that is a major turn on. But right now, I don't want to be thinking 'who's your daddy?'. I want to be thinking 'who's the love of you existence?'" He pulls her tight into his chest, pressing his lips hard into hers.

The spend the rest of the night making love to each other. Slowly, sweetly, silently. They don't need to say anything else. They can feel the love. They can see it all in their eyes.


"My night has become a sunny dawn because of you." --Ibn Abbad

"What time is it baby?" Bella asks not wanting to move even the little bit it would take to turn and look at the clock.

Emmett stretches his head up to look over his wife's naked shoulder. "It's shortly after nine Princess." He doesn't lay his head back on his pillow. Instead he starts nibbling on that shoulder, across the skin of her neck and up to her ear. "I love you so fucking much, Mrs. Cullen." He whispers in her ear causing her to purr deep in her chest.

"I love you too Mr. Cullen." Her hand starts to ghost down his muscular back toward his well rounded ass. "Damn it!" Bella exclaims, loudly.

Emmett pulls his head back to look into her frustrated face. "What's wrong dearest?" He asks half innocently.

"We promised the family we'd be back at the house this morning." She whined.

"Yes we did. But why does that upset you?"

"Because I just don't want to be finished with you yet. I want to..."

"You want to..." Emmett pulls himself up to crawl around to kneel behind her. Bella is still laying on her side. He lightly brushes his fingertips down the porcelain skin of her thigh. She starts to roll over but he stops her, placing his hand on her hip. Finishing his exploration of her leg, he snakes his hand in between her knees and pulls her upper leg up to rest on his shoulder as he swiftly enters her without any warning.

"YEEESSSSSSSSSS" she hisses as he starts stroking in and out of her, increasing his speed and strength of his penetration with each pass.

"I love our sweet moments..." Emmett says accentuating his words with a few extra thrusts, "But I just can't fuck you enough."

"Ohhh GOD Emmett....I LOVE when you fuck me....DON'T STOP BABY!" Bella reaches down and starts to rub her clit with the same fury that he is attacking her with.

"That's it Princess...I love watching you touch yourself...that's it...I can feel you tighten...oh yeah..." His motion slows slightly as her muscles start grabbing him.

"YESSS...ohhhh I'm gonn...I'm..." Bella let's out a feral scream that matches the animalistic growl that escapes from her lover.

Before they even come down from their orgasm-induced high, Bella uses her speed and strength to pin her mate against the wall, leaving an Emmett size and shaped indention in the drywall. She growls loudly as she bites into his chest leaving another scar of possession. She bites her way down his chest and belly until she is kneeling in front of him. He purrs his approval as he watches his raging cock disappear into her mouth. He tangles his hands in her hair and starts moving his hips in response to her head bobbing.

"Damn woman...it is so fucking hot watching my dick go in and out of your hot mouth." He hisses as she drags her teeth along his length. "Yessss baby...you know what I like...that's it..."

Bella reaches up and starts fondling his balls in rhythm with the sucking of his member. "Oh my God, BELLA!!! You're gonna make me...fuckkk I'm getting ready to...CUMMMMM" He yells out as he releases in a fury. She looks up into his satisfied face as she continues to lick and nip at him, cleaning him and basically keeping him just on the edge of another erection.

He looks down into her mischievous eyes. "Princess? I take it you're not finished with me yet?"

Bella just shakes her head to indicate 'no' while keeping his head in her mouth. She eventually lets it fall from her mouth but it really doesn't fall but instead stays pointing straight out from his body, always on the ready. She slowly lifts herself from the floor and he automatically reaches for her, but she has other plans. She snickers a little when she hears his sweet whining from not being able to touch his mate. "Baby, please."

Bella just shakes her finger at him as she walks seductively over to the bed. She lays down, her legs wide open exposing her dripping pussy to him. His eyes instantaneously turn black as night again as he watches her hand slowly slide down her tight body to spread her lips to him. She starts teasing her clit with a single finger, allowing her pleasure to be heard through her moans.

Emmett keeps his place against the wall watching and fully loving the show his wife is putting on for him. A soft rumble starts in his chest as he follows her fingers as they start to dip into her, her hips rising up to meet her own digits. She earnestly starts to fuck herself while he just stands there dumbfounded that she would do this. Unable to stand it anymore, he flashes over to the bed and picks her up by the waist and impales her as he sits on the edge of the bed.

Bella squeals out in pleasure feeling him enter her. Her legs find their home wrapped around him tightly. Her face buried in his neck as his is buried in her hair. They continue to rock against each other for what seems like an eternity until they each find their bliss, once again screaming out their mutual pleasure.

Finally coming down from their high, they both sit there, still wrapped in each other, chests heaving from unneeded breaths. Emmett leans his head down and places a sweet kiss on her lips. "I really do love you Bella."

"I never doubted it, I swear. I love you as well." She returns his sweet kisses with her own.

An hour later they are showered and out the door, riding Emmett's bike over to 'Haven' to pick up Bella's bike for the ride out of the city to their family home. Bella climbs off the back and gives him a quick peck.

"I'm gonna miss the feel of you riding against me, babe even if it is only for a short time. Tell me you'll ride with me if we go out with the others? I want to feel you against me for a LONG ride." Emmett asks sincerely.

"Of course my prince. Anything you want. Now let's get on the road. Our family awaits." She kisses him again then jogs over to her own bike.

The ride was pretty quick and uneventful. Someone obviously heard them coming because most of the family and a few others were standing on the porch waiting for them. As soon as they were off the bikes, everyone ran for them, Esme throwing her arms around Emmett and Carlisle pulling Bella into a hug as well.

"To what do we owe this warm welcome?" Emmett asks with shock all over his face.

"We are all just so proud of you both. You two are perfect in your new roles. And we love you so much." Esme answers for all of them.

Alice pipes up right then. "And I saw that you two are going to be taking off for your whirlwind honeymoon in a few days, so we're gonna miss you. Plus your life, in fact all of our lives are going to change dramatically when you get home."

"Oh?" Bella wonders, not so innocently. She glimpses quickly at her husband who is beaming proudly. "I have no clue what you are talking about." Aro snorts trying to contain his laugh.

"Come on. Let's spend some time together before you leave us." Carlisle says steering everyone into the house.

Over the next few hours, everyone has done everything from video games, chess, movies, impromptu karaoke and even baked cookies for Ginny's kids. It truly is a family affair.

By the time the sun starts to dip into the horizon, the men move out to the backyard and start-up with some mock battles, just for fun. The woman are sitting around the porch watching the grown children play fight on the lawn and the actual children play games at their feet on the porch. Life is good in and around the Cullen home.

Bella just stares out at her husband as he wrestles with his brothers, taking them both down easily at the same time. Her love and pride just floats from her and he must feel it because at that precise moment he looks up to see her watching him do his thing. He smiles his earth shattering smile, the one that shows off his dimples, the one that sets her girly parts a-blaze. And now was no exception. She starts down the steps toward him as he drops Jasper to the ground and walks toward her. They are both oblivious to their families cat calls and peals of laughter. The millisecond their fingers touch, the bubble goes up and everyone around them knows there is no way to pull them out until they want to come out. All they can do is hope they remember where they are and don't do anything that will adversely effect the children.

"I can't seem to stay away from you my love." Emmett whispers.

"I don't want you to. Ever." Bella whispers in response.

Emmett kisses his wife passionately, but not so much so to cause Ginny to scramble to cover the kids' eyes.

"Excuse me. I hate to interrupt but my brothers and I need to be getting back to our wives in Italy. I was hoping I could speak with you before I leave." Aro says quietly.

"Of course Aro. What is it?" Emmett smiles at his predecessor and the man who holds their future happiness in his hands.

"We were wondering if you have given thought to what desire we can fill for you and if you have a time frame for it yet."

"Yes dear friend we have given it a lot of thought. Our time frame is about 2 months. If it is alright with you, we are planning on ending our honeymoon at your place so we can move forward with that very thing." Emmett looks sweetly at his bride, his emotions about to take him over.

"Can I ask what your heart's desire is?" Aro asks expectantly.

"We'd prefer to keep it our own for a little while longer. Can we just tell you when we get to Italy?" Bella lets her voice be heard.

"Of course sweet Bella. The world is yours and I will never be able to deny you a thing. But I tend to believe that no man on this planet would ever be able to deny you anything." Aro chuckles. "God help you Emmett. This woman is going to turn out to be a handful."

"One that I gladly accept. I would endure anything to make sure she is happy and stays mine."

"You both are so lucky to have found each other, but then again fate is like that. Take care and have fun on your honeymoon. We'll see you in a couple of months." He gives them a half bow and walks off waving to the family.

The next morning, Emmett and Bella on his Harley and Jasper and Alice on Jasper's head out on the highway to take two days to ride to the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon to camp and hunt. The ride is exhilarating. Even Alice, who normally doesn't enjoy riding on the motorcycle mainly because it messes up her hair, admitted she's having a great time on the ride. The forest is full of all of their favorite meals.

Sitting around the fire they just talk like they did before all the drama the Romanians brought into their lives.

"So, what does the itinerary look like?" Alice asks.

"Why Pixie? You want to make sure I packed correctly or you plan on sending my GPS coordinates for all the boutiques you want me to buy you something in?" Bella and the boys laugh knowing that it isn't too far from the truth.

"Ha Ha. Funny. No dear sister, I was just wondering where all you plan on visiting." Alice says huffing as she sits back in her chair.

"I'm sorry Alice. Really we have no real plan. No schedule. We just want to run around wherever the wind takes us until we just can't stay away any longer, because once we come home, we're home for a long while. We will be settling down to run the clubs and carry on the business of The Circle." Bella announces. "We do promise to call all the time and let you know where we are constantly."

"You better. Besides, I will know within moments of you picking your next stop and I WILL have a shopping list from time to time." Bella and Emmett both groan at that announcement.

They sit around the fire for a couple more hours talking before the couples split up and retire to their tents to do what creatures that don't sleep do in their beds.

Two days later Emmett and Bella are standing on the front porch being showered with the love of their family as they send them on their way to the honeymoon that was cut short not so long ago.

The happy couple climb into the hired car with one last wave back to all their loved ones. "Are you ready to go celebrate our life together, husband?"

"Wife, I've been celebrating our life since our first dance."


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