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Most teenagers couldn't wait for summer, but not Macy Misa. She was dreading her virtually JONAS-free summer plans. Sure she had her JONAS posters, pop-up, mosaic, fansite, CDs, DVDs, magazines, books, and the pieces of clothing she had snuck out of Stella's house, but none of that could compare to seeing the Lucas brothers at school every day and sort of being friends with them. It was the 'sort of' that was the problem. Sure, they talked to her in the hallway and occasionally ate lunch with her, but they'd never really hung out outside of school; she certainly couldn't expect them to keep in touch now that they were off on their summer tour.

Their amazing ten-week summer tour where they would have much more exciting things to think about than their weird, accident-prone, almost friend.

The one bright spot in her summer (besides her mosaic which looked awesome once she grouted it - it left Stella speechless) was the fact that she had finally convinced her parents to let her visit her grandmother at the same time JONAS was playing nearby. So at least she could spend one night in their presence. It wasn't as good as hanging out at school, but it would have to do.

Cause a little JONAS was better than no JONAS at all.

At least, that's what she told herself.

In the meantime, she was going to be a counselor at a sports summer camp which should keep her busy. Sports were good. Sports were familiar. Sports weren't sitting around moping about JONAS. Stella kept insisting that what Macy needed was to have a summer romance with a cute, athletic guy from camp. But honestly, once you'd seen Kevin's smile or Joe's smirk or Nick's eyes up close, every other guy just sort of paled in comparison. Or at least that's what Macy thought.

But who knows, maybe she'd get lucky and there would be some amazing guy at camp who would sweep her off her feet. She supposed stranger things had happened.

She sighed and settled back onto her JONAS pillow. Camp didn't start for a few more days, and Stella had headed off with the guys for the first few shows to make sure their concert wardrobe was "flawless", which was Stella for "I'm using my job as an excuse to be near Joe for as long as I can".

Thinking of Stella made her sigh again; her best friend was the luckiest girl on the planet. The luckiest thing that was likely to happen to Macy would be Stella sending her an e-mail. Or a photo of last night's concert. Or a photo of the guys changing for last night's concert…

She shook her head, aware that her last thought was wrong on so many levels. But she figured she might as well check her e-mail anyway. Logging on, she was excited to see that she had fourteen new messages.

Less excited when she realized that most of them were junk mail.

And none of them were from Stella.

One unfamiliar address with the subject line "Hello from the Road" caught her attention, though. She hesitated for a moment before clicking.

Hi Macy!

Hope you don't mind, but I got your e-mail address from Stella. I thought it might be fun to keep in touch while we're gone.

Your Friend,


Her last conscious thought before she fainted was that maybe this wouldn't be such a bad summer after all.

Macy woke up several minutes later a little confused as to why she was on the ground, wondering what had made her head hurt so much. It took awhile for her to remember the e-mail and to figure out she had banged her temple on her desk when she passed out. Wincing, she held an ice pack to her forehead as she reread the message.

She wanted to wait a little while before responding so that she wouldn't appear too eager, although she didn't know who she thought she was fooling. Kevin had to know that getting his e-mail would be really exciting for her. In fact, Stella probably coaxed the poor guy into sending it to her by telling him that it would be the highlight of Macy's entire summer. The sad thing was that it probably would be.

Unless she managed to make that JONAS stained glass window she had designed the other day. But that seemed unlikely. Her mom had a problem with Macy and a soldering iron. Or Macy and a glass cutter for that matter, which was totally unwarranted because she came out of the mosaic completely unscathed.

Macy wondered if the seven minutes she was unconscious and the four minutes it took to get the ice pack and the twelve minutes she spent on the internet looking up how to make a stained glass window was a long enough wait. It would probably take her an hour to figure out what to write. Plus, he sent the e-mail nineteen minutes before she read it. Would an hour and forty-two minutes look clingy and desperate?


Would he even notice when she sent the thing?


Dear Kevin,

Of course I don't mind! How is the tour going? I bet it's amazing. I haven't actually done anything this summer yet. Camp doesn't start up until next week, and it is sort of lonely here without Stella. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really miss school already.


Apparently she was being optimistic with her time estimate. It actually took her two and a half hours to write back, which meant she averaged a sentence every 25 minutes. And it was the most mind-numbingly dull e-mail ever written. But it was friendly and calm and non-stalkerish, so she pushed send.

And never expected a response.

Boy was she in for a surprise.