A/N: This is set just after Edward has told Bella that he is a vampire, around the middle of the first book. She has to digest some serious information, so she takes a little walk to clear her mind.

The rain caressed Bella's cheek, taking her troubling thoughts away and whisking them into the darkness that was quickly enveloping the small town of Forks. She sighed into the raindrops, the fog drifting from out of the fingers of the many dark trees surrounding the sodden road that her sneakers traversed. She had needed to get away. Sitting at home by the window left her to dwell, dwell on things that she would rather not. Her thoughts about a certain professed blood-sucking friend of hers.

She should have seen it coming. The strange behaviour and the immediate attraction towards him. His gorgeous sparkling skin and his pale lips of which she had wanted to touch from the first moment. His wonderful scent that made her think of some tamed, yet wild beat of the night. She shuddered, and willed herself, with all her heart, not to think of him, of her beautiful, beautiful Edward. She shook her head. She was acting like a little school girl, but she just couldn't help it. The attraction to him was just far too strong for her to withstand. Whenever he spoke, she welled up with desire, desire to see the world from his eyes.

She closed her eyes, and smiled, fantasizing his pale, supple lips caressing hers with the briefest of slightest touches. Her lips quivered with anticipation, wanting, so badly, for him to be there with her. A small drop of water landed on her bared lips. It startled her suddenly from her heavenly fantasy, bringing her back to the cold reality. All there was left was the fog and the rain.

A creak from somewhere in the darkness of the surrounding trees.

Bella stopped, her breathing becoming laboured and her heart quickening to fast beat in her ample chest. Suddenly, breath was tickling the back of her neck, and she spun around to reveal the image of the subject of her dwellings.

Edward stood there, a ruthless, yet beautiful beast, standing over her like a majestic mountain, strong and truly real. Water droplets dripped from his hair and into his roving amber eyes that burned hot in his cold skin. His beautiful lips quirked into something of a smile, lips she longed to cover with her own. He stepped foreward, and she was suddenly overpowered by his vampiric musk that smelled strongly of blood, spices, and pure seduction. He was inches from her face, breathing in the smell of the virgin blood coursing hotly through her veins.

He splayed a hand on the small of her back. The chill of his palm was sensually electric, branding her with an icy tattoo. It brought her back to when he had protected her from death as it barrelled towards her at a blinding speed, not as fast however as the legs and passion of Edward himself.

"What are you doing here?" the tremor in her voice conveyed trepidation and confusion.

"To claim what is mine" he said, with small smile that made her think of sharks as his pointed fangs were displayed to her, glinting malevolently in the half light.

He glided a hand up her spine, weaving his fingers like spiders under the back of her shirt.

The desire churning to life within her silenced the protests in her head that screamed Danger! Danger!

From the first time they'd met she'd been intoned to his every breath, to the way he filled a room with his intensity. To the way his unique scent of spice, tempted with the tang of blood, called to her, stripping her inhibitions bare.

His long fingers danced over the skin of her back in a silken caress. The firm, yet gentle caress muddled her thinking, her body reacted to him with shocking welcome. Her breasts grew heavy, and her sensitive nipples peaked. He grinned, his handsome sharklike grin, and suddenly she found herself in his wonderful strong arms, and was whisked away into the darkness of the night, that which was his world.

A/N: I don't know if I'm going to continue on with this, because it could just end here, but I'm open to updating it if anyone wants me to continue. : ) Lemme know. 3 r&r